Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Much to Celebrate at the Half...Happy Birthday Cade-man!

Well we made it... he's 6 months old! You know when you are in elementary school you can't imagine EVER getting to high school. You don't necessarily think something bad will happen to you, you just can't picture yourself there... it seems so far off! Well then you get to high school and you can't EVER imagine being married and then you get married... do you see where I'm going with this? 6 months seemed SO far off and now it is here. We're at the halfway point of Caden's first year... wow! I feel blessed beyond words to have been given each and every precious second of this first six months... I count my blessings often to have a happy, healthy little boy!

Naturally, we had our 6-month well check today... and all things are go! No surprise but Caden is still in the 100% percentile for everything...

Weight: 20 lbs, 14 ounces (slightly less than last time...maybe our big boy is finding his curve!)
Height: 28.3 inches

I never record the head circumference, but of course this too is on the large side!

Caden has been up to a lot this month... a few highlights I want to be sure and remember include:
  • Sitting up like such a big boy... still uses his hands for that tripod support occasionally but is getting stronger and stronger each day.
  • Sleeping like a champ still, had a few nights of teething fussiness, but nothing a little sucking on the passy couldn't handle.
  • He nurses 4 times a day and eats one solid food meal at dinner.
  • He now sits in his high chair and has dinner with Justin and I. He LOVES food... shocker, I know!
  • He has eaten carrots, squash and peas, in that order. Tomorrow we move on to fruits.
  • He has said, "ba" a few times but still no babbling. He prefers communicating through grunts, squeals and laughter.
  • He smiles on command and responds to his name very well.
  • He loves to stand and is raising up on those knees to learn to crawl. For now the backwards scoot is his mode of transport.
  • Loves the exer-saucer, and in fact has made it his poop-chair... it is a good position for all that straining!
  • Lately, the rice cereal has been constipating so the poop faces are many and memorable.
  • We used a glycerin suppository for the first time this month... 10 minutes later we were victorious.
  • He loves the water whether it is in the bath tub or the pool... he loves to kick and splash.
  • He has sat in the shopping cart once by himself and in a restaurant high chair... both he liked and in fact in the high chair he fell FAST asleep (pictures of that to come!)
  • He attended his first birthday party for the Fell Triplets and had a blast!
  • He LOVES to touch faces and pats my face when he nurses... I LOVE this and I LOVE breastfeeding... can I just say that I understand why people do extended breastfeeding... not that I am going to nurse Caden until he's 4... but I get it... it's a special thing between momma and baby... Dr. R said he'll be continuing to need less and less... makes me so sad to think about!
Being a stay-at-home mommy certainly comes with its challenges, isolation and a little bit of insanity but I wouldn't trade it for anything else in this world. I love spending my days with my lil man and thank Justin for working so hard to make it happen! I love both my boys so very much!

Happy Birthday Caden!

Now for the photo reel...

He was SO not enthused about our first attempt at naked-Cade-man pics... :( 

So we tried again later and it went a little better... :)

I need to teach him to treat his friends a little better than this...

Poor Cater-speller! 


Cori said...

Half birthdays are the best! Love you sweet Caden!

Amanda said...

I can't believe Caden is growing so fast. I am so excited that you are coming to Abilene in July. It will be so much easier on everyone and we get to hang out all day with the babies. Can't wait! Love the new camera. The pics are so clear!

Melissa said...

I can't believe he is 6 months old...time flies! I love the naked pics. Looks like you are having fun with your new camera. Give the half birthday boy a hug and a kiss for me.

twhit said...

He is so cute. Love all of the new pics...I can't wait to see you guys!