Tuesday, September 27, 2011

She Said It Best: Kaki at 3 Months!

Hi! Hello? Testing, testing... 1...2... Hello?! Oh yes, Hi! Hi! Hello!

Kaki here... Kaki Cox... yes, yes that's my name and also what I'm called, although I guess technically my REAL name is Katherine, but I prefer Kaki, like the color, only spelled differently.

So like I said... I'm Kaki, Kaki Cox and today I am 3 months old! Wow... I know... hard to believe right? I am so excited to finally get to share a little bit about my life so far...

Not that I'm keeping track, BUT my brother, Caden... I think y'all all know a lot (way more than you would like to know) about him... well, he had his blogging debut WAY earlier than I did, but like I said I'm not keeping track... really, I'm not...

I mean the kid had to have a few perks because I am undoubtedly MUCH cuter... and that's not me being conceited either... I mean y'all know... THAT HEAD! Oh my-LANTA!! AND BLESS his heart (or head)!

Speaking of heads... I'm holding my own these days... my head... not my person... like holding my own against Caden?! No... not quite yet... but I'll get there. Just my head for now...

Sometimes my head gets me down... and I feel like that baby from the e-trade commercials...

NO-BODY knows... the trouble I've seen...

Anybody?! Okay, but that is usually only temporary (like when my brother is awake) that I feel like this... typically (when my brother is at school, napping or in bed for the night) I am a happy-go-lucky chatterbox with lots to share with the world...

And between all of the chattering and holding my head high... I can become a bit overwhelmed at times... and sometimes I just got to take a break... and CRASH for a bit...

I am a girl who needs my rest! And I get a lot of it these days. 10 or so hours at night and usually about 3 naps during the day. My mom has started letting me take a solo nap in the afternoons in my bed and I am really digging that. It's nice to get a little alone time every once in a while... just a woman and her thoughts... another e-trade reference! Can you tell he's my celebrity crush?!

Speaking of... do you think he'll like this outfit?! I mean I LOVE it and I am always getting compliments on it when I wear it... it's one of Mommy's favs too!

I mean look at this fabric... perfection! The yellow and turquoise with the flare of the hot pink... P-E-R- PERFECT!

So... enough talk about fabric... it's not like I sew or anything (yet!) Where were we...

Wait... what do y'all think of this bow with THIS outfit? Too much?! Should I have gone with just the simple white?! Oh dear it really is hard to know just how FAR to go with my accessories... a work in progress I suppose!

I HAVE learned though that it is never good to be too matchy-matchy... unless of course you are trying to be matchy... but how do you know when you are trying and when you are not? Am I trying here? Or not?

Well, I think I'm just gonna go with it... call me a fashion maverick!

Hmmmm... that gets me thinkin'... when I grow out of this outfit... I can just do a little snip-snip here and a little snip-snip there and possibly come up with something TOTALLY new! I die!

Yes... yes... I have a vision... a VISION! Paired with a nice turtleneck or a sweet sweater... WELCOME my new FALL-ish (do we have FALL in Texas??) look!

N-E-WAY... ELLEN?! Ellen anyone?!

I know... you must think ALL.I.DO. is watch TV, BUT I don't... I mean unless you count Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as TV... which come on people... how much MISKA-MOOSKA-MICKY MOUSE can ONE girl take?!

As much as her brother makes her... omg... he needs to get A life or Daddy needs to ALWAYS leave his iPad at home... I'm with Mommy he did not buy it "for work!" Come on, Dad! You can't even pull that one by me!!

In other news...

I took another set of pictures today... my official MONTHLY pics...

Guess how old I am??!! Any takers??!!

You got it...


HEY! Wait a minute... didn't I already tell y'all that?! Stinkers!!

I obviously have got to keep my eye on y'all!!

Yep that's right... BOTH eyes... and not my sweet, smiley, "Hi my name is Kaki Cox!" eyes but my "if you take another picture I'm gonna SCREAM!" eyes... seriously... watch it!

I am not one to be messed with...

Check out my Guido face...

Not today... don't mess with ME!

You hear me Caden?!!

I'll come and get you... I will... as God is my witness!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I really had y'all goin' didn't I?! Did you really think I was crawling? Right on outta here?! Oh man... too much, too much! I'm not really going places these days! I mean I am going PLACES but not places... like I'm gonna rock 10 minutes of tummy time today kind of places but I'm not crawling over to the kitchen to get a snack kind of places...

