Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cryin' It Out Day #1

So I'm doing it... I am letting Caden cry it out! Sigh! Justin has been wanting me to do it since week two, but I wasn't so sure! And my mom has been subtly or maybe not so subtly encouraging me to do it for a little over a month now... BUT I have resisted, and for no really good reason other than I didn't want my lil man to be unhappy. The only thing he wasn't doing was sleeping during the day, unless he was in the comfort or not so comfort of my arms, so what was the big deal? He was sleeping 9-10 hour stretches at night, I could deal with him napping in my arms... or so I thought...things changed this week...

Let me back up last Friday Caden and I went on our VERY first play date with a blogger buddy. It was kind of like a mommy blind date. We had lots of friends in common and of course she is a fellow Baylor Bear, so it really wasn't or anything, we at least knew each other were safe! After spending a few hours with her and her adorable daughter who is several months older than Caden, I decided to ask her for some mommy to mommy wisdom. Asking her when her little girl hit certain milestones like sleeping through the night, napping, etc. It became clear that I needed to make a move with Caden's nap schedule when I asked her..."So how long has she been taking naps during the day?" And she said, "You mean when did I switch her from three naps to two naps?" HA! Nope, not what I meant AT ALL, but okay let's start there... 

Needless to say I felt a little behind the curve... (I know, I know... all kids are different, all parents are different... I get it) But what I had known to be true in my heart for some time now was becoming blaringly obvious! My new friend told me her little girl had been crying it out since 6 weeks old! 6 weeks?! I was shocked! BUT guess what? It gave me SO much confidence to see this beautiful, happy, healthy little girl who was a great napper and a great sleeper and she still loved her mommy... phew! All of my fears were comforted! I could do this! 

So I decided I would wait until Caden was 4 months old (tomorrow) to start making him nap in his crib during the day... if he cried... bring on the Furber Method... I'm ready! So Monday came and went... no naps... just 30 minute cat naps and a very tired and unhappy boy in my arms at the end! Then Tuesday... same... and Wednesday... same... and that brings us to today...

Why was I waiting until Friday? I could NOT hold, stand, console, sit and rock, stand and console, sit and rock, stand and console...finally asleep....30 minutes later awake... stand and console...sit and rock ANY LONGER! He's 20+ pounds and doesn't support himself yet... you do the math!!

Here is how the day is shaking down so far...

Nap #1: 9am, cries for the entire hour we try... of course I go in every 5-8 minutes to put the passy in his mouth his lovie in his arms and pat that tummy and sing him my prettiest song... NO SLEEP!

Nap#2: 12:45pm, cries for 10 minutes, I soothe him, sleeps for 25 minutes!

Nap#3: 3:10pm, cries for 4 maybe 5 minutes and has been sleeping for 25 minutes and counting!

PROGRESS PEOPLE! In only one day, we are making progress! It hasn't been easy and I hate hearing him upset, but I know that that too shall pass!

So thanks blog friend for the confidence to try it! And thanks mom for the pep talks in the midst of his crying today!

PS: If you have something negative to say about "crying it out" please don't share! Find another outlet to do so! THANK YOU! :) 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team...

Today we took Caden to his very first hometown baseball game to cheer on the RR Express! The Cox fam sported our red, white and blue proudly and of course built in some extra time for photo-ops throughout our first adventure to the ballpark!

Justin and Caden in their matching red!

Pre-game pep talk from mommy... Caden should have told me to go back upstairs and put on some make-up... YIKES! 

We broke out the Baby Bjorn for our trek through the parking lot and into the stadium. Once we got to our seats Cade-man was all about breaking free and taking in the sights and sounds of the ballpark!

We couldn't get him to look at the camera... so much goin' on!

SO MUCH that he tuckered out in the second inning... HA! We've got a long way to go before we build up to a full 9!

SO EXCITED it's baseball season! GO Express GO!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Year Ago Today...

On April 22, 2008 I saw this...


instead of this...


And it is still hard to believe that this...


turned into this...

I love you Caden Ford!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Do I even have to say it...?


As promised in last weekend's recap, I have an exciting tale of travels to tell! Mommy and I were super busy preparing for our big trip last week, SO busy that mommy never did get around to blogging. I am two up on her... I expect her to catch up later this week. Don't you worry!

For now though, you'll have to listen (read) to little 'ol me!

The weekend started early... on Friday morning Mommy, Daddy and I hopped on 183 North headed for Abilene. It wasn't until just before Lampasas that we were slammed by a killer Texas thunderstorm. The rain sounded like the waves crashing in my sound machine so I really wasn't all too bothered, but Mommy told me a little later that she was pretty nervous about the outcome of our trip after such a rocky start... would it be worth it? 

