Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho in South Texas


We made it...


After a three day delay...

We got to go to Corpus... we made it in time for lunch on Saturday and we were SOOOOO excited to be there and see our CC and Nac crew! Especially that little nugget with a "W" on his shirt! 

We got Whit our kids' favorite toy... the music table. EVERY parents should have the pleasure of learning the "Hello! The phone is ringing so I say hello!" song. LOVE IT! Justin and I still enjoy singing it word for word from time to time and hearing Whit play it again brought back such wonderful memories of our babies.

Whit was a huge fan... 

He is a very focused and attentive little guy... we loved watching him be so captivated by his new toys!

I'm a sucker for those baby blues... especially when those cheeks were propped up like that on his Kk's shoulder... melt me!

Looking at these pictures makes me realize how MUCH he's changed, even since Christmas. He is a growing boy!!

Uncle J is a good Daddy... always up for a snuggle with his buddy!

And speaking of good... what is better than a Kaki snuggle... or a KK snuggle for that matter... two very lucky girls in that picture right there...

We were all so happy to be in CC!

Whit had so many things to tell us about his Christmas!

We were enjoying all of his tales... 

It was a quick trip for Justin... he came with us on Saturday... ended up in bed for most of the afternoon after post-stomach bug poor eating choices and then had to leave the next morning to be ready for work on Monday... but the kids and I got to stay for more than 24 hours and in fact got to stay in CC until it was time to go to San Antonio on Monday to head out for the bowl game! 

It was nice to not have to turn right around and go back home, especially since we don't get to see our crew near enough... there were LOTS of snuggles to be had...

Although this time I just had to watch... didn't want to risk given Whit anything... it broke my heart not to get to partake in the snuggles... but he won't remember either way and for that I'm thankful! :) 

KK got her snuggles in!!

And Whit and Caden had LOTS of great conversations!!

And I obnoxiously snapped pics of our newest Evans! :)

Of course the present-ry was wonderful... we were gifted beyond our needs and even beyond our imaginations and we had so much fun being with each other... at least I did. I was so thankful to be in their company and felt a little bit like my Christmas was restored! :)

Josh and Emily left on Monday morning to make their trek back to Nac...

Unfortunately, Aunt Emily continued the "sick over Christmas" trend and ending up coming down with a stomach bug on her way home. I hope and pray that it wasn't us who passed that gift, but if it was I have apologized again and again for it and pray that we never again have to share such pleasantries with each other... 

Oh Christmas!!

And there it went... Christmas 2013...we are left with the memories and for those we are thankful!

Next stop... Fiesta Bowl!

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