Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thanksgiving in Nac

I've made it all the way to Thanksgiving... here, here!

We started our Thanksgiving holiday with the Evans fam in Nacogdoches. It was a fun way to start our week of food, family and furry friends!

My favorite furry friend and I... sweet Griff! He's got a soft spot in each of our hearts! And he's a dog... and I can assure you it's hard for a four-legged to find such a spot in my heart... but he's done it!

But this Nacogdoches Evans has REALLY done it!

Just look at those baby blues...

Naturally, we found ourselves overly excited at ALL times about holding our Whit!

You get to see their different points of view... one is not so much like the other!

Morning play time... I promise she is not poking his eyes out... :) 

They love poking him on his button nose...

Uncle J got in some snuggles... watching ESPN... no doubt!

And KK too... by the fire...

KK and her grand boys!!

Kaki and Caden LOVE their furry cousins... 

And Whit loves his Albi!

So much so he fell flat asleep!

Random pic of Caden in his undies and ski jacket... I don't even remember why or how this happened!

Oh and here we have the way Emily and Josh treat their guests... 

And themselves actually... Josh you take the floor... check! Mom and Katie... you take one cushion on the far side of the couch...check! Sadie and Griff you sprawl our and make your sweet, spoiled selves RIGHT at home!

Naturally, I had to give Josh a hard time about this fact... he didn't much appreciate it... truth hurts! Wink, wink!! :)

KK and all her grands... Whit is scared!

And Albi and his grands...

Okay now for real... the Whitters is gone!

Just before Thanksgiving dinner!

And my two... ready for PJ pics with their cuzzie... who somehow I got no pictures of... but super christmas cute jams... thanks KK!

Fun times in Nac! It was relaxing and FILLING... we ate SO much! And always heart-warming! Thank you Josh and Emily for opening up your home even if you didn't find it imperative to open up the seating on your couch... HEHE!!! :) I love y'all! Mean it!!

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