Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Whit Came to Visit

Also in November...

Whit came to visit!

He just showed up on our doorstep... so we said, "Come on in!"

Okay, so maybe that's not exactly how it went down. Josh and Emily were in town for Formula 1 races and since babies and LOUD cars don't always mix, or maybe they never do... Emily decided to spend the day with us while the rest of her crew spent a day at the races!

We were SOOOOO excited to have them come and visit! 

He looked a little shell shocked when he first opened those big eyes...

He had had lots of changes of scenery since it was his VERY FIRST road trip!!

Of course, as soon as his car seat hit the floor it was, "I WANNA HOLD HIM!!" From all of us!

Kaki went first!

Such a natural Mama... 

I loved how she cupped her little chubby hand by his head... 

Well, hey there Kaki!! 

Then it was Caden's turn...

It's so weird watching my babies hold a baby... how does that happen??

Naturally adorable those two boys!!

Whit seemed to think Caden was pretty awesome!!

It wasn't too long before that sweet Whitters needed some alone time... so we did what Emily learned from her Mama to be MAGIC... on the dryer he went and stayed there for over an hour! We felt kind of bad about it, but we know the sleeping baby rules like the back of our own hands!!

Then he woke up and wasn't all together the happiest guy, but I figured I'd let him fuss at me because I needed my snuggle fix! And we got it... he gave in and let me hold him while he snoozed! Thank you Whit... I will forever be grateful!

Our visit got cut a bit shorter than we would have liked when someone called to show our home... but we sure did treasure the time we did have with Whit and his sweet Mama and can't wait for them to come visit us again... in our new house... SOON! :)

Thanks for sharing him with us Emily and Josh! He is a NUG!!

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KK said...

Sweetest grand kids ever!!