Sunday, September 25, 2011

SEA WORLD... Party Time... Excellent!!

A few weekends ago... well I guess technically it was just last weekend... Caden went to San Antonio to visit Kk and Albi. Actually, KK was in town so I could go to an appointment last Thursday and took Caden and his trusty suitcase back to San Antonio with her and Albi for a few days. They came back early Saturday morning but in just that short amount of time I am pretty sure Caden managed to wear them out!

Of course a trip to Sea World can do that to anyone! :)

Friday, Albi and Kk took Caden to his favorite place... what a spoiled little one he is to get to go party with the dolphins TWICE this year already!! To keep up with the Chade is a chore of its own so I was impressed that KK managed to snap the pictures she did from their day at sea... :)

Have you noticed I can't seem to make up my mind on the spelling of KK or Kk... I think it should be KK... because it stands for Krazy Kim... :) Oh... son-in-laws... you can't live with 'em and you can't live without 'em... or can you?! I'll let you decide... :)

Anyway... back to Sea World. I apologize if the posts seem a bit "off" today... because well it's been TWO weeks since I've blogged last and I have an allergy issue today... like a major one! So I am a bit foggy and loopy and well just downright spontaneous with my writing... I just don't know what my fingers are going to type next... watch out...

AND anyway take 2!

Back to Sea World...

Caden and Albi at the Azul show... watching the divers and the dolphins or has Caden says..."those guys... and Shamu's friends the dolphins!"

Lunch break... doritos and turkey sandwich... YUM!

And a little Drumstick for dessert... his first solo ice cream cone... aside from the chocolate, nutty shell he did pretty well I am told... and I think it is safe to say that his face ALSO enjoyed the sweet treat! :) And his clothes... thank you OxyClean!

And a sweet boy with a sweet friend... Mr. Seal... or Sea Lion... I am not sure! He LOVED Sea World this time... even more so than the last. He skyped and told us all about it that night... YES... I said skype... aren't we vogue?!

Caden always has the BEST time with his KK and his Albi. They don't even have to take him to Sea World... he just loves being in San Antonio. When we asked him what he was going to do when he got there he said, "play in my playroom!" Which is the dining room shoved around so his toys could fit in there... see he really is a simple little man who LOVES to be at home... no matter whose home it is!

But I suppose when the call for adventure comes knocking at his door... it's only right to say SURE, SURE, SURE... let's go to Sea World!

And he does... he says, "sure, sure, sure... " ALL the time when we ask him if he wants to do something... Hilar!

Thanks KK and Albi for treating our boy to a fun few days away!!

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