Thursday, June 27, 2013

Kaki-Lou Turns TWO!

Katherine Murray Cox... 

YOU are TWO today!

I can hardly believe it myself, and I think we shocked the PANTS right off of social media by our Happy Birthday wishes today... everyone thought the same thing... are you sure she's ALREADY two? Didn't you JUST have her??

Didn't she just come out in this tiny (or not so tiny in baby terms) little body?! 

Oddly enough, I didn't even see this picture... her FIRST picture post-womb, until a few weeks ago when Kaki and I were looking through Justin's phone. He had about 5 pictures that he had taken the day she was born that I had NEVER seen! Including one where she had a nasal cannula in her nose... I didn't even know she had to have oxygen after she was born!! Ha!

The things those drugs can do... right?!

Anyway... our sweet Kaki-Lou turned two today, officially at 12:37 but we started celebrating long before the midday chimes tolled.

Saturday we are having a small, family party for our girl that we are SUPER excited about! So today we just had a fun day around town... doing all things Kaki! And celebrating every last ounce of her two year old self!

Last night everything was ready for Kaki... like Christmas morning!!

I got up early and headed to Shipley's and Starbucks to pick up the necessary goods for the morning celebrations! When we were all set Kaki was ready to get up and so we all three snuck into her room, singing the Happy Birthday song and starting her day off in style! :)

Then when we got her out of bed and took her into the kitchen she said, "WHOOOOOO" as she rounded the corner and saw the table! She loved the balloon and her birthday cup most of all at first. 

Aren't her PJs lovely? Justin put her down last night while I was at the store gearing up for our weekend fun... I have no words...

Her hair was cray-cray this morning so we shoved a bow in it real week, but normally she does NOT sleep in a bow! :)

Taking a drink of her milk from her special cup...


Two candles in her donut... ready to sing!!

Caden wanted a pic with the birthday girl... sweet boy! 

Milk is so good...

After breakfast she opened her cards and look at her new books we bought... she LOVES books! And played with the stickers... in fact I think she may have used three entire sheets of stickers on her ensemble this morning...

She is proud...

And now they are all over our floor and driving her Daddy crazy... well done, Kak-ster!! Well done! :)

After breakfast we talked to our KK and then got ready for our busy day!!

BUT first... a proper birthday photo shoot! Of all of the pics I snapped, the ONE I took with my iPhone was best... :) Go figure! Fancy cameras are last years' news!

She grew up overnight... 

I love that this outfit accentuates her pudge... I love it so much and it is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Her dresses don't show off those great legs and full belly... she is squishy and lovely and too precious for words!!

Next up... TARGET!!

We took Kaki to Target to pick out ANYTHING (within reason) she wanted for her birthday!! WHOOO HOOO! And brother also got a special treat for being a brother for TWO YEARS... that's a big deal! 

Although he didn't get a choice, Justin and I had decided what we were going to get him and he of course was thrilled... right now he uses the laundry basket or the top of the door frame... now he has a hoop! :) He played until he was dripping sweat today... multiple times!! Obsessed!

Kaki chose a Baby Alive doll that walks and talks... she thinks it's the coolest thing. She says, "NOISE!!!" She loves things that make noise!

After Target we took Kaki to a salon to get her hairs did! She hadn't had a haircut in 10 months and has been asking for one the past few months, especially after Caden got his two buzz cuts and people made such a fuss about his hair, or lack there of... so I saved this special treat for her birthday!

She was psyching herself out a bit before we got there saying, "Kaki cry? Hair cut?" But we reassured her and she ended up doing great... not one tear!

Waiting her turn...

Big girl, ready and waiting...

ALL DONE!!! Bow back in hair! 

We just took a bit off the back and cleaned up some layers... I was scared to do too much... but I have to say I probably could have had her cut a bit more off of the party in the back! :) But those curls are too perfect to get too drastic!

After our trip to the Salon I attempted to get a sweet pic of the kids on a bench downtown... BUT... Kaki was too concerned about all of the bird poop on the bench to look up! :)

And I do not know what Caden is doing... interesting choice of pose!

Next up a trip to the cupcake shop...

Kaki's choice... chocolate... of course!

Caden got cookies and cream!!

Both of them are icing first kind of eaters... SO unlike their Mommy who is a scrape the icing off and eat the cake kind of eater! Are we sure they are mine???!! :)

After cupcakes we came home and played with our new toys, ate lunch... Kaki had one of her favorites, Mac N Cheese and cream cheese and crackers... my kids think every meals should include an appetizer! Oh my!

Then it was nap time...

After nap Kaki wanted to wear a shirt form her dirty clothes basket, so I encouraged her to pick a clean outfit instead out of her closet... she came out with this dress and her "nice shoes." And wanted a new bow...

She got all dressed up for her afternoon...

And still had it on at dinner when we ate her other favorites... pizza and chips and queso! When I asked Kaki what she wanted for her birthday dinner she kept saying, CAKE!!! But we finally got chips and queso out of her and threw in the pizza for good measure!

And the nice shoes made it through dinner too...Bless her sweet little heart... the girl loves her some shoes... and I can't help but love those little legs, ankles crossed, just like a lady! A lady who is awfully messy... look at those floors... better vacuum tomorrow!! :)

Oh Kaki girl I cannot believe you are TWO! You make us laugh SO SO hard... just tonight we were all in stitches watching you try to "walk like a monster" down the hallway after baths... your white little booty and tan legs clomping the entire way!! You are a nut! And we love you... to the moon and back way more times than just two!

