Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yellow is the NEW Pink!!

Well, we did it... we survived our first day at home! With MUCH help of course. Both of my parents were here today which was a GREAT thing since we woke up this morning to a yellowing baby girl... :) Caden was also a jaundice baby so I knew when I saw those yellowing eyes on Miss Kaki-Pants that I needed to call the doctor...

So KK and I loaded up this morning about 10 and headed out to the doctor with Kaki. And Albi held down the fort at home with Caden. Sadly, Albi had to go back to San Antonio today BUT Justin is taking tomorrow off after popping back to the office today... so we'll have ALL hands on deck for a full day of doctor's appointments tomorrow for Kaki and Mommy!

Kaki's levels were not high enough to send her under the lights... at least for now. So our doctor suggested feeding her EVERY two hours throughout the day and night and some time in the sun four times a day... SO Kaki and I have been VERY busy girls today... lots of eating has been done today!! Good thing my milk came in the SECOND we walked in the door from the hospital yesterday afternoon... because boy did we go through some milk today!!

AND... this afternoon Kaki caught some rays in the ONE spot we could find direct sunlight in our house... the stairs! :) KK was sweet enough to sit with Kaki while I snapped some photos of my sunbathing beauty!! If we had been prepared we'd have had a SUPER cute pair of bloomers to put on during her sun bath...BUT alas, we have learned from our mistake and will be fixing that problem tomorrow!

Until then... I present to you... Kaki Cox... The Rock's Finest Sunbathing Beauty!!

Time to flip... but first a cool down with KK!

Ahhhhh... nothing like a little vitamin D! :)

Tongue action... hehe!

One of her sweetest little smiles... I know they are probably just gas but we are LOVING every one we get!! :)

Isn't she the sweetest??!!!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Kaki-Pants is HERE!!

Well... she's here... and we're home! And we couldn't feel more grateful to have our family of four all together for the first time in our home, sweet, home! I'll be back more with LOTS of pictures from the hospital and all of our sweet visitors and our BIG arrival home, but for now just a taste of a few and of course a peek at our PRECIOUS Kaki-PANTS!

Before leaving for the hospital Monday morning...

FAST FORWARD... on our way home!! LOOK AT THAT BOW!!!

Kaki was born on Monday, July 27, 2011 at 12:37pm, weighing 9 pounds 6 ounces and measuring 20 inches long! She is a big, strong healthy girl!! :)

Sweet, sweet face!!!

Our hearts our FULL!!

And her older brother couldn't be happier to have her home with him!! Look at that face!! PURE JOY!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Plenty of Pink and a Bit of Blue, A Tour of Kaki's Room, Just for You!

FINALLY... like three days before we head to the hospital kind of FINALLY, I have some pictures of Kaki's room to share with you! My family in particular has been DYING to see them, although I am excited that they will likely get to stop by and see it person in the coming days because I really think it is WAY cuter in pictures... they are just not doing the room justice... or maybe it's my photography skills that aren't doing the room justice, REGARDLESS... here it is... Kaki's Plenty of Pink and Bit of Blue Room...

It all started with a shopping trip to Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos many moons ago. KK and I met up there one day while Caden was at school to start our search. I knew I wanted something soft that would allow me to use this AMAZING vintage PINK furniture my Grandmother and Aunt Martha stumbled on in Abilene one day. They snatched it up before I even knew if I was having a girl, and boy am I glad they did because it was the jumping off point for designing her new room.

