Tuesday, February 4, 2014

November Football

What a season for our Bears!

Caden and Justin once again put those BU season tickets to good use! Just when we thought Caden's obsession with football couldn't run any deeper, it did... 

We are obsessed with football on an entirely different level. The evolution of Caden's football obsession has gone something like this...

Season #1 :Where dat Bear? He was very concerned about where Bruiser was... could hardly focus on anything else in the game.

Season #2: The Golden Wave Marching Band...



Enough said.

Season #3: Knowing and becoming friends with EVERY Baylor football player, taking pictures with them after the game. Memorizing their routes from each game using the iPad. Practicing until he literally has rug burn all over his body from tackling himself over and over and over again. Caden sees, Caden do! Plain and simple!

This year we took it up an extra notch and made a "Baylor Pump Up" CD with all of our favorite songs from the games and then a few extras thrown in there. We still listen to it ALL the time. Both my 5 year old and 2.5 year old can sing "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons and "Can't Hold Us" by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis... and I still can't decide whether to be proud or embarrassed... :)

Here is Caden jamming to his tunes while we were waiting for our CD to burn...

Caden had the BEST year... Baylor Blackout...Bring the Bling... He and Kaki got to be in a Baylor video... it was a fun year to be a Baylor Bear... and November is not the end of it! :)

Even my Kaki girl likes her a good Baylor jam... she's got moves... 

And of course lil sis is equally enamored with her football. She loves to wear Caden's helmet and play the "hut" game! She is VERY dramatic when she "gets tackled." UGHHHHHHH :)

Even though Caden has turned his interests and talents into perfecting his touchdown dance, he still has a soft spot for the band... especially the TUBAS! :) 

Caden likes a routine, a schedule... he could live in the movie Groundhog day and LOVE it. So naturally these things have bled over into his football watching habits. At the end of EVERY 1st quarter... Justin knows... it's Corn Dog time... He typically has already eaten PLENTY at the tailgate parties... BUT it doesn't matter... he will eat the bread and then the dog... until he is left with the stick! 

And the highlight of each game... PLAYING on the field afterwards! He LOVES it! If they don't let them do it at the new stadium we may have to handcuff Caden to a railing... he is gonna wanna get out there!

Because when you do... you just never know who you might bump into!! :)

Those a two great guys right there! Bryce and Caden... BFF!

Of course, we did have to do a bit of Baylor watching at home... in our gear... glued to the TV!

And yes, we had our tree up the weekend before Thanksgiving! So November football took place 'round the tree! :)

While, technically these next few happened over our Thanksgiving break, they are still included in our November football...

We just so happened to stumbled upon the Bears loading the bus on their way to play TCU while we were in Waco...


Thankfully, we were already dressed in our game day gear... so the kids put their hands out for their own, personal March of the Bears!

And then we cheered on our Bears to a CLOSE victory... and played a little football in the back yard... The two C's make a great goal post! :)

Sic 'em Bears!


KK said...

Even though you are behind its still nice to relive all the fun times!

Sharla Cox said...

Such a fun football season and so many good memories! Caden amazes me with every detail that he remembers.