Heck... I can't even tolerate tummy time... it's kind of overrated if you ask me... girls don't like push-ups... or smudging their makeup or messin' their coif! Duh!


Okay... just so y'all know that I'm capable... here I go... One, TWO, THREEEEEE....


Alright... there you go... that's my BIG, HUGE, OVER THE TOP EFFORT!! And now...


Is it time for dinner YET?!

I love dinner... and lunch... and breakfast... and my snacks... shoot... I'm not really picky. I like milk in any shape and size that you want to try to put it in. I like pink bottles, clear bottles...BUT... DO. NOT. EVER. think of serving me ANYTHING that resembles COLD or COLD-ish milk... not gonna do it!!

I prefer my milk like the queen prefers her tea... hot enough to not be cold but cool enough to not be hot... y'all got that?! In other words... PERFECT!

And yes... that may seem to be a bit high maintenance... but I will leave you with just one question...

Have you met my brother, Caden?! (I thought so!)

And with that... I'd say it's time to wish myself...


And a HOPE for MANY MANY more!!

(We love you more than ANY fine words could ever express!! To the moon and back and back again and again! You are our widdle-widdle!! Happy 3 Months sweet girl!!)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Making Up for Lost Time...


FOUR, I think!!

Enjoy and Happy Weekend!!

iPhone Randoms

Just a few randoms from my iPhone over the past TWO weeks...

The boys and their technology... iPhone and iPad... and Kaki and I are officially being ignored... and most of the time that is okay with us! :)

On Friday the weather was so nice we couldn't stay indoors... so we did some chalk time on the porch... after running around like a banshee... can you tell by the sweat dripping down his face?

Sweet girl in new jammies... FLOWER POWER!!

Look MOM... I'm sittin' in my Bumbo! And I'm almost three months old... just a few more days...

Another pic of that SWEET SWEET outfit and her new play mat... SO FUN!

Picture from chalk time on the porch... Caden saying CHEESE!!! Kaki thinking... can you please SHUT HIM UP?!! :) I wish... I wish... (not really) (okay, maybe sometimes)

Self portrait... Justin and I find a lot of these on our phones! I know what you're thinking... PASSWORD people!! Touche... touche!

And there you have it... little iphone randomness...

A Day Out with Thomas... again

Yesterday, KK and Albi treated us to another fun day out with Thomas...

This year we were even more excited because we knew Caden would be much more aware of who Thomas was and what exactly this big train thing was all about. In fact, he was so aware that he kept asking if he would get to ride "inside the train, in a seat?" He thought he was going to have to rough it Polar Express style and get stuck on the top...

He wanted to make sure he would not be riding ON TOP of any train! Can't say that I blame the guy!

Here is a pic from last year...

And this year... my what a difference a year makes... for Caden and for KK and Albi! My skinny-minny parents look G-double-0-d!

Look at that sweet blue-eyed boy... all ready to see Thomas!

And what about that blue-eyed girl... was she there, you ask?! WAS SHE THERE?!?! Of course... and with bells on... or a bow... either way!

And a shadowy Mommy and Daddy in their shades... it hides the bags! :)

My sweet trio... my heart melts... truly!

Attempt at a family pic... not too bad!

Sweet little one...

Are you LOVING her outfit? My ever-stylish friend Steph sent this sweet outfit to Kaki the other day and I COULD.NOT.WAIT. to get it on her... I think she might have to wear it EVERY day until she outgrows it... love it! Thanks Steph!

That's a face...

Pic with the g-rents...

Kaki gettin' some lovin'!! :)

Love this picture... KK's eyes are sparkling... looking at that sweet face!! :) And Albi too... such a proud g-pa!

Pic with Thomas... Caden was not really into it... he just wanted to "pat" Thomas!

A little engine that could...

My backwards hat wearing, traing conductor, toddler of a sweet boy... did y'all get that?!

It was a FUN day with Thomas... topped off by a YUMMY lunch at Bluebonnet... oh so good! Thank you Kk and Albi for another FUN DAY OUT WITH THOMAS!! We had a blast and Caden is loving all of his fun Thomas loot!!

Here's to next year!! A Day Out with Thomas...again...and again...

SEA WORLD... Party Time... Excellent!!

