Tuesday, August 30, 2011

UPDATE: Kaki at 2 Months!

Kaki has had two doctor's appointments since we last 'spoke.' And I am pleased to report that both went well...

Yesterday, Kaki had an ultrasound to check her hips for dysplasia which is common in breech babies... and girls especially... BUT Miss Kaki looked normal... yay!!

Today, she had her two month well-check and turns out our girl is one big girl... shocker!!

Her stats:

Weight: 13lbs, 14 ounces...98%
Height: 23.5 inches...80%
Head: 15.8 inches...80%

Just like her bro...only shorter... for some reason his two month blog post says he weighed 17 pounds...that has got to be a typo, right?! I need to see if i can find his paper records because good golly that would have been huge... although I also had him recorded as being 25.5 inches long... so maybe that was right!!

All I know is that God gives us some big kids... and we're thankful for it!!!

Here is sweet Kaki after we got home...all tuckered out from her shots...

And a little flash back from when Caden had his 2 month shots!!

My how he's changed...

We were ready this morning a bit early so I snapped a few pics!! I love this dress... thank you Jaime!!!

A picture of those sweet, chubber bubber legs!! And tummy... :)

Trying to capture her cute smile... almost got it!

WOAH... deer in the headlights... :)

Sweet girl...

Here's to TWO! Love my Kaki-pants!!


Cori said...

Precious! She is growing and changing so much!

Melissa said...

That dress is precious and she makes it look even better!! Holy cow if Caden weighed 17 pounds!!

Caroline Burchett said...

She's TOO sweet! Love the pics.