Of course! So after a few road side stops looking at the radar through Mommy and Daddy's handy-dandy blackberries we were on our way... well that is until Brownwood...

A guy's gotta eat... and you know what else a guy's gotta do...? 

So we had a blowout in Brownwood... and not the tire kind if you know what I mean! Mommy and Daddy took pictures for posterity's-sake but they weren't blog appropriate so you'll have to use your most vivid imagination to visualize that part of the trip!

After I changed into some new threads we were on the road again... next stop Abilene!

Friday afternoon we started our rounds... 

First stop was Great Gram's of course, but that was just a quickie... it was off to lunch and then to my Great Uncle Roger and Great Aunt Kay's house, which actually is the same house my Albi grew up in and that my Great-Grandparents lived in for many many years. It was neat to get to take in the sites and sounds of Albi's old stompin' grounds!

I found myself a little confused when I was visiting my Uncle Roger... every time I heard his voice I craned my neck around... "Albi, is that you?" Darn! Fooled again! Uncle Roger and my Albi are nothing if they aren't brothers! Goodness gracious!

My sweet Aunt Kay was the greatest... she is not near as mean as my Albi made her out to be! Haha... I like getting my Albi in trouble... too easy, too easy!

What a fun visit... I am so glad Mommy has me in my green stripes ... first impressions are lasting impressions you know?! 

Unfortunately, my tummy required us to make a quick exit from Roger and Kay's... to Grandmother's house we go...

And guess whose car was in the driveway??

Case's...yah so you may not know about Case, honestly it was the first time I had met the guy outside of utero. He's my cousin Chatty's boyfriend... ewwwww yuck! Only thing good about that guy is that he brought Chatty to see me! I love playin' protective!

Chatty had prom this weekend... she wore an ORANGE dress! Neat huh? I like orange! Anaranjado... Mommy and I are learning our colors in English and Spanish... Orange... Anaranjado!

Now for the good stuff... the reason for our trip in the first place. April Showers Bring May Flowers... a baby shower for my cousin Cy Houston Leach! I can't wait to meet the little guy or big guy if he's anything like me! 

I'm not going to lie... the trip to Lubbock isn't too exciting, but having Gram and KK in the back seat with me was the best treat!

Mommy doesn't have any pictures of the actual shower on her camera but says some will be coming from others soon... she said something about not having enough hands... I don't know!

The shower was a blast, got to wear my "prissy girly outfit..." well that's what my cousin Rick calls it... but guess what?? His son will be wearing the EXACT same outfit home from the hospital! And come on... that Rick guy... all his shirts have T-T on them... don't believe me?? Ask my Daddy... he said so!

So back to the shower... my cousin Boozy had LOTS of friends and family there to send her off into parenthood. I think she'll do a great job... I spit up on her and she laughed... that's a GREAT sign! 

Here's a picture roll of the Lubbock crew...

Great Uncle Dee... what a guy! Everyone keeps saying... "Boy, Caden, the stories we could tell about this guy!" But then there are no stories... what's the deal? Not infant-appropriate or what? In time, in time... 

Stories or no stories, from what I can tell Uncle Dee and me will get along just fine!! :) 

Shannon, Shannon, give me your answer true... I'm half crazy, all for the love of you... it won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage, but you'll be sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two... 
Sweet Shell... you're my girl! I can't wait until you move back to Texas... someday soon?!?!

And the guy who makes fun of infants and wears shirts with T-T on them...this is also Cy's daddy... hopefully Cy can talk some fashion sense into his Daddy.

Great Aunt Terry... you're so silly! Thanks for the constant reassurance that I am a great baby! That's the teacher in her... praising me for good behavior!

And last but certainly not least... Boozy and Cy... Mommy got to feel Baby Cy... then she started crying and getting all emotional saying things like... "that's him... that's a human... that's Cy!" You'd think she'd be able to grasp this whole miracle of life thing by now... come on Mom!

Like a west Texas tumbleweed we rolled in and rolled right back out of Lubbock in just one day... but what a fun one it was! Next time we grace that part of the world with our presence it will be to visit my new best friend... Baby Cy!

Sunday morning we took it easy at Gram's and then hit the road... KK followed because she was on Caden-sitting duty later that afternoon! Mommy and Daddy went to a parenting class at church. Baby Dedication is next weekend so it's time to prepare!!

KK and I had a great time... you know what they say... 'when the cats are away the mice will play...' well my parents don't even like cats and I am much bigger than a mouse, but you know whatever...

KK helped me find something new to suck on... now that makes 50! 