Thankful the Lord blessed us with YOU and will always cherish every second He gives us to enjoy you! You are a blessing beyond all blessings!

Happy Birthday, my Kaki-girl!!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Uncle Scott Had a Farm...And Hosted a Reunion

Last year, we got to take Caden and Kaki to Uncle Scott's "farm" for the first time. Most of the Cox family made it to town to celebrate a family wedding, but after having so much fun last year we realized that it was IMPERATIVE for us to do it more often, so the Cox Family Reunion 2013 planning began... 

We were so excited to go visit Uncle Scott and his fam... which includes an intimidating numbers of cats and dogs... :) 

On Thursday morning the kids and I got up really early to get donuts and grab an oil change before our big road trip... these are exciting outings for us... :) 

Then Thursday night we went to the Daytripper Finale showing in the park. It was the Georgetown episode and it was oh so fun to watch it in the park with our fellow Georgetonians... :) We are loving our little small town! AND if you don't watch the Daytripper you should... PBS... check your local listings!! It is one of our favorite shows!!

Caden loved running around until it was movie time... 8:45... it was a late one but the adrenaline carried both of them through!! 

They both stopped running when we said the words BLUE BELL though... yummo!!

Kaki geared up for the movie by buckling and unbuckling her straps in her stroller 18 times!! 

Then it was almost movie time and I attempted a selfie... I need longer arms!

The kids made it through the episode and we had the BEST time! We got home, took showers and hit the hay for our big road trip the next day...

Friday morning came quickly and we were off...

To the BIG D...

Driving through brought back some mems!! :)

Caden loved the "tunnel"

We stopped at North Park Mall for lunch, snacks and TOYS!! :) It was the perfect stopping point!

The dude trying to be stone cold... right?!!

Disney STORE... hey, ho!!

Nap time... fully belly, new toy... she was gearing up for the farm!

Once we made it to TOM BEAN, TX, Uncle Scott was literally putting on the finishing touches of their NEW pool when we arrived... so naturally we got on our bathing suits and tried it out...

Poor Justin had to go and set up the tent though... it was going to be he and Caden's BIG camping debut... 

We swam and swam and swam that afternoon...

Straight into evening...

And then into nighttime... in between the comings and goings of various family members ready to celebrate!

They had all of these lights that changed colors... super cool!!

Then it was time for camping...

First night in a tent!
He's ready!

Snuggled in... :)

After a few deliveries from Mommy the boys were ready to camp... and I was perfectly happy to snuggle up in the A/C with Kaki and the rest of the fam!! :) YES, I threw them to the wolves...

But not literally...

Because look who made it...

Good morning!!

And he was IN the pool by 7:15 Saturday morning! Oh my!

And I was just chillin' with two dogs and a kitten... :) The Basset hound is BUBBA... 'OL Bubba, actually, and he loved following me around, so Justin took this picture as a joke... he sent it to my family with the caption reading, "We found Buford!" Buford was our family dog that ran away after we moved to Dallas when I was in high school. I believe Buford was mourning the loss of his girlfriend who we separated him from when we moved and so he ran all the way back to Corpus Christi where he still resides today with his girlfriend that their mixed-mutt litter of pups! Happy ending!

There were LOTS of extended Cox family members there this year which made it even more special!! Grandma was thrilled to be the matriarch of our rowdy crew and enjoyed spending time with all of her grand and great-grand children! What treasured times!

We also got to start Kaki's birthday week off family reunion style... Aunt Ree Ree made Kaki special chocolate cupcakes with tons of sprinkles on the them to celebrate!

Here she is... the singing is about to begin... look at those eyes...

Red solo cup anyone??!!

The singing begins... insert finger into nose... this is her "I'm embarrassed" go to. Caden scratches the back of his head and puts his tongue in the side of his mouth, Kaki picks her nose... whatever! :)

Time to eat... Nana kindly held Kaki's hair back and she licked every bit of icing off of the top of not ONE but TWO cupcakes!! That girl!

The girls and G-Dawg had lots of fun hanging in the pool while the boys did various farm activities... from four-wheelers to skeet shooting... fishing... and the like! Did I mentioned HOOPS? There were some MAD games of PIG going on... and maybe some violent games of two-on-two! The Cox women showed out strong though... Cori and Mary were champions! I think Caden must get his hoopin' skills from his Aunt!! :)

The dudes on the 4-wheeler... don't worry he did have a helmet on... just not for the pic!

Justin also got to ride in the dune buggy... which caught on fire later in the day... YIKES! Everyone was okay... so no worries!! PHEW!! :)

I made Caden take a break Saturday afternoon... from the heat, the pool and the fun... he swore up and down he didn't need a nap, but look what happened???!! :) Mama knows best!

We did some golf cart riding and shade sitting that afternoon! We shared memories and told tales and enjoyed all things Cox for the rest of the weekend! I LOVE family pictures, legacies, heritage and ancestry so family reunions are a slice of my heavenly pie! I enjoyed it so! It's important for me to know whose name I so proudly wear now and what a responsibility I have to the little man who will carry on that name for all time! It's a big job and I am prayerful we'll do the name proud! 

Sunday morning we topped off our weekend at Cracker Barrel... in the rocking chairs... FUN!

Aunt Ree Ree has some other pictures on her blog too... fam pics... I need to grab those to add for posterity! 

What a fun weekend at the FARM!!

Can't wait to go back next year... and we hear that there is a wedding in the works!!

Love you Cox Fam!!