Monday, July 13, 2009

Me and My Aunt Rach

Okay so here's the deal... the pictures below are of a very special person... my Aunt Rach! She's not technically my aunt but that's just a matter of genetics, in my heart she's a member of my family! Rach and Mommy and Daddy took their journey into a new city (Austin) together, at the same time. Rach and Mommy knew each other in middle school when they both lived in Tulsa, OK, and reconnected four years ago at a mutual friend's wedding and since then they've been the best buds! Rach has spent many a time with Mommy and Daddy... getting to see their very best and at times their worst:

Daddy's worst: Screaming at the TV watching the Mavs in the playoffs!
Mommy's worst: Seeing Mommy on the dreaded Tuesday's of pregnancy... when Mommy cried ALL DAY long! And she had thrush to go it on this particular Tuesday when she opened the door to Rachel in tears!

Poor Aunt Rach, she's had to endure a lot. She was even there, in the hospital when I had to go under the lights... she saw Mommy cry again then too! And when I came home from the hospital Aunt Rach was there with a yummy Spinach Manicotti and a warm pair of hands to help with little 'ol me!

And my Aunt Rach came to see me a lot... almost every other week...because up until recently she worked in Georgetown so she could stop by on her way home. 

And after all of this... all of this time with Aunt Rach, all the times she has come to visit me... NEVER once did we have a picture together... until...

TODAY!! She came over to celebrate her summer vacation with Mommy and me. She came over for lunch and then stayed to play... 

Mommy almost forgot to snap a pic, and I was getting really upset because I thought it was going to be another opportunity lost... so I let her have it... "MOMMY," I said... "Get that camera and get to snappin'!"

And so... she did!

Thanks for always making time for me Aunt Rach and Mommy and Daddy too! We love you very very much! 

Oh and DO NOT get any ideas boys... she may be single now, but not for long... I'm growin' up fast... and then she's all mine! :)


Amanda said...

He is so cute. I can't wait to see him again. I can't believe it has been so long. Cy is excited too. I am counting down!

Rachel said...

Love it! So glad I got to spend the day with you Caden (and Mom too of course!)