The next piece was the rug... we found it in a stash at Pottery Barn... it was mostly blue with a pink and white gingham border that I fell in love with. From there it was a work in progress... more pink here, less pink here... I NEED MORE BLUE there is too much pink! What about using this... and that? Piece by piece it came together and I think it turned out splendidly... of course I do... :)

Since we were moving Caden up to a big boy bed we were able to use his crib which is a DARK brown... originally I considered painting his crib, but I just didn't want to mess it up and I have ALWAYS been a fan of non-matchy furniture... I like a little bit of old and a little bit of new all thrown together as if it was meant to be. So with the crib being dark I picked up some additional dark accents with the rocking chair, which happens to be an outdoor wicker rocker we found at Pier One... and let me tell you... it is SO comfy! I hope it is the perfect chair for late night nursing! :) The wrought iron lamp on the table near the chair and the mirror in the doorway helped finish off the rest of the brown to tie everything in. The mirror is actually a mirror my Mom bought on Choir Tour when she was in high school. I was determined to use it in my little girl's room if I ever got the opportunity someday!

There are two pieces of vintage pink furniture in her room. Since the furniture was REALLY pink we decided to only paint one wall in the room pink and the rest white so the furniture wouldn't get lost in a sea of pink. The frame on the right of the dresser will eventually contain Kaki's Bible Verse, something that we did for Caden as well that still hangs on his wall! The canvas is something I painted and with the help from my friend Staci and her cricut she has a perfectly pink and blue monogram to finish off that space!

I think Ks and Ms are some of the prettiest letters!

The far wall is the PINK wall that hosts the white changing table which was originally my brother's and then it was Caden's (it was painted navy in Caden's room) and now for Kaki we painted it white! We used old, dark hardware from another piece of furniture that we had sitting in our garage to coordinate with the hardware from the other pieces of furniture in the room. The mirror above the changing table was mine growing up... it hung over my white sleigh bed for YEARS and now it will be in Kaki's room! The hats are vintage hats of my grandmother's that she had NEVER worn. They were still stuffed in perfectly kept hat boxes with the tissue paper and tags still in tact. They were the perfect accent for that space... I love them!! The changing pad and the pillow that sit in the rocking chair were both a little sewing project of mine. I have always loved light blue toile and I felt that the pink wall needed more blue so off I went... I love how it turned out!

From the closet, an across the room shot. My sweet friend Casey and her super talented self painted the series hanging on the wall. The middle is a peacock, Kaki's animal and the other too are drip painting that coordinate with it! I LOVE them and I know Kaki will too! I am hoping these are ALWAYS something she'll hang in her room... even in college! :) Ha!

Aren't they great?!! Thank you, Casey!!

Another shot from the doorway with the light on... AGAIN the pictures just don't do the softness of the room justice... so y'all just need to pop on over and take a peek yourselves! :)

Caden thought he'd plop down and stay awhile... oh and excuse me, I meant to say Dr. Cox!

There are MANY THANK YOUs that I need to hand out for the completion of K's sweet room! Uncle Josh, Aunt Emily, KK and Justin ALL painted Kaki's room in ONE NIGHT after attending my shower back in May! They came with paint brushes in hand and went to work! It was crazy how fast our lime green and navy boy room went to perfectly pink. They went ABOVE and BEYOND and we would have never finished without them... especially considering I am just NOW getting these pictures up!! ALSO... thank you KK for always being on the lookout for various things and not being afraid to give me your honest opinion and for supporting me when I decided to get CRAZY and sew a few things for her room... while I was nearly 9 months pregnant! :) Thank you KK! AND thank you to my grandmother and Aunt Martha for scoping out these awesome pieces of furniture in hopes that we would have a little girl! I L.O.V.E. them and they were JUST the inspiration I needed to get started!

So I think we're as ready as we are going to be...

Prayerfully, we will have a healthy little girl to bring home to this room in just a matter of days! I can't wait!! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Two's Company, Three Was Never a Crowd, BUT Five Might BE!!

In November of 1981, my grandmother's first two of eight grandchildren were born. Twins girls, Amanda and Michelle, born to my Mom's middle sister, a lady who I know as Aunt Terry. About nine months later in August of 1982, I was born, just in time for the three of us to grow up tracking each other in the same grade in school and setting us up for a lifetime of friendship!

