Sunday, April 20, 2014

EASTER in the Bluebonnets

Happy Easter, everyone! We had a great morning celebrating our Risen Savior! 

After church we stopped to take some bluebonnet pics...

I posted every single pic... sometimes the picture roll tells a better story than words ever could.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Week With Whit

Another case of impeccable timing...

Josh and Emily were going AWAY for the first time after Whit was born and asked Kk and Albi to babysit. Well, I am never one to feel shame for asking to tag-along, so that's just what I did. A week with Whit sounded ideal and a place to crash while homeless was even better!

Josh and Emily graciously opened up their once peaceful existence to my crew and we had SUCH a good week! From start to finish our week with whit was wonderful... now that's a lot of w's.

Look who got her hands on him first... 

The babes...

It's always a bit surreal seeing your baby holding a baby... not sure how that happens!

We got to get the 4-1-1 on "all things Whit," from Aunt Emily before Kk and Albi arrived.

Bath time... easy!

Looking at that cute face... done!

Trying not to melt into a big puddle... impossible!

We had a fun night with Emily and Josh and an even better time once Kk and Albi joined the fun!

And then the next morning... it was a free-for-all...

When the parents are away... 

We ALL play!!

A little roll the ball...

Whit was especially good at this game! ;)

We played outside...

We observed nature...

We talked and talked and talked...

Whit's happy place is his changing table... why? I have not a clue, but as SOON as you lay him down he starts blabbing and singing and ooooing and goooing... it is just the cutest thing you've ever seen!

We made Whit work for his milk... lots of fun!!

We got out some of his new toys... :)

We found his tickle spot and tickled him until he couldn't breathe... (not really, Em and Josh!) He took a breath every now and then! 

While he napped one day we played hopscotch and further vandalized Uncle Josh's driveway!

Okay, she's gonna kill me, but when you're awesome, you're awesome... and you've got to show the world... or the 10 people or so who read this blog. And the memories... my kids NEED this in their blog books... they just do...

KK hopscotching!

One day we took Whit shopping... he was fabulous!!

And overall just had fun being silly... 

He loved rocking with Albs...

And watching his Praise Baby DVDs...

We even got to spend time with Whit's cousin, Jackson. 

Can you even imagine how those two will run the town someday? TWO heart breakers... love it!! Ben and Jordan were WAY TOO sweet to C and K, playing football and chalk... working up a sweat!

Jackson got to take a spin in Whit's stroller... he loved it!

And then poor Mama Jordan got tackled... to the ground... 

On Saturday night we hit the town with Whitters. Justin came to Nac for the weekend so we saved our night out for when he could be with us. Whit was awesome.... a happy boy who eventually fell fast asleep... just in time for us all to eat our food. 


Crazy hair day... :)

KK, Abli and Daddy all had to leave a bit early Sunday afternoon and Josh and Emily wouldn't get home until late that evening... so I was solo with three kids for a bit... and we survived. Whit sensed his mom and dad were coming home and starting trying to be a fuss-pot for us, but the SWING conquered all of his fussies and he remained our happy, sweet, easy-going boy that we had had most of the week! Good job, Whit!!

We got him all pretty and clean for his Mommy and Daddy!

And then it was early to bed! :)

Our week with Whit was fun for so many reasons, but more than anything it was a special, special time to "get to know" him that I wouldn't trade for anything. We experienced Whit on an entirely new level by being his caretakers for the week. We got to hear the funny things he says when he is laying on his changing table, we got to anticipate the goofy grin and sigh he gives when you turn the light on in his room as he's waking up from his naps... it's my VERY FAVORITE thing he does. We got to watch him explore his new toys and learn that he is perfectly content to sit back and observe and doesn't need to be in on the action. We learned that sound machines have timers and that Merlin the Magic Sleep Suit takes sweet forever to dry without using the heat cycle. After at least 12-15 bottles we learned that his bottles told us how hot or cold the milk... boy with this have saved us some "wrist testing." We learned that his tickle spot is the middle of his back and sometimes he giggles when his ribs are being counted. We learned that his smile can warm your heart for days. And we were affirmed that our family just wouldn't be complete without him!

We love you Whitters!!

Thank you so much Emily and Josh for trusting us with your boy!! It was too much fun!

G-dawg... you are next!! Come to Camp Cox! :) Okay?? Tell your mom!!