Wednesday, August 24, 2011

29... and holding!

My Aunt Terry texted to wish me a happy birthday with the following message... "Happy Birthday! 29 and holding..."

And holding... some days I am holding stronger than others but still holding! I am convinced that Caden may sprout my first few grey hairs this year if things in the terrible twos department don't change! Oh man, has he ever got my number these days... and I am fighting like a wild woman... sometimes calmly and other times not so calmly to catch up! Phew! I am not his friend... I am not his friend... I am not his friend...

Oh wait... this isn't supposed to be a post about my mental sanity (or lack there of) but a post celebrating ME! And my 29ness! What a great birthday it was!

I started celebrating WAY back on our trip to Abilene when my Grandmother took me and the rest of our crew out for a fun birthday dinner! We went to the Outback... because that is where you go in Abilene... especially if you are with my Gram! Funny story: one time Justin and I were visiting my Gram and she fixed us a YUMMY dinner and with dinner she served a salad with the best croutons EVER... so we asked her where she got them or if she made them herself and she got the cutest, sheepish little grin on her face and spilled the beans. She said, "Well, when I get my take-out from Outback when I order my steak, I ask for extra croutons, then I bag them up and stick them in the freezer for occasions such as these!" She has always been the but of our jokes about her freezer creatures but this took it to an entirely new level! And we LOVE her for it!! She and her croutons are the BEST! :)

Once we got home we took a few days off from celebrating only to pick back up on Saturday when KK and Albi rolled into town. KK didn't know what to get me for my birthday this year and to be perfectly honest when has she had the time to think about it with her taking care of me and the kiddos all summer?? So she decided to take me on a little shopping spree on Saturday while the boys watched Kaki and Caden!

It was SO much fun to browse at my leisure and have a fun girly day with my Momma! First we did have the most yummy lunch at my favorite Greek place that I do not get to eat at much anymore! It used to be a staple for me when I worked downtown but not so much these days so it was a YUMMY treat! KK treated me to lots of fun new things that we determined will stylishly help me bridge the gap between maternity-wear and pre-preggo gear. So until I get my body back in shape I'll have a few things to keep me from wearing the mumu I often feel like wearing! AND I'll also have a fun new handbag to carry... a Buddha Bag... LOVE IT!! No correlation with the religion... no worries there! I am still as Christ-follower as they come! :)

On Saturday evening, after a fun morning of shopping, Justin and I treated ourselves to a little date night. KK and Albi fed and kept Caden and Kaki while we hit the town. We went to one of our favorite spots in Austin and had a nice, relaxed dinner... and ate and ate and ate until we couldn't any longer! I had saved up my points all week to splurge for my birthday and boy was it worth it! I didn't think I'd ever have to eat again after all we ate that night, but alas I woke up the next morning ready for more...

And it was a good thing I did since we went to eat breakfast out at our favorite local diner! Yum!! After a yummy breakfast KK and I went to see The Help... the first showing of the day... and it was FABULOUS! After having heard that it was going to become a movie I was a little skeptical... I am usually not a fan of the movie after the book, but I think they definitely did the book justice. I will definitely see it again... and again! Poor KK blubbered through nearly the entire thing and oddly enough I just got a bit teary-eyed a few times... we seemed to have switched bodies temporarily! But despite the switch we were both equally entertained and in love with the movie!

It was a GREAT pre-birthday weekend celebration! From beginning to end it was so much fun! Thank you KK and Albi for making my day super extraordinary and like always making me feel extra special! I had a BLAST shopping, dining and movie watching with my Momma! And a great night with my hubs out on the town... that needs to happen more!!

A few pics... Justin and I before our hott date... pardon the weird cropping... had to crop half of my arm off... you'll be glad I did! It's just too bad I can't figure out how to crop my double chin without getting my face!! I need some fancy program for that I am sure! :)

Sweet Albi with my girl... doing a little magic in the rocker chair while we were gone!!

On Saturday while KK and I were shopping the boys went to Mighty Fine for a little lunch... and a milkshake too apparently!!

Poor Kaki had to suffer through the day with the boys... looks like she didn't mind too much though! :)
And of course the boys had to go to the wine store... duh! Which means so did the kids! :)

Yesterday was my actual birthday which seemed unfair to get to celebrate all over again after the FUN I had ALL weekend long, but what is a girl to do?!!

We had a great day... we got up early (My girl has slept from 10-6 the past four nights!!! Go Kaki go!) and went on a walk before it got too hot. It was the first time I have used our double jogger! I was super excited to hit the pavement but I am afraid my body was not as thrilled... it will be a slow process back but I am ready for the challenge... just gotta convince my pelvis that it too can do it!! :)

Please notice that Mr. Turtle came along for the ride too... this was one of the toys that Albi bought Caden at the toy store during their outing on Saturday. Albi can't come to the Rock without a trip to some toy store, somewhere! :) And now Kaki is getting to reap the benefits of Albi too! :)

After our walk I treated myself to a Starbuck's latte and then came home to get ready for our first playdate in several months! It was fun to spend time with some sweet friends and get to catch up on the latest with each other. It was good for Caden too... I am afraid he might be in for a rude awakening in a few weeks when he starts back to school... not having played with anyone for the majority of the summer. He did not want to leave, which I think is a GREAT sign of things to come! :)

Both of my kids took GREAT naps yesterday and then my sweet hubs surprised us all by coming home a little early last night to celebrate. I cooked a yummy (if I do say so myself) dinner and then we headed to McDonald's for a Rolo McFlurry (have you tried one yet?? If not DO IT!) A great birthday I'd say!!

And with facebook you now get more birthday wishes than you ever thought possible which makes for a super exciting and extra-celebratory day!

Here's to 29 and holding... may God bless me with many more exciting years of life!! :)


KK said...

Nothing like celebrating your birthday for a full week! 29 is a good time to do it too! I enjoyed your birthday just as much as you did. So happy that you are MY girl!!

Melissa said...

Happy, happy birthday to you! It sounds like it was full if fun celebrations!! Glad your were spoiled and loved on just the way you deserve... Perks of bottle feeding allowing you to partake in all the fun! Love you!