Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Fifth at the Fiesta

And we're back...

I'm back...

We're settled... in a new home... same city... long story... we'll get there.

For now...

Back to where we last blogged...

After Christmas in Corpus it was straight to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl!!

We were SO excited to celebrate our Bears, feel the warmth of the desert sunshine and ring in the New Year alongside my boy's FIFTH birthday!! It was officially a trip fit for a Fifth at the Fiesta! 

First stop... San Antonio for Chispas at our favorite restaurant!

We flew out of San Antonio with KK and Albi, who by the way, graciously gifted us this AWESOME trip! It was truly a treat and made for a 5th birthday that Caden will not soon forget! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

After our abbreviated Christmas due to sickness we were sure thankful to have the extra time to spend together! 

We were ALL excited!!

Can't you see it in her face? Kaki was excited and a bit apprehensive about her first plane ride! 

She loves her KK!

We stayed in a hotel near the airport and waited for Daddy to join us after work that day... I had the kids all tucked in with their Baylor books... and then... du-du-duhhhhhhh

Caden who was still suffering from our holiday crud coughed himself into a vomit... all over the bed... and Kaki... and Kaki's FAVORITE blanket that we had no choice but to throw away... with our time away I just wasn't sure any of us wanted to stomach what the blanket would become after our return home later that week... ick! And of course I could have salvaged it in the sink... or the tub... but I wasn't thinking that fast... and now it's a fun "bit" she likes to do when she's mad at Caden. "Remember that one time where you spit (hehe) on my blanket and Mommy had to throw it away??!!!" She may forgive but she will never forget... HA!

Thankfully, that was the last of the vomit for the rest of the trip and the next morning we were OFF and flying... headed West!!!

Kaki loved her first flight and did great... her only complaint was the noise... that plane was y-oud!!

My pictures are out of order... sigh... 

But we'll roll with it...

The morning of Caden's birthday we celebrate with the BIG FIVE with a big breakfast!!

Such a happy boy that day!!

And later that day we watched the Bears...

And then we went home...

And there you have it... the Fiesta Bowl through the screen of MY phone!!


Through the screen of Justin's...

Shall we??

Waiting for our luggage... touchdown Arizona!!

First stop... a late lunch at the hotel!! 

Around the table... in our Bear gear... there were Bears everywhere which was such a fun experience!


We took a small bit of time that afternoon after we ate to do a bit of shopping in the Baylor Bookstore that was set up in the hotel and then it was to the rooms we went to get those VERY tired kids some rest... we had a busy few days ahead of us still!

After both kids slept until dinner... HA! We decided to grab a quick bite down by the firepit and met a lovely family from Alabama who still comes up from time to time in our day to day conversation. Their son JP was the sweetest guy to Caden... they played football everyday day we were there and became fast friends... and JP was 14... NICE NICE kid huh? To hang with a newly turned five year old.

It was an early bedtime that night... and it was NYE... woot, woot! We didn't make it... but the New Year came anyway!!

And so did Caden's birthday!!

The next morning was full of celebration... there was the breakfast... with the candle...

And then LOTS of exploring the hotel grounds and taking all sorts of fun pictures... and then we ended up back on the lawn, soaking in the sun while Caden and his new friend played football again! :)

There he is... the world's nicest 14 year old boy...

And there I am in my happy place... finally feeling more like a human with every breath of sunshine I took in!! :) It was the best kind of medicine!!

The kids wanted to swim and conveniently, I was the only one who packed her suit... uh huh! But I forgot a cover-up... so the in-room robe it was... with my running shoes... H-O-T! For the kids... it was for the kids!!

The pool was heated but the air was cool... 

We swam and swam until it was near lunch... it was a quick snack and then to bed... so we could rest up for the LONG afternoon and night ahead of us as we cheered on our Bears!!

Getting ready to leave the hotel...

We made it... Sic Em!

The stadium was SOOOO nice and we had the run of the place so we grabbed a table and ate some dinner before the game... yum!

Our other fam was just down the stairs from us... we ran down before the game and took a pic!! Cheese!!! Baylor proud!!

The line-up

Fam pic...


It was a sad night for our Bears... but we were so happy to be there with so many in Baylor nation all the same! :)

And we had a fun "run-in" on the way home the next day... #Baylorproud for sure!

It was a fabulous fun trip! The weather was a dream, the company was my favorite and the place is dear to my memories as will this trip always be! 

Thank you Kk and Albi for treating us, most especially our little man to the best FIFTH birthday party ANY kid could ever imagine... especially a kid who loves those Baylor Bears as much as Caden does.

Sic 'em Bears!!

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KK said...

A trip full of memories! So happy we could make the trip. Definitely our happy place.