Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday Nana!

Anyone else feel like we've been doing A LOT of birthday celebrating around here?! I sure do! From KK, to Kaki to ME... and now Nana... actually Nana doesn't REALLY get to celebrate just yet, but since we were all in town for the Labor Day weekend we decided to throw a little family party in her honor!

Kaki was a PROBLEM... as usual... doesn't she look SO high maintenance?! I mean seriously... she is one laid back little lady! Or little bear... Kaki was the ONLY one of us who sported her Baylor gear on Saturday for our trip up to Waco. And we were up a bit later on Friday night cheering on our Bears to victory... so it is only natural that she is worn out! Especially with the end of that game... my goodness... are those Bears trying to take years off of our lives?!

Sweet Aunt Ree Ree and Kaki-pants... chillin' on the couch!

I'm awake!! Check me out... I'm doin' my exercises!

My Uncle Tag and Me...

Saturday night we celebrated Nana's birthday with a YUMMY cake and presents after dinner! Nana is NOW a lady of leisure and has decided to take up tennis after retirement so we gave her a few things to get her ready for her new adventure! Caden was anxious to help out...

Go, Nana, Go!! Bop also scored big when he surprised Nana with the ENTIRE series of Friday Night Lights on DVD... Texas Forever!
Sweet boy was ready for some CAKE!!

Helping Nana blow out her ONE candle... we didn't want to be responsible for starting any wildfires... :) I kid, I kid! And BAD joke... these fires are SO sad and SCARY! Please pray for rain for our great state... AGAIN... Texas FOREVER people!!

Sunday morning Caden FINALLY got to go fishing after asking ALL summer long... hurray for Bop and his worms... they saved the day!

Heading to the pond... with Daddy, Bop and Ree Ree... Nana, Kaki and I hung back and waited for the big many fish will he catch today??!!

FWEE... THREE... two monster perch and a bass!! WOAH! AND Caden had to be told it was time to go... he wasn't YEADY after the first catch... so maybe we are gaining a bit of patience in our activities... maybe... :)

Caden was SUPER excited about getting to show off his fishing skills to Daddy... he learned to cast his rod on Sunday and he used his "HI my name is Caden, it's nice to meet you" manners that Mommy has been working with him on... You'll have to listen close to hear him! :) Sweet Caden is a fisher-MAN!

Uncle Tag and Kaki got to hang out while everyone was getting ready to head to lunch...

Her first trip to Cheddar's... yum!

And the rest of Kaki's fam... the original three! :)
It was a quick trip to Waco BUT a LOT of fun! We were able to hit up some of our favorite spots... the pond... 3Spoons for yogurt... AND of course Nana and Bop's house!! :) Thanks for hosting us for the weekend NanaBop (that's what Caden calls them... NanaBop... like they are one!!) You thought of everything... including making Caden his own special video room to play in! I think it was a HIT! We love y'all!! Happy Early Birthday Nana!! :)

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Cori said...

What a fun weekend! Love the fishing video!