Aren't we adorable in our little dresses on our great-grandmother's couch in Chattanooga, TN? Of course I may be biased, but I think that little cutie in the middle looks a lot like my little man... wonder why?! And that sweet girl on the left looks strikingly similar to Caden's THIRD cousin Cy... don't you think?! :)

So there we were... put together from birth whether we liked it or not, BUT lucky for us and for the rest of the family we liked each other A LOT! We always had the MOST fun when we were together... and boy did we do all sorts of things... We were quite entrepreneurial at an early age... in fact etsy had NOTHING on us and our card and party shop we affectionately named Cous-ann's. I think we grossed at least $5-$10 each holiday which in the late 80s and early 90s was a KILLING! In fact, we used that money to walk down the road and stock up on candy, primarily of the fruit variety, when we went to check out videos from the video store. Apparently, times have changed because our parents used to let us walk down there ALL BY OURSELVES and the video store was just mere steps from a major highway... trusting or stupid? I'll let y'all be the judges of that one! :) Of course, we were always up for an adventure... the three of us... one time while they were visiting my family and I in Marfa we got lost in the Davis Mountains with some teenage boys who had promised to have us home by lunch. After being pulled up onto different pieces of the cliffs and falling into a cactus we were full-blown Indiana Jones girls of the wild! It would appear that by the time we were 10 we were destined to become something greater... obviously or how else would we have ever survived some of our parent's greatest choices!?!? By the grace of God! :) (Just kidding KK and Terry... SORT OF! HA!)

I mean look at us... the picture of success...

In homemade dresses and AWESOME hair... we were TROUBLE! :) From left to right... Michelle, Amanda and ME! Look how much shorter I was... come high school I would surpass them by INCHES... about 3 to be exact! :) I was a late bloomer!

Before we went off on our own... into the great big world of college... my Grandmother took her first three grandgirls to Myrtle Beach for a little graduation trip! Our days consisted of mornings BAKING in the sun, afternoons catching episodes of Real World from the pull out sofa and nights out on the town of Myrtle... As you can see NOT one of us was concerned about age spots... or wrinkles... and apparently WHITE eye-shadow was ALL the rage! And those overalls I'm sporting... were capri overalls... can you get enough of those? They were my favorite!! And paired with an Old Navy halter top, and chunky Reef flip flops they were the perfect thing for the beach! :)

Bless our crispy hearts... how were we ever going to find a man?!! Well... Michelle had DONE found her man by the end of middle school... she and her hubby Kaleb were middle school sweethearts who survived the test of time and made it...

Amanda and I still had some searching to do. I was hoping to go off to college and meet somebody new and she wasn't sure if she was wanting to stick with the old of high school or find something new too... turns out... I didn't find anything new and she did! And Rick and Justin would be the men that would later join our family!

The three of us getting hitched added to our family size ten-fold... then it was time to have babies... Caden came first... then my cousin Amanda had Cy just 5 months later. And then there were two... two boys... two great-grandbabies for my Grandmother with the hopes of many more to come!

And boy if 2011 isn't going to be our year because excitingly... we are about to grow from 2 to 5 in a matter of months! We are ALL THREE PREGNANT!! Can you believe it?

I am due in late June...
Amanda is due with her second (ANOTHER BOY!!) in mid-October.
Michelle is due with her first (A GIRL!!!) in mid-October too.

Their due dates are just days... four days to be exact... apart!! So by Thanksgiving this year we are going to be having a FULL BLOWN baby party!! Kaki will have two new playmates... a girl to play dolls with and a boy to pester!! :) Caden and Cy will RULE the roost but it won't be long before the three youngest will use their higher number to give them a run for their money! Watch out big brothers!!!

So needless to say we are THRILLED beyond belief and blessed just the same to be bringing in three new babies to the family in 2011. Kaki and the other two will not be in the same grade, but they will be closer in age than both Caden and Cy and me and Amanda and Michelle, SO I have no doubt that the grade separation will in no way impact their relationship from blossoming into something to be treasured!

