Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Week/Weekend in Review

Is tomorrow the start of a brand new week? I can hardly believe it! We have had a fast and fun-filled week around our house and an equally fun and always WAY too fast weekend. 

Tuesday night Caden had his Spring program at school! He looked so handsome and did such a great job. And by great job, I don't mean that he stole the show, but he stood up there, sort of smiled, did the hand motions on a very small scale and mouthed most of the words. Two of his sweet girlfriends on either side of him kept boxing him out of line with their huge flare for the dramatic arts and he was just fine with that. His sweet teacher kept pushing him back to the front of the line... it was pretty funny and totally expected for my little shy guy. He is QUITE the performer at home... bustin' moves you'd never dream of seeing him do anywhere else and singing at the top of his lungs... but even if he thinks we (his own flesh and blood) are looking at him... or smiling at him... or anything of the sort... FORGET IT! Funny little man! We do love watching him perform! 

And look at that smile... 

And the bruise on the head... it was particularly blue that day... as Justin puts it, "he got into a fight with a gate and lost!" At least it matched his pants!! :)

Kaki got to go with us to watch brother... which she was very excited about... but for the other six performances she could pretty much care less... wild child!!

We made a trip to outlet mall this week... 

I let the kids pick one ride...

They chose the MONSTER TRUCK...

Caden decided to go as Robin that day... 

About two nights a week Caden wakes up "scared" ... In fact, as I type he just came out of his room and said, "I'm scared... um... that I might have bad dreams!" So I sent prayer warrior Daddy in there to calm some fears! :)

Anyway... at times he goes right back to sleep and then others he tends to get up SUPER early in the morning. One particular morning he got up CRYING... in pain! His neck, his neck... he was really upset. So after I did the whole chin/chest test for meningitis and feeling his head for a fever I determined that he had a CRICK in his neck... and if you've ever had one you'll know how painful those suckers can be. So we worked it out and I sent him back to bed, thinking he'd be able to get back to sleep...


So I let him get into bed with us... I propped him up on the opposite side from where his neck was hurting and it point two seconds he was out...

And I had a snoring four year old breathing down my neck... :)

And I loved it! :)

But I didn't love it when he woke up in tears again!! We called KK... because I like to let him think that KK is the magic person that can solve all of our problems. Plus, this gives me time to find ice packs, tylenol, clean up messes, etc. to help mediate the situation. Well, KK knew just what to do... tylenol and a gentle rub ... and after that Caden felt like things were looking up to him! :)

And let me just say that while the crick is most likely ALL gone, Caden still finds comfort in taking his "neck medicine" every day... God bless America!

Moving on...



Wasted snacks, but made for some very happy doggies who got to come in and do the clean up crew!

Kaki loves all of her doggies... especially her fake one... sweet Scottie!

Friday, while we were at the store Caden asked if we could make Ranger cookies... and so I said, SURE!! It was my first time... we usually buy them on our road trips to Houston at Hruska's bakery... and Caden loves them!! Caden and I whipped them up during naptime and they were oh so yummy! 

And very dangerous!! We polished a HUGE batch of them off throughout the weekend! But PRAISE God ... they are gone now and so is the temptation!

Caden and I commemorated our first bite with a pic...

Then Kaki got up and tried her tastes...

She approved!!

Then we just had to wait for Daddy to get home for a FUN family weekend!!


Selfie on C's bed!!

I was a bit scared for my life here...

Somehow our waiting for Daddy party got moved outdoors and included safety helmets...

And then Daddy got home and the fun got started... first things first... BUMP on the head for Caden! Tickling from Daddy can be a full contact sport!

Saturday morning was the start of Red Poppy Festival!! We were so excited to be in town this year to celebrate with our hometown! :) We wore our red and were ready to paint the town with it!!

Our two Red Poppy cuties!!

Waiting for the parade to start... K's cheesin' was so big that her eyes closed!! Oops!!

C and me!

Is there anything cuter than this...??

A girl and her Daddy and her red balloon!

Naturally, Kaki made friends with two older kids sitting beside us... she kept sitting down right next to them and just smiling... then she'd say, "Sit, boy!" to the little boy... 

Caden told Daddy, "She makes friends everywhere we go, Daddy!"

Something that Caden has a hard time believing... being the shy guy he can be sometimes! :)

Sweet little man with a red balloon!

The parade was awesome! We saw two marching bands, lots of clowns, princesses, fancy cars and the cast from Wizard of Oz... at least the local version! :) It was fun to watch the kids watch the parade and participate in the festival as a local! :)

After the parade was over we headed into the main part of the festival to explore. We did an art project, played some games, saw some friends from school and then hung out by the three on three basketball tournie to watch the boys play hoops! Caden loved it!!

