Tuesday, July 31, 2012

iPhone Dump... Don't Know What Number We're On!

It seems that I take most of my pictures these days with my handy-dandy-digital-phone-device... and usually they have a story behind them and then other times I just snap something just because it seems right. And while I am sure there are times that I could make a tantalizingly hilarious tale about a particular picture there just doesn't seem to be time in the day... or at least time that I'm willing to dedicate to filling in those tales on the blog! So once again... the picture dump seems appropriate... 

EVEN, when there are 30+ pictures to process...

On your mark...

Get set...


So this little gem of a pic is the first and hopefully last stolen good from a member of my little Cox clan. Caden stuffed this book in the bottom of our stroller when we were at Barnes and Noble one day. I did not realize it until we were unloading at our next stop, nearly 20 minutes away. I calmly called the store and told them what happened and would be happy to return it right then. They sweetly told me not to worry and to bring it when I am back the next time...

Still haven't been back...

Which means we are still the proud thieves of this book...

And don't worry... Caden "knows Spanish!" 

Next up you'll see our Friday night fun. In our apartment complex we have valet trash service each night but Friday and Saturday nights... which is when we have to do a little trash delivery action ourselves... 

For some reason we think it is hilarious, although I think we may be the only ones! :)

Random couch time with my boy... sah-weet!

And floor time with my girl... I think we look so much alike in this picture. One of the first times I have really seen it! 

We are super excited to sport our new cousin shirts at the hospital in September... We love Baby Agnew!! Thanks Nana!

First bowl of cereal... in the droodies... what Justin calls underwear... :) Peanut Butter Multi-Grain Cheerios... Caden picked them out and it is safe to say he loved them... at least that morning! The next morning he was ready to go back to Apple Cinnamon Waffles. Sigh!

KK came to visit a few weeks ago... or one week ago? Anyway... she took her little man on a date to see Brave! Happy boy!!

He had fun and loves to tell me how it was "Grandparent Day" at the theatre that day since KK remarked that they were one of four sets of grandparent/kid duos!

While KK was in town we got to watch the slab pour at our new house! We grabbed breakfast and watched!! FUN! Quite the show!!

Meditating while snacking... T-A-L-E-N-T!

Rough night at the bark park with Daddy and the doggies... a two band-aid job!

Little Miss in her croc mary janes... so cute!

Summertime Bubble Bath... aka it's not nap time yet, NOW WHAT?!!

Lou Lou's first haircut... we did it on a whim on our way to HEB one Saturday. It needed it! She did great... once she had a sucker! Sweet little lady!

An after shot at lunch... to celebrate! :) So pretty! Now pass the queso!

Our little linebacker... her Albi was SO proud of this pic!! And Daddy too!

Kaki's peanut butter day! Crazy as it may seem to some, this is a very rational part of the growing up process to me. Making sure we aren't allergic I park in the ER parking lot when we try peanut butter for the first time! Kaki passed and loved it!

Ready for that sandwich!!

Brother got to have a picnic too! Whoo hoo!! 

One afternoon I was teaching Kaki the art of accessorizing... 



Industrial-y? Locomotive-y? Thomas-y?

Everyone say cheese!!!

Justin and I celebrate 8 years of marriage on the 24th! WAH-HOO! We treated ourselves to a fun dinner out and let the kids have fun at home with a babysitter! This was our first course...

And it only got more intense from there! I didn't eat breakfast for lunch the next day... still feasting on the night before... OVERLOAD! But so worth it!

We had a fun, adult night out!

We did a pretty pathetic job in the picture department but that has never been our strong suit! I love this man more than I ever thought I could love the boy I married! :) 

See... I told you he was a boy... this is an engagement shot of us! Tear!

This next one I might be open for suggestions about... my little tantrum thrower! What?! Caden didn't do the tantrum thing but Miss Kaki Pants is all about the head to the floor, lay your body out... roll... cry... oh it's just plain sad! And a bit funny... and now becoming a bit of a problem! Oh the drama! :)

One day Caden woke up from his nap before Kaki so we had some fun on the couch with the camera phone... SILLY!


I'm gonna eat you!!

Kaki-girl... so sweet! Most of the time! :)

This weekend we were at Kk and Albi's celebrating KK's big 2-5... or 5-6 I can't seem to ever remember. And Kaki enjoyed her time in her rocker!! Used to be a Strawberry Shortcake rocker until KK took her pre-pinterest crafting skills to it a few years ago... now it's just cool! :)

Chade-man eating a nana... and the ba-nana kind not the Nana kind! :) Just so we're clear! 

And this guy... my Olympics watching buddy... poor thing can't sit still for more than a few minutes before he falls prey to sleep! It's a rough life, I tell ya! I'd say it's old age but he's been like this as long as I've known him! He's even been known to fall asleep in the theatre... Lord, help him! 

Last one... super random photo op after church one day... trying to get Caden and I in the same shot... pretty sweet looking little sweaty boy back there!! :)

There you have... life via phone!

Happy Tuesday!! And GO USA!

PS: My favorite line in the Olympics so far... and it has become a commonly used phrase in our house...

"Dolphin kick... BOOM!!!!"

Anyone else??!!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hey, Hey... Port A!

Back from the beach... for over nearly a week now and I'm just now getting around to blogging about our fantastic trip! Truth be told I was waiting for my photog sister-in-law to upload all of the pics, (which she did several days ago... so there goes that excuse!) because other than the randoms Justin and I had from our phones, she was our source... not that it is all that different from normal. We have come to count on Aunt Ree Ree but we have a feeling come September we are going to have to start fending for ourselves in the photo taking.... but I digress...

