Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Birthday KK (a LOT belated!)

I am ashamed!! ASHAMED, I tell you! KK casually mentioned to me this weekend that I was behind on my blogging... reminding me that we actually took a few pictures when we were all together for her birthday a few weeks ago and I haven't posted them yet! EEEEK! She's right! That was a CRAZY weekend in the Kaki and Katie department with the whole hot pink milk debacle and poor, sweet little KK got left out of the blog! My apologies, KK... it is certainly not because we don't love you... and I know you know that! (Seeing as I CRIED... no BAWLED when you left yesterday after spending the weekend with you... you are my very best friend and I would certainly never intend to overlook your big day!!)

So... Josh and Emily and our circus all met up in San Antonio for the weekend to celebrate KK's birthday... it was her double nickle birthday so we had to be sure and not miss a thing! It was so much fun having all of us there for the weekend. Actually, the kids and I (I LOVE saying that! The kids!!) went up a little early and spent some time with KK and Albi on Thursday and Friday before the rest of the crew arrived late Friday evening. KK's actual birthday is on the 28th, so on Thursday morning we sent her an email detailing a little surprise that we all cooked up for her!! We wanted her to feel extra special so we arranged for her to have a personal shopper at Nordstrom's for the morning and gave her a little spending money to help her on her journey to find some new clothes for her new, HOT double nickle-aged body!

KK has lost over 35 pounds since January and has been selected to appear in a feature article in her Pilates Studio's newsletter next month as someone who has received multiple benefits from pilates! So with her new body and her exciting photo shoot for the newsletter we wanted her to have a few new things to make her feel like the rock star she is! Oh and by the way... did I mention she is also training to run/walk her first half-marathon?! Amazing! And just to be sure we don't leave Albi in the dust... he is also sporting a half-sized body of his former self too! And they both owe it all to Weight Watchers and a little will power! :) I am so proud of both of them... they look fantastic!! I am hoping to follow suit soon... I've been on Weight Watchers for Breastfeeding Moms for the past two weeks and so far so good... still LOTS more to go, but I'm encouraged! :)

Anyway... back to the birthday girl! So KK went to Nordstroms and came home DONE UP RIGHT! She got some of the cutest clothes that make her sparkle and shine! Most of the weekend we laid low... BUT one night we did go out to a nice dinner for KK's official birthday celebration... Because we had enough people we were able to reserve a secluded little cove off of the main dining room to ensure that no toddler or baby would be an interruption! :) And it was perfect!! And we had the most fabulous dinner!! And no one was worrying about their points that night!!

Not even Miss Kaki-Pants... looking fabulous in her little outfit!! The bow had already come off by the time we got around to taking pics! :(

Daddy doing a little trade-off magic...

From around the table... our East Texas crew...
The birthday girl and her deer in the headlights hubs! Sorry Albi! Best pic I had! :)

Me and my girl! Or My girl and I...

Attempt at a family picture... eek!

Caden was a TROOPER during dinner. He had his little portable DVD player to entertain him for much of the time but when not watching his DVDs he was entertaining us with his broad pallet and tastes for new foods! He tried fried oysters and lamb all before he dined on his very own plate of chicken fingers and french fries! :) Then he was treated to the most fabulous ice cream sundae ever... complete with SPRINKLES! :) A first for the little man...

The birthday girl chose coconut pie... one of her favorites!! And I may or may not have had a piece too!! :) Check out her new sequin top... CUTE, is it not?!!

It was a fabulous night out on the town with the fam! I hope KK enjoyed her birthday weekend as much as the rest of us! There is always a party to be had when we all get together! I know she could not have wanted anything more than to have her two (four) kids and her two grandkids by her side!! Happy Double Nickle KK!! We love you!!!

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KK said... birthday present was to have you guys there(pink milk and all)! :) Of course I enjoyed the shopping excursion ALOT! Thanks for all you did to pull it all together. Love you sweet girl.