How cute are they??!!! I wish we had a picture of all of us pregnant together but the last time we were all together I was LARGE and they were just finding out so I am afraid our bump picture would have been kind of one-sided! :)

Twins... each with a baby... due just four days apart! Couldn't be more excited for them both!! I love you two!!

So as you can see...

Caden and Cy are company...

And Amanda, Michelle and I were the THREE that were NEVER a crowd...

BUT... with five grandbabies on the loose... you just never can tell what will happen!

Whether it is crazy or calm... we are ready!! Bring it on babies!! :)

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Kaki Update... 38 Weeks!

No belly pictures today I'm afraid, but I wore the SAME dress to the doctor today as I did to my shower last Thursday... so just scroll down if you need a visual of Kaki and I at 38 weeks! :) Of course I hope you are enjoying the BEAUTIFUL picture of my Kaki-toes! KK treated me to a pedicure while C was napping today and we decided that we MUST get some special toes for Kaki-pants... we chose perfectly pink with white polka dots! What do you think?!

Well... we have some very exciting news... Kaki (unless she and God decide otherwise) will be making her grand entrance next Monday, June 27th via c-section! I can hardly believe it is only a week away and then I can HARDLY stand that it is AN ENTIRE WEEK away... what am I going to do with my anxious-self! Oddly enough I am most worried about going into labor by myself now... strange I know... but I am. My doctor said I still am MAYBE a 1... and by this point with Caden I was already a 3 and it still took me 2 additional weeks to go into labor... AND that was with a 9.7 pound head pushing straight down... and now... I just have two sweet little feet dangling! So here's to hoping she and I can tough it out until next Monday!

Until then Chade and I are going to soak up our last days at home together before Kaki-pants joins our lives for what we hope will be a LONG while! :) We're ready and we're excited to make our daily duo, a trio! Bring it on Kaki-pants!!

I'm hoping to occupy myself with some additional blogging this week... so stay tuned! :)

I know I've said it before, but THANK YOU all so much for your prayers and sweet words of encouragement... we cherish them! And if you wouldn't mind keep 'em coming! :)

More to come...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Perfectly Pink KAKI Party!!

Justin, Caden and I have been beyond blessed by our new church home and most specifically the community of friends that have surrounded us since we've joined. God was surely not slow to keep His promise and lead us to an amazing group of people that would quickly become some of our most respected and treasured friends! We are so grateful for this blessing!

On Thursday night, four of my sweetest friends threw Kaki and I a Perfectly Pink Party. A night out with the girl's would have been enough, but in true form they went ABOVE and BEYOND and made the night super special with sweet decorations, YUMMY treats and of course LOTS of FUN loot for Kaki-pants! I just can't stand myself and I MUST write a little something about my hostesses... they really did WAY too much and during such a busy time a year with camp, vacations and all sorts of other fun summer activities they made Kaki's party a HIT!

In alpha order...

Jaime: y'all have heard me talk about Jaime before! Jaime and I and Justin for that matter have some pretty weird connections. We lived in the EXACT same room in the EXACT same apartment in college... Pete's Palace... oh my! Were both Pi Phis! AND Justin attended Jaime's dad's basketball camps growing up AND Justin's Dad worked alongside Jaime's dad when he was a coach back in the day! It has been ONE hilarious coincidence after another! She is an all-star Mommy with party-planning in her bones... she throws the CUTEST parties for her girls... I wish she had a blog so she could showcase all of her great ideas... because y'all would LOVE it!! Not to mention Caden is obsessed with her girls, especially Blair who he has only been around a handful of times... I think it was a lunch date to Mighty Fine after church one day that sealed the deal... since then he is always asking about BLAIR!! :) And she's an older woman to boot! Jaime is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever come across... she is a true gem!

