Tuesday, February 4, 2014

November Miscellany

Knocking 'em out today... go back to the last two to catch up! :)

Now November... busy and exciting month...

A few that don't fit into any particular category...

A day in the life... I suppose is the category!

Here we go...

Making lions at school one day... ROAR!


Driveway reading... American Girl catalogue... oh my! She gets so tickled to see that Bitty makes the magazine EVERY time! It's a wonder!

Hair cut...

It's no secret that Kaki has got some HAIR, but thankfully the sides have finally caught up with the back. She was well past due for a little shape up... so I decided to do a bit more than a shape up and went for the curly bob... :)

She is thrilled... paci-face! She doesn't get the paci anymore except for when she's in her bed... I am realizing how much it ages her now that I look back at these sweet pics of paci-face! 

All done!

A few outside shots... she refused to look at me! Hair cutters remorse?!

This freshly buzzes dude was all smiles!!

Got her...!! Kind of... 

More sleeping Caden pics... 

Sweet brother and sister... it last for minutes... sometimes 10... :) Mostly friends, only sometimes enemies!

Shape progress... getting there!

How do you spell Diva? K-a-k-i!

After a particular rough morning in the "self-pity" department, I came to realize that I need to get out... break the rules... stop cleaning the house... and GO!!!

So that's just exactly what I did.

I told the kids after lunch that we would not be napping and that instead we'd be heading to Round Rock to one of our very favorite parks for the afternoon whether they liked it or not... as you might imagine I didn't have any arguments!

And we had the BEST time! It was just the breath of fresh air (literally) and time with my kids I needed!

Also... I didn't tell anyone... not even Justin where we'd be until after we were already on our way home. And something about that just felt kind of fun! :) Like the days before technology where no one every knew where anyone was for one minute to the next... 

It was funny how quickly my ugly self-pity-party turned into gratefulness!

I learned that day that Kaki loves her a good sandbox!! 

After two hours of park fun... a record for us by a long shot, we hit up Sonic and made it home just in time to get dinner on the table! What a great afternoon!!

More school... letter writing... 

God bless the teachers of this world... not an easy job!

New shoes... 

Don't worry he wasn't wearing capri pants... just pulling them up for the best angle of his new kicks!

A tutu'ed football girl!

Cray-cray bed head!

Thanksgiving TURKEYS!! Gobble, gobble!!

From bed head to best hair!

With a bow?

Christmas tree time... we broke the "rule" we put it up before Thanksgiving. With our house being on the market this year we did very limited decorating so it really wasn't all that tough to get an early start and enjoy it!

Pruning while making "the face" ... and no matter how hard I try I still make it... 

Caden always wanted his pic in front of the tree...

Kaki was enamored... this must have been the first tree in her memory... she was fascinated by everything and made sure her babies had the BEST seats in the house for the big reveal... Hilarious!

Her favorite ornament... THE COW!!

Our tree... last time in this house... 

And our stockings hung on the mantle... with care... 

And our bobbed, straight-haired girl ready for Christmas in her jammies!!


Cori said...

I'm loving all of the catch up posts and sweet pics! Miss those kiddos!

KK said...

Love the pics from your sneak away day. Such a fun place.