There you have it... a tale of many travels!

Next up... Mommy to blog!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 13, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket, A Green and Yellow Basket (Bucket)!


Phew... WHAT a weekend, WHAT a weekend!

Before we get started I must warn you... Mommy and Daddy were a little camera-happy this cheeks are still sore from smiling my gummy smile!

So it all started when...

Nana, Paps and Great Grandma or G-Ma as she wants me to call her came to visit. Paps and Daddy spent Friday playing golf and the girls and me hit the outlet mall and Nana's favorite lunch spot, Which Wich. Then it was time for church... my FIRST time to church! How exciting! I did it... I was a good boy... Mom and I stood in the back the whole service but I was quiet and that is all that matters!

After church? You guessed it... family photo shoot (#1). 

Four generations of Coxes!

G-Ma and C-Baby!

After family photo shoot (#1) it was time for the Easter Bunny to come for an early visit. The Easter Bunny actually visited me three different times this weekend... crazy guy! I mean not that I'm complaining of course.

I decided after all of the sitting at church I needed to get up and exer-sauce so I did... 

What's that? Like my new lid?! Oh yah... Easter Bunny's first trip scored me that! I decided to give it whirl... 

And then I had the best idea... you've heard of Gospel Rap right? 

Word to Jesus!

After a GREAT not just GOOD Friday with Nana, Paps and G-Ma it was time for my other g-rents to come. KK and Albi made it to my house just in time for a yummy lunch! I am making it pretty hard on mom these days with what she can and cannot eat, but luckily the easiest thing for her to "eat-out" right now is Mexican food, which is one of her very favorites so we're still friends... thank goodness! I love my mommy!

Saturday night we went to Easter service at church... I know, I know we are supposed to go on Sunday... well not at our church. Members are asked to go on Saturday night and so we did. Mommy and I spent the entire service in the Mommy Room... it was just the two of us and Pastor Tim streaming live across the TV. I was glad we didn't miss out on all of the goodness... but a guy's gotta eat you know? I get that Easter is all about sacrifice but come on!

On Friday mom kept tellin' me... "Caden, it's Friday, BUT Sunday's a comin'!" And she was right it came... Sunday came! This is apparently a pretty big deal. Sunday came... and it changed everything! Jesus escaped from the tomb and went to build a house for me! And for Mommy, and Daddy and KK and Albi and Nana and Paps... you get the picture. 

So knowing I'm going to have a house in Heaven someday was great news about Sunday but guess what else? Remember that Easter Bunny guy... well I told you he came three times right? Well you've only seen the fruits of one of his trips so far... 

I had eggs hidden in all of my favorite spots that I go to throughout the day...

My bouncer, where I sit and eat breakfast with Mommy and Daddy...

My changing table that I visit SEVERAL times a day...

My boppi where I relax and chat with my rents...

In my pack n play where I talk to my bears and frog friend... oh and Bubbles... see Bubbles in the picture? That little blue bunny guy? Yah, that's Bubbles... my daddy gave him to me!

Oh yah and what do you think of my wrist rattle... it's a duck... and he makes noise every time I give him a shake, shake, shake... he's my new friend! The Easter Bunny also brought me this other duck that goes... quack, quack, quack, quack... silly duckie!

After my SUPER fun Easter Egg Hunt it was time for Brunch! YUMMO!

BUT... before we could eat we HAD to take part in yet another family photo shoot (#2)...

Aw...the fam! The Three Amigos!

Then the rents wanted solo pics with me... I was in my Easter get-up so no doubt they didn't want to pass up this opportunity!

Then KK wanted one with just the girls! Pretty cute huh? Two of my favorite girls!

Best pic of the day... KK, Albi and me!!

Mommy wanted to be sure that she got pics of all of the Easter Bunny's blessings...check out my loot!

From the Belton Easter Bunny...

the San Antonio Easter Bunny...

and finally the Round Rock Easter Bunny!

What a weekend! I'm still a little worn out from the weekend o' fun... sorry if my Cadenisms weren't quite as sharp tonight! I get ya next Monday after the SUPER fun weekend we have in store in Abilene and Lubbock!!

Nite, nite my little blog bunnies!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Smile Caden... Smile!

So I finally bit the bullet and went professional with our photo-ops! I have tried for 3 months now to capture lil' man's best faces with my digital camera but as those of you without the fancy-shmancy super-fast-shutter-speed-cameras know it is REALLY hard to capture those glimpses of perfection in your little one's face! 

