Sunday, June 9, 2013

Movie Night

Last Friday night we all needed a little re-charge after a long week...

So... what better to do that than a PIZZA and MOVIE night??!! It's what Friday nights are made of! The kids were excited and Daddy was on board too!

This was going to be Kaki's first time to participate in a family movie night so we were all anxious to see how she'd do. She's done game night well, but movie night is horse of a different color!

We had big plans to JIFFY POP before our movie... and if you can believe it... Justin had never Jiffy Popped... I don't know how a kid who grew up in the 80s and 90s missed this treat??!!

After eating dinner we decided to hit the showers and baths early and then draw the curtains in the living room to make it as dark as we could. Caden made us all tickets so we could get into the movie and we got all of our snacks ready...

Picked out our movie... High School Musical 2... no doubt!!

And we all snuggled in on the couch together with our goodies...

And it was one of those dreams really do come true moments for me... this is my idea of the PERFECT night... me, my family... my magic cough and a great movie... it was great!!

And Kaki did well too... she loved the popcorn and the cookies and the M&Ms... (we kind of went overboard with the snacks), but once we cut her off from the goods she was losing interest in the movie pretty quickly, so we paused the fun, put her to bed and continued on! :) Caden finished out strong and we were so excited to have held our first Kaki-included movie night... no matter how long she made it!

Oh and our Jiffy Pop worked beautifully and the kids couldn't believe their eyes... even when their Daddy was acting skeptical of the power of Jiffy Pop! 


Melissa said...

We love family movie time! We haven't done a night time venture yet, but will have to soon! Looked like a fun night!

Sharla Cox said...

So sorry that we deprived Justin of Jolly Time popcorn.