Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Thanksgiving In Waco

Well I did a pitiful job of taking picture of our Thanksgiving in Waco and I'm afraid my words may fail me too... I'm digging up my memory bank and will do my best... another reason never to get too behind on the blog! 

Sweet Kaki had the cutest turkey smocked dress to wear for Thanksgiving but it was too cold in Nac to wear such a thing, but luckily the weather started to warm and it was JUST right for the Thanksgiving celebration in Waco. Once we arrived we went almost immediately to the backyard for some play time. The kids tired out eventually and we knew just want Kaki girl needed... some couch time with the Ipad... because naps weren't happening! :)

I know I'm biased, but she really is so pretty!

I can't help but keep looking at her!

Oh and this face... SO sad! She was pouting and putting on a show about something... not exactly sure what, but only her Daddy would do and I don't think she minded much. She did the same thing to my Dad in Nac when KK was spending her time with Whit... Kaki would not have been very good at being an older sibling... she really does prefer to be the baby! :)

Oh the pout... the sass behind the pout... the years of trouble I see ahead!! :)

It's enough to wear you out just thinking about... 

Oh the book I could publish with members of the Cox family pictured JUST LIKE THIS. It's not a holiday unless Justin and Sharla are both snoring with their mouths open on the couch! Bless them!!

After a yummy and fun-filled Thanksgiving dinner with Nana, Bop, Ree Ree, Tag, G-Dawg, Gran and Poppa we were ready for the next few days of fun to begin... all we needed was a brush... 

And some of Nana's cheerios!

I've already blogged about bumping into those Baylor Bears as we were on our way to enjoy Waco's Winter Wonderland and visit Santa... but I left one pic for this post...

Bop and Caden in front of THE sign... Caden looks forward to seeing the flag and the sign each football game... Thanksgiving was no different!

After "bumping" into the Bears and taking a picture with Santa... to be featured in a later blog post... we came back to the house and ate homemade gut packs and sat outside and watched the Baylor game the rest of the day... it was a NAIL biter and we were thankful to have survived and really enjoyed hanging on Nana and Bop's back porch, letting the kids run and eat yummy food!

For the life of me I can't remember what we did the next day... but I am sure it was fun and involved football on some level... maybe we went to McAllister's for lunch before we all headed off? That has kind of become a new place we always seem to end up at, so I am betting that is exactly what we did.

We had a super fun time with the Waco Cox fam!! Especially when it includes a little Baylor Bear excitement!!

Thanks for opening up your home to us Nana and Bop! Our turkeys had a great time!

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