Friday, June 24, 2011

Plenty of Pink and a Bit of Blue, A Tour of Kaki's Room, Just for You!

FINALLY... like three days before we head to the hospital kind of FINALLY, I have some pictures of Kaki's room to share with you! My family in particular has been DYING to see them, although I am excited that they will likely get to stop by and see it person in the coming days because I really think it is WAY cuter in pictures... they are just not doing the room justice... or maybe it's my photography skills that aren't doing the room justice, REGARDLESS... here it is... Kaki's Plenty of Pink and Bit of Blue Room...

It all started with a shopping trip to Pottery Barn Outlet in San Marcos many moons ago. KK and I met up there one day while Caden was at school to start our search. I knew I wanted something soft that would allow me to use this AMAZING vintage PINK furniture my Grandmother and Aunt Martha stumbled on in Abilene one day. They snatched it up before I even knew if I was having a girl, and boy am I glad they did because it was the jumping off point for designing her new room.

The next piece was the rug... we found it in a stash at Pottery Barn... it was mostly blue with a pink and white gingham border that I fell in love with. From there it was a work in progress... more pink here, less pink here... I NEED MORE BLUE there is too much pink! What about using this... and that? Piece by piece it came together and I think it turned out splendidly... of course I do... :)

Since we were moving Caden up to a big boy bed we were able to use his crib which is a DARK brown... originally I considered painting his crib, but I just didn't want to mess it up and I have ALWAYS been a fan of non-matchy furniture... I like a little bit of old and a little bit of new all thrown together as if it was meant to be. So with the crib being dark I picked up some additional dark accents with the rocking chair, which happens to be an outdoor wicker rocker we found at Pier One... and let me tell you... it is SO comfy! I hope it is the perfect chair for late night nursing! :) The wrought iron lamp on the table near the chair and the mirror in the doorway helped finish off the rest of the brown to tie everything in. The mirror is actually a mirror my Mom bought on Choir Tour when she was in high school. I was determined to use it in my little girl's room if I ever got the opportunity someday!

There are two pieces of vintage pink furniture in her room. Since the furniture was REALLY pink we decided to only paint one wall in the room pink and the rest white so the furniture wouldn't get lost in a sea of pink. The frame on the right of the dresser will eventually contain Kaki's Bible Verse, something that we did for Caden as well that still hangs on his wall! The canvas is something I painted and with the help from my friend Staci and her cricut she has a perfectly pink and blue monogram to finish off that space!

I think Ks and Ms are some of the prettiest letters!

The far wall is the PINK wall that hosts the white changing table which was originally my brother's and then it was Caden's (it was painted navy in Caden's room) and now for Kaki we painted it white! We used old, dark hardware from another piece of furniture that we had sitting in our garage to coordinate with the hardware from the other pieces of furniture in the room. The mirror above the changing table was mine growing up... it hung over my white sleigh bed for YEARS and now it will be in Kaki's room! The hats are vintage hats of my grandmother's that she had NEVER worn. They were still stuffed in perfectly kept hat boxes with the tissue paper and tags still in tact. They were the perfect accent for that space... I love them!! The changing pad and the pillow that sit in the rocking chair were both a little sewing project of mine. I have always loved light blue toile and I felt that the pink wall needed more blue so off I went... I love how it turned out!

From the closet, an across the room shot. My sweet friend Casey and her super talented self painted the series hanging on the wall. The middle is a peacock, Kaki's animal and the other too are drip painting that coordinate with it! I LOVE them and I know Kaki will too! I am hoping these are ALWAYS something she'll hang in her room... even in college! :) Ha!

Aren't they great?!! Thank you, Casey!!

Another shot from the doorway with the light on... AGAIN the pictures just don't do the softness of the room justice... so y'all just need to pop on over and take a peek yourselves! :)

Caden thought he'd plop down and stay awhile... oh and excuse me, I meant to say Dr. Cox!

There are MANY THANK YOUs that I need to hand out for the completion of K's sweet room! Uncle Josh, Aunt Emily, KK and Justin ALL painted Kaki's room in ONE NIGHT after attending my shower back in May! They came with paint brushes in hand and went to work! It was crazy how fast our lime green and navy boy room went to perfectly pink. They went ABOVE and BEYOND and we would have never finished without them... especially considering I am just NOW getting these pictures up!! ALSO... thank you KK for always being on the lookout for various things and not being afraid to give me your honest opinion and for supporting me when I decided to get CRAZY and sew a few things for her room... while I was nearly 9 months pregnant! :) Thank you KK! AND thank you to my grandmother and Aunt Martha for scoping out these awesome pieces of furniture in hopes that we would have a little girl! I L.O.V.E. them and they were JUST the inspiration I needed to get started!

So I think we're as ready as we are going to be...

Prayerfully, we will have a healthy little girl to bring home to this room in just a matter of days! I can't wait!! :)


Cori said...

I absolutely LOVE it! Such a soft, girly, peaceful room. Awesome job!

Melissa said...

I LOVE it!! So sweet and girly! You did an amazing job with it all, Kaki will be in heaven sleeping in there! Hope I get to see it in person at the end of July!

KK said...

I think your photography skills need some work! :) JK, but it is so much prettier in person. I think it came together perfectly.

CaseyWiegand said...

awwwww just made my day :)

the G Rowes said...

Oh Katie !! Kaki's room is just LOVELY!! You did an amazing job and I love all the personal history behind some of the pieces and decorations, beautiful!!!

Lindsay said...

i love her room!!! It's just so sweet and girly!