Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy 31, Daddy!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we CELEBRATED big for our Daddy! He turned 31, so he is now officially really IN his thirties. Everyone came into town to party with us for the weekend. We were so excited to get to host such a big group... it was our biggest so far and we were anxious to get prepped and ready to go for weeks ahead of time. 

Nana and Bop, Ree Ree, Uncle Tag and Graham all came to Saturday to kick off the celebrations! And Gran and Poppa also added an extra bit of happy when they joined us Saturday afternoon and evening for dinner. It was a fun weekend full of lots of food, CAKE and of course, great family fellowship!

Most importantly, I think Justin had a great time getting to host everyone in our home. It is always such a treat to try our hand at hospitality! :)

While I am ashamed of the amount of pictures I have from the weekend I know that our memories will not soon fade and that Aunt Ree Ree captured some good ones too...which can be seen on her blog too! :)

When everyone got there on Saturday we did a casual Mexican lunch and then hit the backyard for some play time. The weather was gorgeous throughout the weekend which gave us the perfect opportunity to enjoy hanging out in the backyard!

Caden was anxious for Gran and Poppa to arrive... and excited that he got to skip out on naps!

And G-dawg was WAY too excited after a lazy car ride and so he wasn't much into napping either... go figure! :)

The kids played in the pool, ate Popsicles and lounged in the backyard before dinner!

We grilled pizzas and celebrated with a YUMMY SUPERMAN birthday cake... picked out by yours truly and the Cade-man! I asked and he delivered... and Justin was thrilled... and embarrassed that he had a Superman birthday cake... :) But he really is our superman, so it worked out just perfectly! Had his birthday been just a few days later he'd have had a Wildcat Basketball birthday cake... so he should count his blessings!

Caden was excited to help Justin BLOW out his FOUR candles... three and then one... 31! I put this pic on facebook for Justin's birthday and a few people got very confused... who's birthday was it they wondered? Opps... :)

The cake was red velvet... Daddy's fav and it was enjoyed down to the VERY last bite and the blue icing made for some lively toiler conversation... why is my poop LIME green??!!... :)

Sunday morning there was some serious park action happening... and an almost wagon ride... G was way down in the bottom... our belts are broken... so I think they opted for a safer option for Graham the escape artist! :)

After lunch on Sunday the wild crew from Houston headed back home to enjoy the rest of their long weekend and we also took a cue from them and did some serious relaxing Sunday afternoon around the house ourselves. Nana and Bop were gracious to put up with our lazy Sunday afternoon and went along with our WHOLE lot of nothing plan! :) It was really nice!

That night we had a big dinner and watched an intense movie after the kids went down!

Monday morning, Nana and Bop hit the road after breakfast and our crew took a bike ride to the park to savor the pretty weather to celebrate the three day weekend and another day with Daddy!

Out of no where little Kaki decided to be a big girl and head up and down the big slide all by herself...

Justin and I had fun watching the kids do their tricks and were looking forward to another lazy afternoon ahead of us!!

This pic is hilarious to me... big guy in a little swing... ha!

Oh... this pic is out of order... this happened before the weekend got started. Friday night dude cuts and dude trip to Specs... BUZZ CUT!! We did it and Caden says he's never going back... he LOVES not having to do his hair and I am finally getting used to it... and also LOVING not having to do his hair... summer dude cuts are awesome!! He's a pretty handsome dude no matter what hair cute he's rocking!

What a FUN weekend to celebrate Justin! We are so thankful for everyone who came into town to celebrate with us! It wouldn't have been as special without everyone there! THANK YOU ALL!!

Now, we couldn't just leave Daddy hanging on his actual birthday ... we had do to a little bit of extra celebrating!

The kids and I did a little bit of decorating in his office... we put up some of our favorite things about Daddy! He loves this kind of stuff! :) And who wouldn't??!! Those kiddos sure love their Daddy and had some awful nice things to say about him!! 

And he requested homemade lasagna... done!

And no big dessert... not done... he didn't want to spend the calories on anymore sweets after polishing off the birthday cake the night before, but we couldn't let him get off completely sweet free... so we went for the 110 calorie pudding cup! :) With a candle of course... he's thrilled... can you tell??!!

We hope he felt as special on his birthday as he makes us feels each day he gets up to go to work to provide for our family and then comes home with a smile on his face to enjoy, celebrate and play with us!! We love you Daddy and hope you had the best birthday yet! Happy 31 years to you!!


Melissa said...

Happy birthday to Justin!! Looks like y'all had lots of fun celebrating! Love the new summer cut for Caden!

Sharla Cox said...

We had such a great time with everyone and celebrating Justin's birthday.