A few weekends ago... well I guess technically it was just last weekend... Caden went to San Antonio to visit Kk and Albi. Actually, KK was in town so I could go to an appointment last Thursday and took Caden and his trusty suitcase back to San Antonio with her and Albi for a few days. They came back early Saturday morning but in just that short amount of time I am pretty sure Caden managed to wear them out!

Of course a trip to Sea World can do that to anyone! :)

Friday, Albi and Kk took Caden to his favorite place... what a spoiled little one he is to get to go party with the dolphins TWICE this year already!! To keep up with the Chade is a chore of its own so I was impressed that KK managed to snap the pictures she did from their day at sea... :)

Have you noticed I can't seem to make up my mind on the spelling of KK or Kk... I think it should be KK... because it stands for Krazy Kim... :) Oh... son-in-laws... you can't live with 'em and you can't live without 'em... or can you?! I'll let you decide... :)

Anyway... back to Sea World. I apologize if the posts seem a bit "off" today... because well it's been TWO weeks since I've blogged last and I have an allergy issue today... like a major one! So I am a bit foggy and loopy and well just downright spontaneous with my writing... I just don't know what my fingers are going to type next... watch out...

AND anyway take 2!

Back to Sea World...

Caden and Albi at the Azul show... watching the divers and the dolphins or has Caden says..."those guys... and Shamu's friends the dolphins!"

Lunch break... doritos and turkey sandwich... YUM!

And a little Drumstick for dessert... his first solo ice cream cone... aside from the chocolate, nutty shell he did pretty well I am told... and I think it is safe to say that his face ALSO enjoyed the sweet treat! :) And his clothes... thank you OxyClean!

And a sweet boy with a sweet friend... Mr. Seal... or Sea Lion... I am not sure! He LOVED Sea World this time... even more so than the last. He skyped and told us all about it that night... YES... I said skype... aren't we vogue?!

Caden always has the BEST time with his KK and his Albi. They don't even have to take him to Sea World... he just loves being in San Antonio. When we asked him what he was going to do when he got there he said, "play in my playroom!" Which is the dining room shoved around so his toys could fit in there... see he really is a simple little man who LOVES to be at home... no matter whose home it is!

But I suppose when the call for adventure comes knocking at his door... it's only right to say SURE, SURE, SURE... let's go to Sea World!

And he does... he says, "sure, sure, sure... " ALL the time when we ask him if he wants to do something... Hilar!

Thanks KK and Albi for treating our boy to a fun few days away!!

Takin' It to the Hole...SHOT! YES!

I doubt many of you will get as much joy out of this as I did, BUT I am sharing nonetheless. Caden was practicing his hoops the other day and I happened to capture it on my iPhone. He was HILARIOUS when he made a shot... shouting YES! SHOT! I have no idea where all of that intensity came from but it was pretty darn funny!

I am so proud of the way he kept trying and trying and trying... he wasn't going to give up until he made the shot he wanted. That takes some dedication... especially when you're not knocking 'em down quite like you want to! :)


Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Week in Review_iPhone Style

Where did we leave off??!! Oh, right... the first day of school! Well... let's continue from there then shall we?

Kaki and I were pretty excited to have a little girl time once we got over the initial shock and awe from the stillness that permeated our house... once we did we were doin' a little bit of this...

Whaaaaaaa-hooooooo!!! Girl time!! And so we went to lunch with a dear friend to celebrate! It was fabulous... we did do a bit of laundry and steamed the floors in between the drop-off and the lunch date. What a great first day of school for us all! Even Caden had a great day despite a start with a few tears. She said he was insistent on "needing his mommy" but by the end of the day he changed his response to "she'll be here to pick you up after nap" from "NO" to "Otay!" So that is progress!!

I did have another mommy-fail when I forgot to pack an extra change of clothes in his bag... of course the day I didn't he needed them because he was having a little TOO much fun with "watering the plants" station... I think he was more watering himself... so they found an old t-shirt and put his clothes in the dryer... Ha! Poor Chade! And come nap time he decided that he wasn't really in the mood to sleep OR stay on his nap mat apparently... so we definitely had some serious talks about what that meant before he headed back to school on Thursday!

And by Thursday... he was a champ... walked right in, no tears and started playing. She said he had a VERY happy day and was a GOOD boy who stayed on his nap mat! Phew... hate for him cause too much trouble in the first week of school! AND I packed a change of clothes AND of course he didn't need them! :) Those clothes are staying in his backpack!

