Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ce-le-brate Good Times! Come On! Let's Celebrate!

Goodness, gravy, guacamole!! We have had quite a week! Mommy and I just returned home late yesterday evening after an exciting five days of celebrating various occasions with our friends and family! My typical 'what a weekend' exclamation won't even come close to covering it... 

First up was San Antonio! Mommy, Daddy, the pups, and I all headed to KK and Albi's house Saturday morning. Mommy and Daddy were planning on spending the evening out celebrating their 5 year wedding anniversary... cheers to them, huh?! Im-press-ive! Anyway... SO KK and Albi (and Uncle Josh and Auntie Em) were in charge of me... AND much to everyone's surprise I gave them a run for their money! Finally, after about 45 minutes of me TELLING them I needed to go to bed and get some rest for my impending road trip they listened and PUT ME TO BED... Praise Jesus! Sorry I had to get testy with you guys... but a man needs his sleep!!

Mommy and Daddy seemed to have a good time drinking margs and eating yummy food! They even took a trip to the hot tub when they got home. They told me they didn't have near as much fun without me there, but I know better... they had fun! I, on the other hand... oh wait, I already told you that story... 

So that was celebration #1... a picture of Mommy and Daddy before their hott date is down below...

Celebration #2... New Toys!!! KK and Albi bought me the coolest new toys for their house... Albi, KK, and I played with them for a good portion of our afternoon! 

This is the NEW expression I learned from my Daddy! He looks at me like this about 10 times a day and so now I look at my Mommy like this about 25 times a day... she says it's bad for her mommy ego!
Celebration #1... what hip parents I have!!

Celebration #3... HAPPY BIRTHDAY KK!! On Sunday, the Evans-extended fam celebrated KK's 40th Birthday! :) She's one young grandma huh?! We went to one of our favorite SA hot spots and had a special room just for us to celebrate! Mommy insisted on getting a picture... and so she did!

Next up... Abilene, TX!! Way out West where the tumbleweeds tumble and where the wind always blows and where Mommy and KK always have good hair days! We went to Abilene to participate in several celebrations...

1st up... Cousin Cy! I finally got to meet the little dude! He was the cutest thing I've ever seen... He and I are going to be great buddies. He's going to teach me all sorts of things and me, him! Mommy was super excited about snuggling with Cy... and he is quite snuggable!
Most of our extended family was in town to celebrate one of my favorite cousin's arrival back in Texas. Welcome Back Michelle! She and her husband Kaleb have been in Nashville, TN for the past few years and finally made it back to Texas and will be living in Abilene! She's only a few hours away now... phew!

The next celebration was kind of impromptu... my cousin Kyle LOVES babies... especially ones named Caden and Cy. He had been talking a pretty big game before Cy and I came into town... "I am NOT going to touch those babies..." BUT guess what? He did! And I think he even liked it! We made a baby believer out of him!

We're buds... check out his mom, my sweet Aunt Martha expressing her excitement that things were going so well between the babies and Kyle!

Next up on the celebration countdown was ANOTHER birthday celebration for KK and one for Shannon too! Shannon, aside from Kyle, is one of my favorite cousins. Every time I look at her I cannot help but smile... She turned 20 this year and just 20 less than KK!

Last up on our list of Abilene celebrations was, "THERE IS A POOL IN THE BACK YARD??!!" Oh my, oh my... I couldn't believe it. It was music to my ears... and better yet, no goofy hat! No bathing suit! No rash guard! No sunscreen even. (Note: It was before 9am and cloudy... don't call the bad mommy police!) 

KK thought I'd just enjoy sticking my feet in the water... hmph! She obviously forgot that I am part fish... so she undid my onesie first! Then Mommy said just go ahead and take it off... the diaper! And then I eventually got to shed my shirt too, when mommy decided to join me in the pool... mommy didn't put on her suit either... but I was the only one in the buff, don't you worry!

There were lots of cool hot pink flower petals all over the ground... they looked so yummy and fresh that I decided it would be a good idea to give them a quick taste. Mommy and KK didn't let me get any down... but I sure tried! Maybe next time!

And this alone is worthy of it's very OWN celebration... I learned something new! Mommy always lets me jump off the side of the pool, but usually she buffers the splash, but this time she decided it was time I toughen up and get a little bit of water in my face... The first few times were SO fun, but I am not a huge fan of water in my mouth or my eyes for that matter, so after the first couple of times I learned to do this...

I did it nice and EARLY just to be sure I was ready for the ultimate splashdown! One, two, three...we're in the air... eyes closed, mouth shut tight... SPLASH!!! Yay, Caden!! 

While we were in Abilene we did partake in a few additional celebrations. My cousin Shannon had her first jewelry party as a sales rep for Stella & Dot... if you are interested in her stuff, let me know... Mommy says it is really cute! We also celebrated my birth (6 months later) with one of KK's friends from high school. AND we went to lunch with my Uncle Roger and Aunt Kay. They let me "crawl" all over their floor and hang out on their couch! My Uncle Roger even showed me a historic picture of his little league baseball team! Thanks again for lunch Roger and Kay... it was YUMMO!!

After a long day of travel with KK Andretti we were glad to make it home safe and sound! I am so thankful to have been a part of SO many celebrations over the past week...thank you Mommy, Daddy, KK,  Albi,  Auntie Em, Uncle Josh, Great Gram, Aunt Terry, Cousin Boozy, Cousin Cy, Cousin Michelle, Cousin Kaleb, Cousin Shannon, Uncle Dee, Aunt Martha, Cousin Chatty, Cousin Clay, Cousin Kyle, Aunt Kay, Uncle Roger for celebrating with me!!

Hope everyone is having a great week! I'm out blog world!


KK said...

Hahaha! Love that typo on the age! You are such a hoot Mr. Caden. Love you.

Cori said...

Haha I love the new face he's learned to make! So cute!

Melissa said...

I think Caden's new face is hilarious...he looks so much like Justin! Looks like y'all had lots of fun on your trip. Give Caden a hug from Carter.