Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Christmas Eve (At Home)

Once we made it home from Waco, we dropped our bags and got cleaned up... ate some dinner, Daddy read the Christmas story to us from our Storybook Bible and we and settled in for an afternoon and evening of presents and Christmas Eve traditions.

I was not any better and my cough and voice were beginning to worsen, so I sat on the couch most of the evening and tried to reserve my voice for the "So greats!" "How excitings!" and "Do you like its?" 

It's always SO fun to be the gift giver... WAY WAY WAY better than the recipient.

The kids had plenty of presents to open. They had a few from their Aunt Kay and Uncle Roger in Abilene and then they opened their presents from Justin and I... dear  ol' mom and dad! :)

Justin played "Santa," while I took pictures from my perch on the couch. Nice view... eh??! Wink! :) 

Kaki got so much fun stuff from Roger and Kay... and absolutely LOVED her neon rainbow colored tutu... and baby food! LOTS of BABY FOOD!!

Which was perfect because guess what she got...

A high chair for her babies!!!

Such a good little mama!! 

And a great Daddy who put it together for her on the spot!! :)

Caden got a cool pirate ship and a hummer that made all sorts of fun noises!

Kaki ended up having a near-meltdown as we reached bedtime and ended up going to bed without getting to partake in the reindeer food sprinkling... but Caden made sure that Santa and his reindeers were VERY well fed! 

And he wore his new PJS that his Gran and Poppa got him for Christmas... they match his Bear... he thought that was just about the coolest thing he could think of!

Sadly, I can't remember if we made cookies or put out some Oreos... but I do know that this year we put Dr. Pepper out for Santa after Bop told Caden that that is what Santa preferred. Of course, Caden was confused because in the past we've told him that Santa preferred Coke... different year... different tastes! :) So this year DP it was!

Then it was off to bed to wait on Santa...

Would he come??

What would he bring??

The stomach bug???

Oh surely not!

Oh surely!

Merry Christmas Eve!! 

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