Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ba-Ba-Boy and Ba-Ba-Babble and Ba-Ba-Bear Crawl

Exactly ONE year ago today...August 4th, 2008... we found out IT was a boy! And we decided that our boy was named Caden Ford and according to this profile shot we thought he'd look exactly like me... 

So he didn't end up looking like me, but we're still proud of his many accomplishments at 7 months old!

Today's tricks are brought to you by the letter "B."

B is for Boy! Ba-ba-boy!
B is for Babble. Ba-ba-babble!

B is for Bear Crawl! Ba-ba-bear crawl!


KK said...

b...b....b...beautiful boy!

ginarowe said...

Love the videos! I was quite dissapointed that I had to cancel on getting to see that cute boy today so I'm glad you posted these. He's too cute for words!