Lesley: Another sweet sister friend and fellow Pi Phi at Baylor as well! Lesley was the FIRST person to reach out to us when we visited the church last Fall. She was so sweet and helpful in answering all of our questions and reaffirming our belief that we had found a good place! Lesley has two of the cutest little button-nosed kids EVER who have made me cry in church before because they are just so stinking sweet! They remind me of what Caden might look like when he is older which just pushes me over the edge sometimes! They have such a sweet relationship with their Momma! Lesley is fresh and real and is never afraid to tell you about life how it REALLY is... which always makes for some good laughs! :)

Nicole: Nicole and her hubby Jason are the other "young 'uns" in our group... they are actually a year younger than Justin and I but were married on the EXACT same day, year and time almost seven years ago! They have two of the cutest little girls you've ever seen, one named Katie who I am a bit partial to... not that it has ANYTHING to do with the name! :) We have so enjoyed spending time with them and Caden once again has found an older girl crush in their oldest daughter Jenna... although she isn't near as old and wise as Miss Blair! :)

Staci: Staci is due with her second bundle of joy in September... a sweet little boy named Jack! Staci is also one who reached out to us immediately, giving me all of her contact info and a lunch invite after our first Sunday. She is super talented and crafty and makes all sorts of fun things for every occasion and keeps the group connected with the GREATEST gift ideas and other fun keepsakes! Staci hosted the shower at her beautiful home... in some of the pictures you'll be able to see her paint colors... aren't they great?! Staci has a little girl named Grace who is the same age as Caden and who is the life of the party! I was so glad she joined us for a bit on Thursday night... made me excited for my own little pretty in pink lady!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Jaime, Lesley, Nicole and Staci for putting together such a special night for me and my girl! Y'all really did go ALL out... we appreciate it SO much! Justin and I have had the most fun going back through all of Kaki's gifts... I think he might enjoy the girl stuff as much if not more than I do! I love watching him get all ooey, gooey overs bows, ruffles and frills!!

And thank you to all of my other sweet friends who came to celebrate with us on Thursday night! I love nothing more than learning from and laughing with all of you other Mommies! It is GREAT to have so many people who are one, two and some even three steps ahead of me in motherhood... I am soaking in all that wisdom!! Love y'all!!

And now... for the pictures... THANK YOU Jaime for being the official photog of the night!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Kaki Update...Officially FULL Term!!

We made it!! Kaki-pants is OFFICIALLY full term! Now that DOES NOT mean that she couldn't use some additional work on the inside, but we're celebrating this important milestone nonetheless!!

We had our weekly appointment with the doctor today and not too much new to report... We still have a VERY breech baby! She's basically in my throat... I was joking around with my nurse today and told her I thought I'd have a better chance of coughing her up at this point! If it could only be that easy, huh?! I am still BARELY a 1/2 cm dilated as well!! We did get a quick peek at our girl today since the ultrasound tech was in the office. She did some measurements to make sure my fluids levels were good and that she was in fact still breech. She is pretty much straight up and down... her head is under my right rib and her feet are near my cervix! We did see some hair on the back of her head... so she's gonna come out ready for bows!! :) They also did a growth scan today to see how small/big she was looking and true to form she was measuring 8.2 pounds at just 37 weeks! That could be +/-a pound, but considering Caden was measuring 8.6 just TWO days before we delivered at 40 weeks and ended up being 9.7 pounds we have no reason to think that she isn't on the heavier side of this measurement... BUT only time will tell!

I asked my doctor TONS of questions today... I had a list I had been collecting throughout the week as Justin and I talked about all of our options. I think it is safe to say that we have decided 110% that we are not going to attempt to turn Kaki before delivery. Our doctor gave us the option to perform an external version at 38 weeks (next Monday) and having her THAT day regardless of how it went! The appeal of meeting her sooner was enticing, but I really didn't want to put the stress on Kaki or myself and then STILL possibly end up with a c-section anyway.

So unless our girl decides to flip before 39 weeks we are going to be scheduling a c-section at our appointment next week! Of course, I suppose there is always a chance I could go into labor on my own and if that happens and she is still breech we will have a c-section then as well! We even have talked about the possibility of still opting for the c-section if she does turn because of her size in hopes of not repeating the damage of my previous delivery with the Chade-man!

