Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Fun Day= 32 New Photos!!!

After a long but exciting day trip to San Antonio yesterday (which deserves its' very own blog), we decided to play hookie from church today and have a Sunday Fun Day... a day full of good old fashioned family fun! It quite honestly might have been one of my favorite days that we have spent as a family of three thus far! Much of my enjoyment came from this GORGEOUS weather... and by gorgeous I mean no triple digits... it is amazing how cool 96 degrees can feel! The weather has really been beating me down lately, so today was just what I needed to get that spring back in my step! What a blessing!

So we started Sunday Fun Day with a FULL family walk... the Cade-man, Max and Maci... before a yummy family breakfast at our bagel joint complete with a Cox-house-brewed cup of jo! YUMMO!! Then it was PLAY TIME!!! Caden had all sorts of tricks up his sleeve this morning. And it just so happens that we captured one of our favorites on camera! Shocker I know... the poor kid really isn't photographed enough!

Caden LOVES to crawl into his toy cubbies... clear them all out until they are empty and then crawl back out... watch him go...

Getting the last few things out... making sure we were keeping track of his progress...

Startin' his turn back...

It's getting a little tight in these cubbies... time to get creative...

Tuck and roll into a tiny little ball... shimmy, shimmy, shimmy...

And PUSH...

Done... and...

Done... on to the next trick...

After a good morning nap it was POOL TIME...EXCELLENT... Bill and Ted anyone??


Time for the baby pool... splash, splash... pat the water, Caden!! Good boy!!

Right next to the pool is the greatest little playground... the only one in the neighborhood with Caden-swings... which he loves!!

Since Daddy was with us today we decided to brave a few more things at the park... slides... mirrors... look-out points... what fun!

Not so sure about this one... Daddy was scared, but the Cade-man was bored... YAWN!

Daddy's a little tall for the playground...


Where's Caden? Where's Caden?? THERE HE IS!!

He DID NOT LIKE the black playground floor on his little feetsies!! Poor thing!!

And he's really not a fan of sitting in the grass... which is hilarious to me! Our little outdoor boy hates the grass... I guess it is kind of itchy, especially in this drought!!

Back at the ranch... it was crazy hair hour...

Nothing like a little sunscreen and a goofy hat to royally mess up a guy's hairdo!

Before we went out and about this afternoon, Caden asked if we could help a brother out with the hair... so we found this great hat to cover the mess!! Hehe!!

Boy does he look like his daddy or what???

The reason for our afternoon outing was to purchase THIS... our very own Caden-swing!! YAY!!! I having been dreaming of the day when we could put up a swing in the backyard for Caden... and today was the day! I think I'm going to enjoy it more than Caden!!

Although... Caden was a HUGE fan of it!

After dinner we went back out to the porch to relax before bedtime and he got SO relaxed that he went right to sleep... an amazing, amazing thing! 

Now, Caden is in bed and Justin is smoking a stogie and I'm drinking a can, yes I said can of Champagne (don't knock it until you try it... it is called Sophia... not bad for canned champagne!)... and life is good on the back porch of the Cox house!!

Happy Sunday!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Mommy's Birthday Weekend

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me...

It just doesn't seem right to be blogging about my own birthday, but I must do it nonetheless... how else can I post the adorably cute new pics of the Cade-man?! :)

Sunday was my official birthday... 27 years..."woah"  and "blessed" are the two words that describe this birthday best!! Both for obvious reasons... and I'm not much in the mood to go into the great deep about either, so woah and blessed will have to do!

My birthday weekend started off with Pei Wei take-out on Friday night... complete with a nice glass of yummy white wine after Cade-man went to sleep! One of the greatest things about Caden sleeping through the night... enjoying a glass of wine knowing that I have a good 12 hours before I have to feed Caden again! Love that! Oh and the sleep is great too!

Saturday morning we went to grab bagels and coffee at my favorite breakfast place... a bagel and schmeer is my breakfast love language!! And second to that would be scones... which I got on Sunday morning courtesy of KK and Albi!!

The rest of Saturday was pretty relaxed... pool time, family time...THEN... fun, fancy dinner out with KK and Albi. They came into town just for dinner and took us to Siena... a yummy Tuscan Italian place we have been wanting to try for some time... it was fabulous! If you are ever in the Austin-area... you must make a trip! It was such a treat to get to eat such yummy food with my favorite people in the world!!

At the restaurant we took a few pics outside to be festive! AND because Caden looked too cute in his outfit... I found him these seersucker pants at a consignment store and well... I just couldn't pass them up...Justin dressed Caden for the evening out and I think he did one heck of a job... what about you??

Thank goodness Caden got his daddy's eyes, so everyone can actually see those pretty eyeballs of his. Mommy's eyeballs... well that's another story and the reason kids called her Connie Chung in middle school... sigh!

I have NO idea where I got those squinty eyes from though... NOT my parents... NO WAY!!

I had to give the picture below a good crop so you could get a better look at my handsome young man!!

Sunday was business as usual... church, lunch, naps... EXCEPT... Nana and Paps treated me to a special birthday pedicure ... so while the boys napped and hung out by the pool Mommy got her toes did! :) And read about 100 pages of my new obsession... 

Yes... the Twilight series, I know, I know judge if you must... but it is good!! The second book is WAY better than the first... I can't wait for the third... I get it this weekend when I see KK! :)

KK and Albi surprised us and Caden with TONS of new stuff on Saturday... all I can say is, if you haven't bought stock in Toys 'R Us or Fisher Price... now is probably a great time! One of the things was this cutie-boy outfit... also seersucker!! He wore it to church on Sunday...

