Thursday, December 4, 2008

Building Memories on Caden's Birthday!

Tonight we are celebrating Caden's 36th birthday by literally building memories! Whoever said a Graco Pack n Play is an easy project was wrong and I have a SUPER handy hubbie! 

After we finished dinner he said, "...I think I'm going to set up the Pack n Play real quick..." 

Then I said, "Oh honey, why don't you relax tonight it might take a while and I know you've had a long day at work." 

"Hoons, its a Pack n Play, I got this. It will take 10 minutes," he assures me!

So I sat my fat and happy booty on the couch and started to blog. Originally, I thought this post would be pretty boring, just a belly pic or two to celebrate Caden's birthday, but the memories quickly started to build.

"Hey, can you come help me real quick? The directions don't tell me what to do," Justin requests.

"Are you sure? I have a hard time believing that the directions don't explain how to put the MAIN piece of the Pack n Play together," I question.


He sits back down and studies.

Whistle while you work honey... you're doing a great job!

I don't think I have the patience to hold the blog post until he finishes it up, but I'll be sure to put a picture up of the finished project soon! I never knew a Pack n Play could be so pretty... it might have to become a permanent piece of furniture in our living room! Thanks Gram!

And now... the 36th week Belly Pic! I need a color touch-up! :)

This was last night, so I wasn't officially 36 weeks but I had make-up on for the first time all week so I figured I better capitalize on the moment. PS: We don't normally have our kitchen chairs strung out all over the living room, but we had Bible Study last night which requires every seat in the house!

Now back to buildin' those memories!  

Side note: it is now 7:37 pm and the sleeves just got pushed up on his arms and his hands slammed to his hips. The things we do for the ones we love... Happy Birthday Sweet Caden! :)

Just proof-read the post... now a few minutes later and we have gone backwards, taking off a piece that we just put on! Okay enough of the embarrassing play-by-play for Justin... I'm out! 


KK said...

Love seeing the nativity scene and your Christmas tree. Can't wait till I see them in person.

the G Rowes said...

I love your baby belly!! You are so very cute!! ( I finally found your blog!)