Thanks to some great recommendations from other thrifty moms Caden, KK and I went to Portrait Innovations for a Spring photo shoot... just a week after his 3 month birthday. Portrait Innovations is known for their $9.95 package, but this would only get me ONE pose... so going into it I knew that this would certainly be an impossibility so I asked the hubby what my limit was and almost 10 times the original price later I have some GREAT photos! Ha! Thanks Justin!! How do you just pick one? Impossible! Of course I am sure I had the "this is my first professional photo shoot and boy am I excited sign" on my forehead...but I narrowed... I did... really! 

The more poses you pick the more free stuff you get... we got a free CD with all of the photos the photographer took today... Here are a few of our favorites!

This is mommy's absolute favorite... so sweet!

This is totally a "frame for dad's office" pic...

Hey... I like your outfit... 

Polka-Dots and Monograms rule!

I got a 10 X 13 of this one in black and white... A-mazing!

Happy Easter!
This is Caden's fancy new Easter outfit!

I was not a fan of the rocking chair... made me super nervous... I was literally inches away ready to catch my top-heavy guy!

And the classic... Caden two-stepping to his own beat...just like his mommy!

Last picture of the day... I'm done! Really! No more "smile Caden...smiles!"

What a fun day! Thank for your help this morning KK...we couldn't have made it without you!

Now to find places for all of these pictures... what a rough life I have huh?! :) 


Monday, April 6, 2009

Confession Cam

Did anyone catch Oprah today? Hilarious! It was all about motherhood... the myths, mysteries and mistakes of the mom world! It was fun to watch this show knowing that I am a part of this elite group of people... I'm a mom! The entire studio audience was made up of moms... all of the guests were moms... the only person that wasn't a mom in the whole place was Oprah herself... oh the irony of it all...

The moms on the show talked about a lot of different things... the things no one told them about pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood... the reasons why people don't tell others these things for fear of zeroing out population motherhood is the hardest job in the world... how much we love our children but how motherhood can be hard to love...

I enjoyed every aspect of the conversation but I think the thing I found most interesting was this idea of the "competitive mother!" How moms seem to have this intrinsic need to prove themselves as all-stars. They show their ugly to their kids and their husbands (no doubt!) but to their mommy friends... no way! Everything is fine! And actually it is better than fine is it SUPER! Moms that act like they've got it all together... they would never have admitted some of the things they admitted on TV today in their play group... gasp! Throughout the show they had different moms on the "confession camera" fessing up to some of their mommy hilarity and of course a blunder or two! 

What a refreshing take on motherhood... just when you think you are the only one... there are hundreds...thousands...millions of other moms out there just like you! Unfortunately, I didn't get the memo about being on the Oprah show but I figured I could put myself on my own "confession cam" and fess up to some of the things that make me a mom!

Forgive me blog world for I have...


Caden spit up bad enough to warrant a change of clothes and a bath for him. He soaked the sleeve of my shirt too, but I figured I would wait until after his bath to change. After his bath and getting him into new clothes I realized my sleeve was almost dry... no need for a new shirt!

Another spit-up landed on the ground (carpeted ground) and I thought for one LONG second about just rubbing it into the carpet with my bare foot and would have had a roll of paper towels not been within arm's reach. 

In a moment of desperation I stuck my chewed gum on my couch... I made sure it wasn't gooey before I did it, but it was falling apart in my mouth and there was no paper in site... and I had a sleeping baby on my lap... why would I want to jeopardize the silence to throw away some gum?

While participating in the 'greatest mommy workout ever' this afternoon I kept smelling this awful smell and I couldn't figure out what it was... I thought it must be Caden. Sniff of his butt... nope... not Caden. I walked over to the pack n play... it was the 4-diaper-high-pile in one of the storage compartments that was stinking... ug! They had piled up throughout the day and I hadn't made it a priority to throw them away. Oops!

I washed my hair and dried it. This is HUGE and will probably be one of two times that I will do this between now and Sunday. It is usually a twice a week event! In fact the other day my friend Gina said, "did you get your hair done... your highlights look great!" NOPE... you just caught me on a freshly washed hair day... ha! 

I was disgusted by the dog hair in my laundry room and some trash that fell overboard so I swept it into a pile. Caden was on his activity mat and had moved from fussy into all out crying. When Justin got home today the pile was still on the floor...scattered...

I cried when Oprah gave the mommies in the audience their very own and very tiny confession camera! That's right... you give them those cameras... they deserve it! Tears... happy... smile!

In days past...

I have used my finger on numerous occasions to inspect Caden's poop. He's had some bloody stools due to a milk allergy and so I have to literally comb through his stool to be sure we are making progress in the right direction.

I say "finish the first breast first" to myself at least six times a day. And email myself as to which boob to start on for the next feeding. 

