Thursday, February 6, 2014

December Football

Baylor Football in December took a turn for the COLD... strike that... FRIGID... dangerously, bone-chilling freezing!

But that didn't stop Caden...

Although, when we told him he had to wear his sister's 2T White Ski-Bib... he almost threw in the towel... Bless him!

What's a guy to do when there is a cold wind a brewin' and his mama is determined to keep him warm! I wanted him to sweat he was so bundled! And while I don't think he managed to perspire, he did have a GREAT time... 

At least as good of a time as you can have when you can't feel your feet! ;)

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time...

My two snowmen... 

It looks like a chubby kid swallowed Caden along with the last slice of cake... mercy!

He was bundled! Lucky for Caden and his frozen feet, Justin had to leave early so we could get to his boss's Christmas party.. he fell asleep in the car almost instantly when they left the game. When they got home he cried for the next hour straight and yet again I a reminded that Baylor football season means mom gets the short of the stick... crying Caden!! :) BUT... I am happy to oblige the short end of that stick because I know that once the next morning comes he is a happy guy full of unforgettable memories!

While the boys were freezing their cahoots off, the girls stayed home by the fire with our favorite girl Chatty!! Chatty came to visit us for the weekend and even got to play babysitter while Justin and I went out... I think she was the best babysitter they have ever had! And it made me feel great knowing that she was in charge!

It was a great end to a great season for our Baylor Bears... the cold brought with it a win... and a Big 12 championship... there was definitely something in the air!

Next stop for our Bears... the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl!

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KK said...

The picture of Caden is oh so sad but I know he knows it was all worth it.