Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy 3 Months Cade-Man!


Happy Birthday to you, lil man! You are three months old today! I can't believe it! Three months sounds pretty legit... and you're looking more and more like a lil man each and every day. I am working hard to cherish EVERY moment with you because you are growing up so very fast. People always told me that it would go so fast... and while I knew they were right I had no idea how fast it would really feel. I am so proud of everything you have accomplished this month. I am the luckiest mommy in the world... I still look at you and think... really... he's mine? That cute, smiley guy? What a blessing you are! I am so glad God picked me and your daddy to be your parents!

In honor of your 3 month birthday I pulled out some of our frozen sugar cookie dough and cooked up a small batch for us to enjoy! Today you were "pretty in pank" and tonight our cookies are as well!

What a great month we've shared. So many special moments. Here are just a few of my favorite 3rd month memories:

  • Hearing you sing for the first time. You have raw talent, such pretty notes you sing!
  • Your first true laugh. It was in the middle of the night, at your Baylor Bears, but now you do it on command each time mommy blows on your belly or when mommy brushes her hair across your face.
  • You grabbed your flamingo on your play mat the other day and you brought it to your face and then let it go. You did it over and over again and now each time you play you go for that silly pink bird.
  • You have enjoyed your time in your exer-saucer! You are SO good at it...bouncy, bouncy.
  • You are a great traveler and love taking in the new sites and sounds of each destination.
  • Last night as I was talking to your daddy on the phone on his way home from work I looked over at you after just a few seconds and you had fallen asleep in your boppy... you were precious!
  • I love coming to get you out of bed each morning. I get in your line of vision and say "Good Morning Caden" and you smile SO BIG. It melts mommy's heart!
  • I love listening to you talk to your best friend, the ceiling fan... all of them!
  • I appreciate your attempts to talk to KK each morning after mommy finishes her breakfast. The three of us have great conversations.
  • I love watching you follow your daddy around the kitchen as we prepare for dinner each night.
  • You are a great stroller buddy, you love long walks!
  • You're a comedian and you don't even know it. Everyone loves when you write the blog posts best!
  • You have recently found the TV and you like it pretty well, your favorite shows: action movies, basketball games, Biggest Loser and Dancing with the Stars. 
  • I cherish our morning and afternoon cat naps. You still aren't big on sleeping anywhere but in my arms during the day, but you are a big boy sleeper at night!
  • I love your squirms, shimmies, and shakes... strung together with a high pitch squeal! 
  • I love you more and more each day... my heart feels like it is going to explode... my love for you is hard to contain. Sometimes I just have to hug you super tight to release some of the tension... "oh, I love you so much Caden Ford!
Mommy bought this outfit especially for your "3-month photo shoot." It's you and your daddy's signature color!

Still working on sitting up straight... 

Happy Birthday Precious Boy! 

We love you!


KK said...

I LOVE the one on his tummy! So cute!! He does look good in PANK!!! Love you little one.

Cori said...

He looks like he's about to crawl in the picture on his tummy! Love the pink onesie. He's getting so big! Love you all!

Stephanie said...

look at the lil' guy pushing up! way to go caden! so big, so fast...
love you all,
s, p & lil' d