Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Baylor Homecoming 2012

Baylor Homecoming 2012... 

On Friday afternoon we headed out
For a fun weekend in Waco without a doubt
Up IH-35 we drove with care
But because of traffic it took longer to get there

But once we did, we were ready to eat
And lucky for us we had a Mexican treat
The Agnews were there with Mr. G
Which made our two kiddos as happy as could be

Just before bed Caden complained of an ear ache
But we thought he more tired, for it was late
The crying kept coming, even once in bed
So we took him to a doc who had Bop's cred

Two antibiotics and a Mickey Mouse Drum surprise
It was off to bed again for early we had to rise
The next morning smiles and bursts of joy
If only his ear had not burst too, oh boy!

Now feeling better with the pressure relieved
We headed out to partake of the fun we had conceived
To the parade we flew in the fog and drizzle
Bop had saved us a spot that was off the hizzle!

Kaki was wearin' her green and gold
And had her pom-pom ready to hold
Caden was decked out in his favorite yellow
And a HUGE smile we got when the tuba did bellow

Little G just sat and caught up on his zzzzz's
While the rest of us did just as we pleased
Kaki sure wished he'd wake up and play
She wouldn't pay much attention to anything else all day

Every picture we tried was of her looking down
Her little cousin G sure does wear a big crown
But we kept snapping and calling her name
It was becoming quite the entertaining game

And who could blame a girl for loving those little feet
When he gets older and wiser he'll be in for a treat
Cousins are said to be our very first friends
To love you and be there with you to the ends

And aunts and uncles are also pretty cool
They let you have fun and don't impose the rule
Kaki has all the men in her life sewn up
From Bop to Albi and even her boy pup

And we all know who loves the band more than anything
For a tuba is what he is hoping Santa will bring
As much as he loves them I find myself so too
Even his Daddy hums their tunes until his face blue

We saw David Murphy make his alumni debut
Snap, snap, click, click we got 'em, phew
This is just before the parade came to a halt
And some were uttering words not very seasoned with salt

Just as we were about to give up on Kaki
We got a pic of her looking and I was so happy
Her smile was less than enthused and that's ok
I'll take a pic with my girl any 'ol day

Because most of the weekend she was always with Bop
She wouldn't let him go far, she wouldn't stop
Just a few weeks ago she wouldn't even give him a hug
But now these two are as snug as two bugs in a rug

And that boy was over the parade after the band
For they are the biggest, the best, so grand
So he played some catch with his ball and his Dad
Until he was dripping with sweat and smelled pretty bad

We tried to get some sweet family pics
But Kaki girl is always up to a trick
Grabbing, lunging, not looking or smiling
But at least she was not screaming, flailing or crying

Our favorite aunt and uncle from way out East
Came down to the parade to see the beauty and the beast
We loved getting to chit chat and even snap a pic
And we even got Kaki to look at the click

After the parade Mommy was in the mood for a shoot
We tried and got close, and got flowers to boot
Dr. Pepper floats were served as we were walking around
A favorite for anyone who was Baylor bound

Blogger isn't working and it's driving my crazy
My pictures are out of order and I'm not being lazy
So please give me grace as we take a step back
One stanza for this pic is all we lack

The Cox fam extended, our best pic
Not bad considering we only get one click
We love these memories we share with this crew
How blessed we were when for families God drew

And now we're back in order with the fam photo opp
When someone asked to snap I couldn't dare stop
She was so sweet to offer and snapped so quick
I was so excited to see that we got a good pic

Now off to the stadium we flew as if in the air
Because we knew some of our favorites would be there
Food and fun and football, oh my
But we missed the Band as they marched by

We walked by lots of tailgates but this was a fav
Both uncles and aunts were there and cookies they gave
Before it got too late we went back to home base
With tired legs, full hearts and maybe a red face

The game proved victorious for the Bears this time
To not win the homecoming game would surely be a crime
Kaki and I opted out of the heat
While Caden and Justin watched Kansas get beat

Of course this was after Mommy lost her car
And cried as she tried to call for help from afar
Bop saved the day and came to the rescue
While Justin had yet another story for his queue

After a lightening delay most came home a bit early
To have pizza and relax and not be in a hurry
What a great weekend, one to remember
Can't wait for next year's Homecoming adventure!

Introducing, The Cox Family Circus

Our costumes for Halloween this year certainly did us justice, because together... all for one and one for all, we were ...


Complete with...






We were quite the quad for a fun, costume party one of our sweet friend's hosted, but on Halloween something terrible happened...

Our circus vendor went mad...

And turned into this...

And you should have seen the circus that ensued after this picture got passed around our house!

The face paint, the teeth, the SCAR... 

All we could say was...


Happy Halloween!!