Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Celebrating our D-A-Double-D-Y!

I have no idea what these videos are doing, but they are a bit funky... and smallish... and I'm just not going to go to too much more trouble to fix them... so squint and enjoy! :)

We had a super laid back weekend celebrating our D-A-Double-D-Y... after cousin camp and Kk's visit and it was nice to have the time to veg as a fam! :)

Saturday morning we had a super fun time with KK's water slide... it was overcast and lovely. Justin and Caden had an early start to their morning with dude cuts and donuts and Kaki-girl and I enjoyed the cooler weather with a walk, so we were all ready to relax and take in the day!

Kaki had yet to get the "hang" of doing the slide with the board... but there is nothing like a Daddy to teach her these things!

Later that afternoon we had a wedding to go to... it was fun to get dressed up and celebrate two people who we have grown to love and who will be living just around the corner!! :)

I know I'm cheesy, but I still like to dress these two alike... whenever I can... and by alike I mean coordinating... :)

We snapped fast and furious and ended up with a few cute ones... LOVE those two little munchie-moos so much!!

Eating moon pies at the reception...

After the wedding we had made plans with a few friends at a winery right outside of Gtown... who knew, right?! It was the perfect way to celebrate our Daddy... great wine, great company and kids who were allowed to run wild!! It was perfection on a warm, summer night! 

Next morning we got ready for church... whoo hoo!!

Kaki sported her FIRST BIRTHDAY bubble... it still fits!! Love it!! :) Just a bit shorter!! :) 

Later that afternoon we fixed Daddy one of his favorite meals, chicken parm... and played in the backyard! 

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!! We love you and are so thankful for all that you do for our family. You work so hard and so selflessly and allow me to live my dream. We appreciate you, are grateful for you and adore spending time with you! 

Happy Day!! :)

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