Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy 7 Months Cade-man!

Happy Birthday to you!!! I cannot believe you are 7 months old today! Wow... what a big boy you are becoming! You have had quite a busy month... up to so much these days! Every day you learn a new trick and with each new trick we see a new determination in your eyes. You are like your mommy...maybe not so naturally talented but you'll work harder to up make for it.

This month you've accomplished a lot... here are a few highlights:
  • You started eating 2 meals of "real" food each day... and today we started three!
  • You nurse 4 times a day, 8, 12, 4 and 8 and Mommy is dreading the day when we drop to three.
  • You started eating Puffs this month and are getting better and better with each passing day. You are working hard on your pincer!
  • You are a mover and a shaker. Your preferred mode of transport is the "bear crawl." You are getting so fast, especially when a Sonic cup is on the floor in front of you. Or any cup of liquid for that matter. You love to taste Mommy's drinks!
  • You've licked the salt off of your first french fry... yummo! 
  • You have finally started to babble... "ba-ba-ba, ja-ja-ja..." some days you're a chatter box and others you are not. 
  • You make a new face... imitating your Daddy! Furrowing your brow, however, is not your best look!
  • You love to walk around the house in your walker... your favorite thing to do is visit your puppies... either at the back door or in their crates.
  • You still love the water... you've learned to surf the ocean waves and close your eyes and mouth in the midst of a splash.
  • You enjoy watching and listening to your PraiseBaby DVDs! Praise Jesus!
  • Your clothes are getting looser... all that bear crawling and "walking" is really thinning you out! But don't get too thin on me... you know I LOVE those chunky monkey legs of yours!
  • You had your first cold, but no fever and it only lasted 48 hours. Your daddy had the same cold and is still getting over it! Poor Daddy!

Cade-man... you are an absolute joy! I can't imagine what I ever did before you were a part of this wonderful life! We love you to the moon and back! And then some more! Happy 7 Months my lil big man! 

Even the birthday boy had to help out with yard work this morning... 

Have to take the worm pic...

Sweet boy...

He bathes in the big boy end of the tub now... so old, so old...

Daddy pours the water on top of my head and let's it run all over my face!!

WOAH! Dad!! Easy with the water!


KK said...

He is becoming such a big boy! I totally have seen the face in that last picture on you when you were a baby. So funny. Happy 7 months Caden!

Cori said...

Such a sweet boy! He's growing like crazy! I love the picture where it looks like he's escaping down the driveway!