Still some things up in the air, but aren't they always? Who can really predict how ANYTHING will go down? We are continuing to cling tight to our faith and trust God completely with the details!! That is not to say that we aren't a bit anxious... because we are, but we are doing our best to throw that anxiety straight to God and letting Him deal with it as only He can!

And now for a quick pic of me and my girl...

And my boy... and his belly... he INSISTED!!

I know I've said it BUT thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your love support, prayer and encouragement over the past few weeks! Keep it all coming! We have the BEST friends and family!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Happy Monday!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

My First SOLO Trip to Waco, Narrated by Caden

Well, I am sure when y'all read the title of this post you were relieved to know that you'd be getting a taste of the Cade-man instead of my Mommy... I told her she needed to take a little break from blogging... things were getting a little stale if you know what I mean! It's been FOREVER since she's let me get behind the blogging wheel and tell my side of the story! For our more faithful followers you may remember some of my first pieces of blog art WAY back when... they typically were a comment-generating phenomenon and quite honestly I think that made Mommy kind of jealous and since then she's been coming up with one excuse after another to shut me out of the game...BUT everyone needs a little truth sometimes, even if it hurts. So sorry, Mommy but you win some, and you lose some...

So...Where should or shall I (like that fancy word) begin? Thursday evening Mommy and I went and picked up Daddy from work and headed to Belton to meet Nana and Bop for the drop-off. It was my first SOLO trip to Waco to spend time with the g-rents and BOY was I excited. I knew that Nana's spanking spoon had LONG been packed up and I also knew that she and Bop, both have the HARDEST time with saying the word, "No!" so you can imagine my excitement. I was about to rule the roost for a few days...

Of course, you know the funny thing about me is... I really only act "bad" for Mommy's benefit. Poor thing thinks it's her God-given job to discipline me and so I act up every now and then so she can feel important and worthwhile... it's only fair. And she tries real hard... she really does!

But anyway... back to my trip... after I said goodbye to the rents like 10 million times over and said my "i love yous" about the same number of times plus one... we were off! Finally... some air... I could breathe... Adios Mommy and Daddy... HELLOOOOOO WACO!!!

Actually, first we ate some dinner in Belton... just me, Nana and Bop. Thankfully Mommy and Daddy declined Bop's offer to come with us to dinner. Geez, Bop get a clue... don't invite the rents to dinner just when I finally escape... throw a guy a bone!

Bop was the official photog all weekend... you know my Mommy... wanting updates the entire time I'm gone... BUT truthfully... my blog wouldn't be quite as authentic without them... it'd still be interesting, because well, I'm hilarious... but the photos do add a little something, don't ya think?

So here I am eating queso and chips... not the best lighting, but who am I to be a critic?!

And then Nana and I and the BIG boot... N-E-A-T!! So maybe not all THAT cool but Nana and Bop loved it and who am I to deny them a few simple pleasures in life with their one and ONLY grandson...

After dinner we loaded up into "Chuck the Truck..." again... one of those things that gives Nana and Bop way more cheap thrills than it does me... so what... your truck has a name... so do Daddy and Mommy's cars... whoop-di-doo... onwards g-rents, I yeady to go to Waco!

Once we got to Waco (FINALLY) I took it upon myself to grab my bags... didn't want Nana or Bop to sprain anything you know... and took it inside... LET THE PARTY BEGIN!!

Nana and Bop did a stand-up job in preparing for my stay. They bought me all sorts of new toys for the backyard and stocked up on ALL of my favorites including Popsicles. I mean what's a summer night without a nice, cold, orange Popsicle. Sorry about the pic of me in the buff, but there is NO place for orange Popsicle on my dude clothes... no place!

A good night's sleep was had by everyone Thursday night... and by everyone I mean, me, Mickey Mouse, Elmo and Lovie. Nana and Bop had a little trouble sleeping through the sounds of my seagull friends that echo through the monitor from my sound machine each night... OOPS! :) I mean I felt bad for their lack of sleep, but what's a guy to do... y'all were the ones who invited me here... seagulls and all! You'll have to take that one up with Mommy...