On Wednesday we didn't do too much of anything... just relaxed into our day and then went to the park with some sweet friends. That afternoon Kaki and Caden had a date in the playroom... a Finding Nemo date...

Sweet girl in her Kaki-chair!!

The little ones watching their "show!"

On Thursday... before school... Caden insisted on having his picture made AGAIN! I hope he doesn't expect to do this EVERY day before school... little ham! He wanted to pose with his football... and I think it turned out pretty darn cute so I am glad he talked me into it! Or threatened a tantrum until I agreed... whatever! :)

After school on Thursday I rewarded Caden's GREAT behavior at school with a FLU SHOT! Aren't I sweet?! I really had NO idea how dramatic it would be and had I known I would have NEVER picked after school to do this to him... lesson learned! In fact, I had been warned by a friend who only gives her children the flumist, that shots at this age could be hard... BUT I did not listen and thought the flumist sounded WAY worse! Now... I am not so sure. So the story goes something like this... he was very brave as we walked into CVS (we did it here because he pedi wasn't getting their flu shots for a few weeks... turns out they will have them tomorrow now.. ugh!) Anyway... we walk in sign-in and everything was going okay. I had shown him my band-aid from my earlier flu shot and he seemed okay with things. We get called back to the room... he was good... then you could see the apprehension start to show up on his face as they started to ready the materials... then they asked to weigh him... and it was over from there...

So they offered for me to hold him while they did the shot... and I was holding in my lap with ALL OF MY MIGHT, or so I thought... she is going in for the kill and then BAM... Caden's arm rips free from my tight grip and knocks the shot out of his leg before the NP has a chance to release the shot... blood is running down his leg because the needle scrapes him on the way out. The needle is now bent and the shot is not able to be used again... wasted vaccine. SO... now they decided that the lap thing was a bad idea so let's do it on the table... so with me literally laying on top of him, pinning his legs to the table with my entire body weight and then holding his arms down with the help of one of the NP the other one gets him in the leg... the scream that came from his mouth was TERRIBLE. He was thrashing on the table and screaming MOMMY as the shot went in. I almost thought he was having some kind of severe reaction to the shot it was so bad. Then I picked him up comforted him and he ran out that door as fast as he could. Meanwhile I am apologizing my head off... embarrassed about wasting a shot and then at the same time so worried that I had permanently damaged my child! Like he will ever want to go get a shot again... I mean not that ANYONE wants to go... but you know what I mean! Now I get why people say that the 4 year old shots are the worst parenting moment ever... I get it!

And I understand it... I think I cried up until 9th grade every time I had to get a shot... I'd cry on the way to the doctor. Then in 9th grade I had my first TRUE physical... complete with BOOB EXAM... and from then on... a shot seemed like vacation compared to that... but that is another story for another time!

So when we got home... I let Caden go get his paci and his lovie... don't you dare judge me!! And let him watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the couch instead of taking a nap... and he survived... and still loves me and EVEN likes me! :)

On Friday morning we took things slow... both still recovering from our flu shots... so we just hung out on the couch as a trio... of course you can see in the background that mommy was also doing a bit of laundry... this picture is a pretty good snap shot of our day... :)

This weekend Daddy had to work a BIG HUGE grand opening event so the kids and I stayed around the house and worked on some projects... we took a break on Saturday to have a picnic on our Mickey Mouse blanket with a Sonic lunch... YUMMY! Poor Caden and I wanted to do it outside but it was getting too hot for Miss Kaki by lunch time... and have you seen that it is going to be in the triple digits again this week?!! REALLY??!! I can't even think about it now... I'll have to think about it tomorrow... :) As God is my witness... Okay I'll stop...

Today, other than it being the 10 year anniversary of 9/11 (I'm working up a little post about that in my head... stay tuned... I think we all need a remember when post...) it was also Kaki's first day to church! Our first Sunday back... and it was a great one! She did fabulous... and slept the entire time! I guess she liked learning about Jesus... :) He gave her great peace! :)

Didn't she look PRECIOUS in her new bow... or flower! :)

She looks sassy in this pic... sweet 'n sassy!

And the obligatory sibling pic... we tried! :)

This afternoon we visited Daddy at work and had one of the BEST ice cream sandwiches we've ever had... mine was vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched in between TWO snickerdoodle cookies... are you kidding me?! Delish!!!

Now it's Cowboy time... but I'm more of a Who Dat girl... hence the blogging! :) Hope you have all had a great weekend! Much love!!