Monday, July 13, 2009

Look Mom! I'm Almost as Big as Aunt Emmie!

It's funny how different Caden looks depending on who is holding him... for instance, when my 6' 4" Dad aka Albi holds Caden, he looks like a little bitty guy, but when his little Aunt Emmie holds him he looks HUGE! He's nearly half her size already! We noticed this a few weeks ago when we were visiting San Antonio, but I didn't get a picture, so last week when Caden and I traveled to San Antonio for an ever-important Mommy hair appointment we were sure to get the two of them strikin' a pose!

Thanks for being a good sport Aunt Shortie, I mean, Emmie!


KK said...

I still vote for Auntie Em!!

Emily Evans said...

Give that sweet, big ol' boy lots of kisses for me!