Thankfully that weren't too tired and were able to whip me up some breakfast! And let me tell you... it was a five star deal... it was no Hampton Inn free buffet... it was a Ritz Carlton brunch... eggs, toast, strawberries, yogurt, chocolate milk... the best of the best!

As you might imagine after a breakfast like that I was feeling pretty champion-esque... and was ready to tackle the LONG, albeit FUN list of things that Nana and Bop had planned for the day. First up... FISHING... with Nana... don't worry Bop was there too... you think Nana is going to touch them worms?! No way Jose... or Caden as the case may have been.

We didn't catch anything, but I let those fishies know that'd I'd be back... when you least expect it, expect it, I told them! Since fishing wasn't as fruitful as we had hoped we decided that there would be nothing better to soothe our woes than a nice, cool dip in the pool! Check out my fancy noodle... you likes?! That's my Bop... he's a pretty cool dude...

The pool was fun, but again we had some things to DO, so we hurried and got dressed... I obviously picked my outfit for the day... nothing says COOL like a dude in a Shamu shirt. Plus... I figured if those fishies got a glimpse of my shirt as we drove by the pond... they'd know... I've got pull with Shamu and I was NOT to be messed with! Not to mention Shamu is a personal friend... and if I didn't get 'em... well, it was pretty clear that they'd have to take any problems they had up with my friend the KILLER whale.. no big deal!

For lunch Nana and Bop planned a SUPER fun dining experience at ChuckECheese... it was my first time to dine in this particular establishment and I must say it was delightful! The games, the tickets, the prizes... the pizza... all top-notch!

Although I must say I don't think they will be happy to see me come back because I mean look at ALL THOSE TICKETS! It was like taking candy from a baby... seriously Chuck... you need to up the ante next time... give me something to strive for!

Eventually, I just had to say tickets, schmickets and just head over to the part of the place where I could relax with my buddies Chuckie and Barney...

Barney... that purple dinosaur... I couldn't love him more if I tried! I tell you what... I've been resisting this big goofy guy for some time, but lately I've got to say... he's grown on me! And that song... I love you, you love me... catchy isn't it?! I just love it!

After I ROBBED them clean OUT of tickets and had those deep, heart-to-hearts with my boys on the open road it was time to settle in for some PIZZA! I ate three pieces... setting a personal best for my pizza eating abilities! Like my bib?! I didn't want to wear it, but I figured my pal Chuck might be offended if I didn't wear the swag he had so generously offered us... so I took one for the team! Luckily, my lady friends were still in the Rock... talk about saltin' my game...

Next thing you know people are going to think they still need to wipe my mouth for me... embarrassing! I can assure you I am CLEARLY capable of wiping my own face... clearly!

All of that winning, riding and eating can WEAR. A. GUY. OUT. Who can say nap time?! I know Nana and Bop were SHOUTING it after their run-in with the seagulls! Even though I was actually feeling okay I decided I'd let the g-rents take a nap... it's only fair for the morning of fun they had treated me too! Night-night Nana, Bop!

Once everyone was feeling a bit more like the best version of themselves we got up and eased into the rest of our afternoon/evening. Poor Nana and Bop still had more on the list of things for us to accomplish, but I told them that I'd rather just enjoy their company in the comforts of their beautiful home, so we did just that...

A little video-watching, snack eating... and newspaper reading...

And of course I had to have Bop snap a quick pic for Mommy and Daddy of the new friend I'd be bringing home the next day... my pal Chuck... complete with walkman and headphones! Don't miss the super cool peace sign on his shirt. I think I might have to get a matching one... if he looks that good, can you imagine how I'd look?! It's my color too...

I decided to entertain Nana and Bop throughout my stay with some of my best lyrical stylings. And because I'm the sweetest boy AROUND I let them join in... but let me just say... I have NO IDEA where I get my musical talent from... it really is a mystery!

