Saturday, December 20, 2008

My First "Undercover" Operation

Today, my wonderful husband paid for two very sweet ladies from Georgetown to come and clean our home from top to bottom! Our house needed a fresh start before Caden got here, and six hours and a lot of elbow grease later everything is lookin' good!

While we were trying to keep ourselves out of the way this afternoon we had a few projects of our own to tackle. If you haven't heard, tomorrow morning we are going to wake up to freezing temperatures so it was FINALLY time to put on the winter comforter, although I am sure I will end up with my half doubled over Justin since I have my very own built-in blankie!

Justin was super excited to break it out...EXCEPT...the comforter requires a duvet cover, huge bummer! For those of you who have a duvet cover or have ever attempted to put a duvet cover onto a big, thick king-sized comforter you know the challenges it presents. While Justin was giving his best effort to get our comforter back on the bed, I sat quietly in the corner and watched.

Okay, okay, so I wasn't so quiet... but oh my goodness the site, the site! It was too much for me to handle! I was overcome with laughter!! After a few minutes of watching the Ghost of Christmas Past haunt my bed, I snuck over to the table and grabbed my phone and starting filming. You'll notice that the video is interrupted once, not long after I start... I was caught! It was SO hard to hold my laughter inside, it was painful! So I pushed pause, laughed out loud, told him he was THE MAN! He agreed and went back in and I pushed RECORD! You'll notice this time around I wasn't too concerned about silencing my outbursts!

To translate...during the second part of the video, Justin is completely frustrated with the duvet and my hysterics or "mocking" and says:

"You could be helping me, but instead you're mocking me!"

He goes back in... the Ghost speaks! He says..."This really isn't' THAT funny!"

"Oh, but it REALLY is!"

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have! I have laughed until I cried over and over again today! Yep...those tears again! :)

Happy Saturday!


KK said...

Your dad and I are laughing hysterically! Justin, you ARE the man!

Katy said...

I'm laughing out loud at my desk at work right now! So funny!! Hope y'all have a Merry Christmas and enjoy that warm comforter. ;)
-Katy #2 :)