Serious Sam...
Best birthday present ever... this little boy right here... those legs...that smile... those goofy hunched shoulders... can't get enough of him! His daddy's pretty special too... after all I do have him to thank for the Cade-man... it takes two you know... :)

All in all it was a great birthday... isn't every birthday a good birthday though?! One more year of life to celebrate... Praise Jesus for another year, another day, another hour, another minute!

A special thanks to all of those who made my birthday extra special!!

Here's to another year!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two, Two, Two, Two-oo, Teeth, Teeth, Teeth

(Post to be sung to the tune of the "Duke of Earl")

Two, Two, Two
You Have Two, Two, Two
You Have Two, Two, Two
Two-oo Teeth, Teeth, Teeth...

Sing-along now...

Two, Two, Two
You Have Two, Two, Two
You Have Two, Two, Two
Two-oo Teeth, Teeth, Teeth...

Please forgive  the scary booger in Caden's nose... :) We're off to Sonic before nap time to Celebrate and sing a little more...

Two, Two, Two, Two-oo, Teeth, Teeth, Teeth...

Monday, August 17, 2009

An Evans Family Vaca

And we're back... back from an Evans Family Vaca! Although Caden has MUCH to say about the fun he had last week, he's not much in a blogging mood. Napping is the way to go for him this morning and well, that's just fine with me... I figure I could do a little vaca blogging... no problem!

First, I just need to get it out there... Justin and I (and Caden too) are so blessed to have families that believe strongly in the family vaca. Not only do we directly benefit from this belief system but we get to make lasting memories with the people who mean the most to us. It makes me excited for our own Cox Family vacas someday... oh the places we will go and the things we will do... what special memories we will make. We're planning our first... a camping trip next Spring... 

This particular summer vaca was courtesy of KK and Albi. They rented a GREAT lake house on Lake LBJ for the week. The house was perfect for the occasion... an awesome kitchen, a great living room with a projector style TV, lots of outdoor seating... BUT the best part... a POOL!! Yay!! Pools my be the greatest inventions EVER... especially when they require no car seat to get to them, a key to get inside or heck even a swimsuit!

Caden was able to swim two to three times each day... which means I was in the pool pretty much ALL day! It was fabulous! I even got to water ski one day!! I had SO much fun! I felt like a kid again... except that I am actually a parent... which is still amazing to me, by the way... a parent! 

Caden had lots of people to ooo and goo over him all week which made it extra special for all of us. He was never short on anything...attention, food, hands to hold him, fun... he was one spoiled little man this week!

Caden had a series of "firsts" while on vacation...

FIRST boat ride...
FIRST tooth... yep that's right! He FINALLY cut one of his bottom teeth on vacation! I didn't think it would ever happen!
FIRST time to go completely under the water in the pool... such fun!
FIRST time to successfully drink out of a sippy cup
FIRST bleeding boo-boo... :( It is first of many I know!
FIRST time to feel the rain!!
FIRST vaca with his Great-Gram... she might have spoiled Caden the most! He loved spending time outside with her! :)
FIRST time to get a little sun... he's not sunburned, just has a little color on his arms and legs!

Caden went to bed around 7 every night so Mommy and Daddy could party with the rest of the adults... cards...s'mores...night swimming...croquet...late night TV...

We are absolutely exhausted... BUT if you're not tired after vacation you didn't have a very good time in my opinion... so EXHAUSTION=a GREAT VACA!!

Thank you KK and Albi for another wonderful Evans Family Vaca! We loved every minute of it... We love y'all!!

Now for a quick picture reel of our vaca... (I am HORRIBLE at taking pictures amongst all the action... I don't want to miss any of the fun so I never take time to take pictures... sorry they are kind of lame! I'll just have to count on those memories!!)

These are a few cute pictures of the Cade-man we took the weekend before when we were running all of our errands to get ready for vaca!

We spent as much time as we could stand outside... in the shade... circled-up with the family!

One day it rained... I KNOW!! Can you believe it? Albi and Caden sat on the porch and enjoyed listening to the drop, drop, pitter, patter of the rain! And Albi even took Caden out to let him feel the drops on his hand!

Caden did plenty of eating this week!! And since we were working on cutting that tooth he did lots of time with his frozen mangos in his mesh teether too!

The boys, of course had to make a little time for golf while we were there... such handsome men!

Caden spent lots of time playing with various family members this week... he and his Aunt Emily, Emmie, Auntie Em... whatever it is we are going to call her... had LOTS of fun this week. They played and flirted and flirted and played... and they made up a new game... called Sweet and Sour! 

And there's nothing like a Daddy... 

Before the BIG boat trip... let's go already! I don't have this life jacket on for nothin'!

In the boat... HILARIOUS! Poor thing... the life jacket isn't too comfy!

Pulling out of the canal... almost to open water... here we go Caden!!

Now we're cruisin'... hold on tight!!

Phew... back to the dock... wind blown and fabulous!

Well, Caden is up and at 'em... come get me Momma, he cries!

Our vacation tale must come to an end... what a vaca...what a vaca!

Happy Monday!!

(We had some professional family pics taken while we were at the lake... they should be ready in a few weeks... can't wait to show everyone...this way you can actually see pics of Great-Gram, KK to prove they were actually there! Hehe!)