Friday, August 5, 2011

Matching Shirts... Matching Attitudes!

Matching shirts... courtesy of KK! ADORABLE!!

Matching attitudes...

Compliant... and cute!

Inquisitive... is this good Mom?! With the arm?! Are we cute?!

Mischievous... cooking up something crafty with those hands!! Hmmmm...

SAD, MAD, SCARED... as mom climbs on top of the ottoman (ever so gracefully, I might add) to get an aerial view... Apparently, "stretch-mommy" is downright terrifying!!

And just one for kicks...

We get an A for effort! :)

Happy Weekend!!

1 comment:

KK said...

Those are Hilarious!!! Wow, you must have been really scary! I do love those shirts though. they look so cute on them. And man those thighs are chunking up!!