Between snack time and dinner time we spent some SERIOUS time in the backyard! I got to swim around in my new pool...

Kick around the soccer ball...

And of course, chillax with my Bop... chowing down on a fresh cup of ice!! Summer nights don't get much better than that...

Nana fixed me a yummy plate of sketti and a BUNCH of strawberries for dinner... and all was going GREAT, GRAND, WONDERFUL until... they asked me if I'd like to try some watermelon?!! Oh no... what do I say?! Poor, sweet, kind, lovely Nana and Bop... don't they know? Haven't they heard? Watermelon is the black sheep of the fruit clan... I couldn't, I shouldn't! "Sure," I said, "I'll try it!" THIS is how MUCH I love my g-rents... so I tried it! Spit it out and said... "Nana, Bop... THAT SHOO-EEEE!!" And I think I made my point!

Watermelon aside, Friday was the BEST day!! I had the greatest time checking off our to-do list and anticipating the next fun trick Nana and Bop had up their sleeves... seriously... FUN.DAY!

Going to bed Friday night didn't quite carry the same excitement as it did on Thursday night... in fact it carried a bit of heaviness. I tried hard to fight the urge to fall asleep because I knew that if I did, I'd eventually have to wake up and then it'd be Saturday... the day I had to go back to the Rock. But darn Elmo and that counting sheep trick he taught me... I thought there'd be no way that such an absurd trick would work, in fact I assumed it'd do the opposite... so I started... one, two, three... and darn it if by the time I hit four it wasn't already LIGHT outside! It was Saturday!! Plan. FAIL!

But there is always a silver lining... and typically donuts can add the perfect amount of shimmer to any morning... So we loaded up in Chuck and headed to Shipley's!! I had some serious bed head... thanks for lending me your dude cap, Bop!

Ah... chocolate milk and donut holes... la dolce vida! You didn't know I was bilingual did you??!! IM.PRESS.IVE, no?!

Before we could head south to meet Mommy and Daddy for the DROP OFF, I had made a promise that I HAD to keep. Remember those fishies?! I told 'em I'd be back... and BACK I came...

Get your RALLY CAP on... it's time to catch us a fish, BOP!! Stand back Nana... this could get ugly!!

And within minutes... hook, line and sinker... A ONE POUND BASS!! No big deal... it was nothin'! Who's the Man?!!! Who's the BOP?!!! Who's the BASS??!!!

I figured I'd done enough to intimidate the residents of the pond for one morning, so we walked over to feed the baby ducks... I'm all about balance!! You give, you take... just like my man Jesus!!
I hate to say it... but y'all how this is going to end... I HAD TO GO BACK HOME! I know... it's heartbreaking! I mean I put on a good show for Mommy and Daddy and did my whole squeal, smile, giggle, "MOMMY!! DADDY" routine... but truthfully I could have stayed a few more days... I think Nana, Bop and I were just starting to find our groove, BUT what are you gonna do? I'm not telling MY pregnant Mommy that I wanted to stay longer... NO WAY! We still gotta get her to be sans-tears during drop-off... she's a work in progress! And don't act like I don't try to help... I was a TOOT all week last week... and super high maintenance...thinking that would help her "let go" of me a bit easier... but darn'd if she doesn't fall for it! I guess she really loves me!

Truth to be told... I've got a lot of people who love me out there! I pray for each of them every day because I know what a blessing they are to me! And you know... not every kid gets that kind of love... it's a real shame, but it's the hurtful truth! So I figure I better not waste it by being ungrateful!

Thanks Nana and Bop for a SUPER fun trip to Waco! I am ALREADY yeady to come back and stay... can y'all take one for the team and talk to my Mommy about it?! Might be in your best interest to wait until Kaki is born... but talk to her, please!! I love y'all!!

And now... I best get back to my rents... you know they missed me a whole bunch and all! Thanks for the laughs blog world... I hope to be back sooner rather than later! As my friend Chuckie and I would say... PEACE OUT!!