Port A...Hey, Hey! We were SO excited to go to the beach this year. And Kaki and I were excited to actually get to see the beach... last year we were still on our postpartum fog... but this year we were READY.FOR.SOME.FUN.IN.THE.SUN!

Or shade... but more on that later...

On our way to Port A we stopped in CC to see Albi and have dinner! Yep, that's right Kk and Albi are on the move again... this time to CC... oh my! It REALLY is hard to keep up... but nonetheless we are excited they will live "at the beach!" 

Albi was sweet enough to treat us to a Hibachi-style dinner... Caden and Kaki's first... we did have a few tears in the "WOAH the whole table is ON FIRE" department... but we survived, mostly unscathed! And the food was delish, as always! And I think it is safe to say that it made a lasting impression on Caden when he was "pretending to cook" for us Hibachi style at the beach house! Throwing forks and all! I think he has a bright future in Hibachi and according to our chef, you don't have to be Asian anymore... the future is ours!

So we got to the beach house just in time to help Nana and Bop unload so Nana and I could head to the store to stock up for the week! We needed to get ready because come the next morning we were OFF to the beach...

The next morning was glorious... it was cloudy and cool and the PERFECT weather for a morning at the beach when you have little kids. You don't have to worry (as much) about the sun and they stay comfortable and cool. And for our kids who go NON-STOP it was great, although I think Nana and Bop were still holding out for our typical Port A sunny days! 

Kaki and her Daddy had a great time on the beach... the only way we got her to stop crawling HEAD FIRST into the ocean, taking wave upon wave in the face (without caring one bit, I might add) was to feed her... of course! She's a Cox... she likes food!

This is just a side note, but am I the only mom who celebrates when her child learns to master the snack trap??... game.changer.

Out in the surf...

We did a lot of playing in the house each afternoon! Kaki couldn't handle being away from Penelope and her stroller for nearly a week so they came along for the ride! And lucky for Kaki, Nana had Baby Stella ready and waiting too! So Kaki had plenty of friends to tote around all week!

She was everywhere...with her purse on her arm... ALWAYS! Hehe!

On Wednesday (we got there late Tuesday), Aunt Ree Ree and Uncle Tag FINALLY showed up! :) We were so excited to see them! The fun could really begin for our kids... because their Aunt and Uncle LOVE playing!! 

Uncle Tag was a TROOPER and did just about EVERYTHING Caden wanted to do. And for anyone who knows Caden, knows that ALL things require energy and typically lots of it! And most likely it also involves a ball... or bat... oy!

They kicked, they threw, they batted, they tackled, they paddled... I mean it was ridiculous... but I'll let y'all in on a little secret... I think Uncle Tag likes playing ball just as much as Caden does! :) 

Oh and Daddy and Caden DID build a few pretty impressive sand castles... I mean look at that thing... masters level I tell you!

Oh yes... and there was Ladder ball...

Kaki was a fearless little beach girl! She didn't think twice about any of it. She had been to the beach before on our trip to AL earlier this year, but now she's a crawler and all over the place. It never crossed my mind that she'd be scared because she is a brave little girl, but I never thought she'd plunge head first into the ocean either! That girl!!

And that boy... NON STOP the entire time! 

And she's off...

On Thursday night we did our annual fam pics at the beach... this year's color scheme... navy and white... can you tell? It might be my favorite yet! 

Here is our best attempt at a fam pic... not too bad!

The grands with the littles...

Best all together fam pic... WHOO HOO! We got one!! That's all you need, Amen?!

Then we capitalized on our one "nice outfit" night and went out for dinner... yum!

Sweet Nana and Bop... always the gracious hosts!

Those two... cute!

And these two... new parents... double cute!

But in my humble opinion this next pic is the CUTEST!! My boy... my boy!!

No dinner on the island is complete without some cream to top it off... in a cone, of course!

The next day we had a Ranger game moment on the beach when the lightening struck and the thunder clapped and we all ran like little girls into our cars... some of us (not naming any names... katie) who left their child sitting helpless in the sand while she ran for the car! Nice! 

So we made some fun out of a rainy morning in town and did some "shopping" and "shark hunting"

And lighthouse touring... 

But the afternoon turned out to be glorious and sunny so the day ended just as it should...

With the Coxes and Agnews enjoying the fun in the sun on Texas' very own Redneck Riviera! :) 

Baylor fans, much?! 

Caden, was thrilled that Nana and Bop remembered their "Star Spangled Banner" flag... phew! That was a close one!

The rest of our days at the beach including more of ladder ballin...

And some bocce ballin...

And a little poolside lounging...

And wave surfing...

And CUTEST BOYS EVER posing...

And dude snacking...

And some Uncle Tag playing/loving/feeding...

And some attituding... :)

And last... some family bonding...

What a great week of fun in the sun... and some days clouds! A time where Caden played a record number of sports each day and where Kaki received a daily salt water sinus rinse. We played poker and LCR and lost money to Uncle Money Bags Tag. We made memories and cherished old ones. We laughed hard and only shed tears as we all said goodbye to another fun week in Port A!

As always, THANK YOU Nana and Bop for treating our family (and our GROWING one at that) to a fun-filled beach trip each year. Year 5! I can hardly believe it. We love you and appreciate all you do for us!

Happy Beachin'!!