And Kaki was all smiles with her doggie sucker she got from one of the vendors!

By the time we left we were all hot and tired and ready for a nap...

After nap my sweet one caught my eye... looking so sweet and innocent eating her snacks!! Nothing cuter!

That same precious one and a fight with the sidewalk and lost later in the evening... it was so sad!

At the same moment Caden was in the street after falling off of his bike, a group of middle school boys were riding by and asked if he was okay and Justin was tending to him. Then, Kaki face planted on her push n ride toy on our front sidewalk while our neighbors rode by on their bikes. They stopped to try to help, as I was tending to her... we were down for the count quite literally for a few minutes... but we rebounded and after a little clean up and an ice pack later we were all good! :)

But the bump remains...

Today after naps we concluded our weekend with a little pool party in the backyard!! Like our fancy new pool??!! :) 

Oh and I bought a new sprinkler too... Maci has always loved her a good sprinkler... :)

And there you have it! Another one for the books! 

Thankful for the time I get to spend with my crazy Cox family!! Love them to pieces!!

Happy weekend!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Some Updates and Some Celebrating

Lots of pictures to serve as some updates... a little "day in the life" snap shots! Then we'll get to a sweet celebration for my adorable nephew G-Dawg!

The weather has been so nice lately... a bit bi-polar at times... hot, cold, warm... jackets... shorts... sunscreen... not. But rain or shine, cold or hot we have been taking it to the streets... and to the dam! 

There is a lake real close to our house with this great dam that runs all the way across one side of the lake. If I'm walking fast I can make it in about 20 minutes down and then we get to come back... so it's a great workout and the kids love it. Caden can take off on his scooter and I don't have to worry about cars, etc. It's awesome! Then at the end we can stop, rest and throw rocks... and what beats throwing rocks?!!

View from the curve...

I took Caden to a new place to get his "dude cut" the other day. We went to an old school Barber that has been in Georgetown forEVER! He looks pretty handsome, huh?

I could have stayed in there all day... anxious to see what stories I'd hear and who might walk in next. Caden's blond hair presents quite a challenge for Barbers... I think this one did a pretty good job, so there is a good chance we'll be back! :)

Kaki... my little entertainer was sure to show everyone her Birdie book while we waited on Caden... oh my... she is a mess! She loves her books...

She loves to hang out in front of C's book shelf in his room and read...

Justin did a little hair experimentation the other night... thinking that if we combed Kaki's hair back at night she'd wake up without it all in her face...

It worked... 


My sweet girl... laughing... actually she was being a mean girl here and throwing things at my head and then laughing about it... Ha!

Sweet Birdie... KK and Aunt Emily worked the re-sale racks this weekend to help me complete Kaki's birthday outfit!! :)

Silly pic with Mommy/Mama! :)

Batman... oh my

Kaki loves to sit in her window seat... and read!


Trying on clothes for a special occasion this weekend and my sweet girl trying on ALL of my shoes... pulls them ALL off the shelf... she's a nut!

But a cute nut...

The other night on my walk this little cardinal caught my eye... isn't he gorgeous??! See him?

In the yard... jean bubble shorts... love it!

Cra-cra hair!

Okay, so now for the celebrating!!

We headed to Houston this weekend for a quick trip to celebrate ol' G-Dawg and his parents at his baby dedication. It was a fun time with family and a timely reunion after Bop's experience in West this week. We were so thankful that God chose to protect Bop from harm and left he and his employees unscathed after a very close call in the West fertilizer plant explosion... what a week it was for our country... was it not? Thankful that our hope is not in this world, but for the one to come and in a God who never comes and goes. He remains!

So to say that we were grateful for this weekend goes without saying... 

Kaki and Caden are some high maintenance travelers... just look at 'em! :)

Wait... there was supposed to be a pic of Caden too... Blogger! Maybe it will be later...

Pretty much as soon as we rolled into Houston we went to the park... duh!

The cousins were ready to roll... ha!

G and Me! (I know it's I, but ME rhymes!)

Caden and Kaki LOVE G's toys... go figure!

We did some serious tree climbing...

Which led to roof sitting...

But thankfully Caden didn't opt for the tree climbing... he used the ladder to get to the roof!

He didn't much like sitting on this limb... but he loves his Bop!

Justin is such a boy... chillin' on the roof!

Bop had a lap full of pj matchin' cuzzies! :)

Sunday morning we watch Cori and Trent make the commitment to raise G in a home who loves God, people and the church and we were so glad that we could be there to support them in that decision... we think it's a good one! :)

We took the opportunity to get some pics of all of dressed up!

Opps... here is the pic... Caden... headphones... blanket...neck pillow... tv... done and done!

We had a great weekend celebrating G and had so much fun being with our Cox Fam favorites! We love y'all!

Happy Monday!!