Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Waiting on Nature to Call...

After yesterday's doctor appointment it became shockingly obvious that I might be waiting on my lil' man a little longer than I had originally planned (yes, I know... that's what I get for even trying to plan!!), and I was going to need to find some things to do or that butt print on the couch would just keep getting bigger and becoming more permanent! 

My mom came in town yesterday to take care of me, secretly hoping that she would be the first to arrive at Caden's birthday party... sorry KK, you'll have to come back later! Before she left today she helped me get a few things I would need to prepare myself for the week. We came up with a few projects, a few fun things and of course several things that would encourage my body to let go of my Caden! 

This morning we took the LONG way to the Round Rock Library, hoping a few of those city pot holes might just do the trick! No luck there, so we decided what the heck, let's check out a book or two! My mom helped me fight the urge to check out the new Phillipa Gregory book (IT'S HERE!!) with a few light hearted choices. I decided to start with the Sophie Kinsella book and so far so good! I only made it about 30 pages in before I feel asleep... I love nap time! 

Once I woke up from my nap I decided it was time to bake a few chocolate chip cookies. I have had my mixer since Justin and I got married, but rarely use it because I have always been slightly intimidated by it and my handy-dandy hand mixer always did the trick! Well my cookies today... which I have made thousands of times, chocolate chip from scratch, turned out to be Shrek-sized! They are huge! I needed to have used my paddle attachment, but it was no where to be found (Justin's first project, when he gets home tonight!). If I can find the attachment, I am going to try a new cupcake recipe tomorrow! 

In between my Shrek-sized batches of cookies I sat on my "birthing ball." Anyone who has taken childbirth class will know that a birthing ball is no different than your regular AB Trainer and it is used to help women through the first few stages of labor. Even though I am not in labor I figured sitting on it couldn't hurt and it might encourage Caden to get engaged into my pelvis! So I sit, rock, roll and even take a few bounces... don't judge!

Aside from those fun activities, I also participated in a few other "labor-encouragers" today, and I think at least one might have worked! Not that I went into labor, but while at the grocery store I had my first semi-painful contraction...yay! I was trying to pick out Justin a new deodorant and I asked my mom to help pick something out because I couldn't focus. It was the strangest feeling, and then tight belly and a little ache. That was our last stop before the check-out line and the checker said, "One of those days, huh?" Hmmm... did I look bad? My mom said my face was red and splotchy, and she could tell I didn't feel well. I made it to the car and no others followed... BUT even one is good news, right?!

I also made a trip to the mailbox today... had a little bladder spasm (which is oh so fun!) but no contractions... BUT I did get the new Pottery Barn Kids catalogue... quality reading! AND I captured a little Vitamin D... what a beautiful day!

And that friends is what I call a busy day. Of course I still have dinner to put on the table and I am sure a TV show or two to watch later this evening and then I'll crawl into bed... which is going to be an entirely different post... HILARIOUS!

Happy Tuesday!


KK said...

You did have a busy day!! Way to go! I will be there for Caden's birth day party, don't you worry! :)

Olson Family said...

haha sounds a lot like the end of my pregnancy with Jack! I felt like I was doing EVERYTHING to get that boy to come out! He never did. So my doctor went and got him. And it was wonderful:)