Monday, July 13, 2009

Playin' with Ava!

Last week Caden had his first official play-date with his good friend Ava. Ava's Mommy Gina and I have gone on several walks with our kiddos, an almost daily occasion until it got too hot outside, but we've never just played. And in fact, this particular play-date was actually more of a lunch date. Caden and Ava swapped stories over their pureed treats and eats!

After lunch we were all about the play time! Ava is an older woman you see... by almost 3 months, so she's motoring all around and Caden, well...he just sits and watches! It won't be long before he's chasing Ava all over the place!

I know it looks like there wasn't much interaction between the rugrats... but there was you know the occasional... I got your nose, or not so gentle bonk on the head from each of them! One time they were close to holding hands and then another time Caden put his hand up Ava's skirt... oh a sign of things to come, huh?! Sigh! :)

Thanks for lunch Ava! Can't wait for our next date!

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ginarowe said...

Love the pictures! We had a great time! Let's set up a second date at our house. :-)