Friday, February 7, 2014

December Miscellany

And now I've made it to December Miscellany... I love that word: miscellany. Love it.

Random school work... handwriting... 

How K rides her scooter... she takes one from her mama in the irrational fears department... she sits on her scooter but jumps off the air of our couch... to each her own!

We hadn't seen sun in days when I took this... it was cold and not Texas like and I was so thankful to feel the warmth of the sun. I am missing that sun today... I am ready for warm... not hot, just warm. Beggers can't be choosers... I know!

A day in the life... of our laundry basket!

Angels... building pieces of our Christmas story!

Follow directions and make pictures with shapes... 

A favorite Christmas treat... hot chocolate with a candy cane in it... it looks kind of creepy at the end though!

Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls... YUM! I had always wanted to try them. I must say they weren't my favorite but still not bad. I am going to keep hunting for the perfect cinnamon roll recipe! 

One weekend in December we had two Christmas parties back to back... first up...

The selfie shot... a cocktail Christmas!

 In between the two parties the kids and I had a fun Christmas party of our own to attend. The Pi Phi Alumnae Breakfast with Santa party... such fun!

And literally MINUTES before we were leaving Kaki gets up the courage to walk up to Santa and sat on his lap... it didn't even last a minute, but I caught it! Sweet Santa!! :) Maybe next year we'll got for 2!

Then the tacky sweater party happened...

I have a picture of Justin too, but it must be on his phone... I might have to come back later and edit this post to include it! :)

Nana and Bop also came in that night to babysit... it is always nice to bum a free babysitter out of them and of course they are always happy to be bums! :) We are so thankful!

All of our Christmas story things together... :)

And my girl and her (Daddy's) iPad... she loves it so! :)

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