If Caden falls asleep in the car I take an extra long way home to get a few extra minutes!

My laundry consists of underwear, sports bras, running shorts and t-shirts. If I wear 'real' clothes it is usually for a limited time and thus do not need to be laundered.

I have dreams about Gilmore Girls... like they are my friends and I live in their world. This is probably because for 45 minutes every day while Caden sleeps on my lap I AM in their world... they are my friends! 

I congratulate myself on small accomplishments throughout the day. I do this by saying things like... "Caden, mommy got all of the laundry done today!" or " Caden, can you believe mommy has clean hair... isn't it great?" What I mean is..."Katie... you are the shiznit!" and "Dang, washed and dried hair is HOT!"

I say a prayer when I hear Caden getting fussy through the monitor in the middle of the night. Please help him go back to sleep!

I should buy stock in breast pads... 

Alright... there you have it... confession cam off!

Children are amorous but motherhood is almost never glamorous! :)



We hope you have a great birthday!  We love you so much!!

See you in two weeks!! Can't wait!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009


So, my cousin Boozy tagged me in the '4th folder, 4th picture game' going on in the blog world. I have seen this before and went and found the 4th folder, 4th picture and this is it...

Not too exciting right... which is why I decided to opt out of playing the game, but since I was tagged I figured I had better play along! :) This is Justin just minutes before he ran the half-marathon in San Antonio last November. No one was with him because I was 8 months pregnant and it was SUPER cold, so he was doing his best to photograph the big event! :)

I am not going to tag anyone, BUT if you'd like to participate go for it! It is kind of fun to look back and see what picture you come up with.

All you have to do is...

-Choose the fourth folder where you store your pictures on your computer
-Then choose the fourth picture in the folder
-Post it, explain it and decided whether or not you want to tag others!


I am hoping to get a video of lil' man up later today... stay tuned!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sic 'Em Bears!!

We're ready for the big game!!

Go Bears!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 3 Months Cade-Man!


Happy Birthday to you, lil man! You are three months old today! I can't believe it! Three months sounds pretty legit... and you're looking more and more like a lil man each and every day. I am working hard to cherish EVERY moment with you because you are growing up so very fast. People always told me that it would go so fast... and while I knew they were right I had no idea how fast it would really feel. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished this month. I am the luckiest mommy in the world... I still look at you and think... really... he's mine? That cute, smiley guy? What a blessing you are! I am so glad God picked me and your daddy to be your parents!

In honor of your 3 month birthday I pulled out some of our frozen sugar cookie dough and cooked up a small batch for us to enjoy! Today you were "pretty in pank" and tonight our cookies are as well!

What a great month we've shared. So many special moments. Here are just a few of my favorite 3rd month memories:

  • Hearing you sing for the first time. You have raw talent, such pretty notes you sing!
  • Your first true laugh. It was in the middle of the night, at your Baylor Bears, but now you do it on command each time mommy blows on your belly or when mommy brushes her hair across your face.
  • You grabbed your flamingo on your play mat the other day and you brought it to your face and then let it go. You did it over and over again and now each time you play you go for that silly pink bird.
  • You have enjoyed your time in your exer-saucer! You are SO good at it...bouncy, bouncy.
  • You are a great traveler and love taking in the new sites and sounds of each destination.
  • Last night as I was talking to your daddy on the phone on his way home from work I looked over at you after just a few seconds and you had fallen asleep in your boppy... you were precious!
  • I love coming to get you out of bed each morning. I get in your line of vision and say "Good Morning Caden" and you smile SO BIG. It melts mommy's heart!
  • I love listening to you talk to your best friend, the ceiling fan... all of them!
  • I appreciate your attempts to talk to KK each morning after mommy finishes her breakfast. The three of us have great conversations.
  • I love watching you follow your daddy around the kitchen as we prepare for dinner each night.
  • You are a great stroller buddy, you love long walks!
  • You're a comedian and you don't even know it. Everyone loves when you write the blog posts best!
  • You have recently found the TV and you like it pretty well, your favorite shows: action movies, basketball games, Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. 
  • I cherish our morning and afternoon cat naps. You still aren't big on sleeping anywhere but in my arms during the day, but you are a big boy sleeper at night!
  • I love your squirms, shimmies, and shakes... strung together with a high pitch squeal! 
  • I love you more and more each day... my heart feels like it is going to explode... my love for you is hard to contain. Sometimes I just have to hug you super tight to release some of the tension... "oh, I love you so much Caden Ford!
Mommy bought this outfit especially for your "3-month photo shoot." It's you and your daddy's signature color!

Still working on sitting up straight... 

Happy Birthday Precious Boy! 

We love you!