Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Smile Caden... Smile!

So I finally bit the bullet and went professional with our photo-ops! I have tried for 3 months now to capture lil' man's best faces with my digital camera but as those of you without the fancy-shmancy super-fast-shutter-speed-cameras know it is REALLY hard to capture those glimpses of perfection in your little one's face! 

Thanks to some great recommendations from other thrifty moms Caden, KK and I went to Portrait Innovations for a Spring photo shoot... just a week after his 3 month birthday. Portrait Innovations is known for their $9.95 package, but this would only get me ONE pose... so going into it I knew that this would certainly be an impossibility so I asked the hubby what my limit was and almost 10 times the original price later I have some GREAT photos! Ha! Thanks Justin!! How do you just pick one? Impossible! Of course I am sure I had the "this is my first professional photo shoot and boy am I excited sign" on my forehead...but I narrowed... I did... really! 

The more poses you pick the more free stuff you get... we got a free CD with all of the photos the photographer took today... Here are a few of our favorites!

This is mommy's absolute favorite... so sweet!

This is totally a "frame for dad's office" pic...

Hey... I like your outfit... 

Polka-Dots and Monograms rule!

I got a 10 X 13 of this one in black and white... A-mazing!

Happy Easter!
This is Caden's fancy new Easter outfit!

I was not a fan of the rocking chair... made me super nervous... I was literally inches away ready to catch my top-heavy guy!

And the classic... Caden two-stepping to his own beat...just like his mommy!

Last picture of the day... I'm done! Really! No more "smile Caden...smiles!"

What a fun day! Thank for your help this morning KK...we couldn't have made it without you!

Now to find places for all of these pictures... what a rough life I have huh?! :) 



twhit said...

The pics are so cute! I am so ready to see him (and his Mom and Dad of course). I don't know which pose is my favorite, but I want one! See you guys in a week.

Abby said...

Um...the one in his boots is PRECIOUS!!!!!!

Amanda said...

He is so cute. I hate to say it but the one of him crying might be my favorite. That poor little curled down lip! I love the Easter outfit. I actually think it might be just like the one we got for Cy for his coming home outfit. Maybe they can get their pic together with matching outfit!! So cute! Can't wait to see you next weekend.

Emily Evans said...

such a cutie patootie! Kiss those cheeks for me!