Saturday, August 20, 2011

Head 'em up... Move 'em Out... Off to Abilene We Go... Went...

I apologize to those of you who are going into Caden and Kaki withdraw... Nana, Bop, Albi... we have had a BUSY week of traveling... but now we're back... and ready to get caught up on our friendly little family blog! Thank goodness for this thing or I wouldn't remember anything! I cannot tell you how MANY times I've already referred to it as some sort of baby-parenting manual... did I do that with Caden? When did Caden start to smile? Pork up? When did his hair start to fade to red? You get the idea... phew!

So if you couldn't tell from the title we headed to Abilene this week to visit all of our family there for a few days. KK was kind enough to accompany Caden, Kaki and I on our trip out West. Funnily enough I told her that I thought I could do it by myself and that she could just drive straight to Abilene from San Antonio and we'd meet her there... BOY am I glad that she had better sense than I did. Of course I am sure I COULD have done it, BUT it would have been a little touch 'n go in a few spots... like lunchtime for both kids... potty breaks for Mommy... etc! Two kids really is an entirely new ball game... kudos to you people with 2+... it's non-stop!

We had the BEST time in Abilene. It was kind of like a vacation for us. My Gram has a great pool right in her back yard which as you can imagine is any toddler's dream! And mine too! I hadn't been swimming since before Kaki-pants was born... so it was super nice to take a dip with my little man!

Caden was spoiled beyond spoiled this week with all sorts of attention from his KK, his Gram and his Great-Aunt Martha... and even his second cousin Michelle! :) He had the best time ordering everyone around! :) He started his day with the roosters and went nonstop until it was bedtime! Of course there was a nap or two in between... and everyone was grateful for that! Ha!

C spent the night in the BIG BED in the back of the house. It is a king sized bed that he got ALL to himself. I lined him in with big pillows and let him have at it. He did great, BUT since he could open the door to the bedroom by himself he was apt to waking up VERY early... like before 7 early and usually I do not get him out of his bedroom at home until 8! Kaki and I were on the other side of the house in our own little apartment... so he would rush into KK's room and say GOOD MORNING VIETNAM!!! And he was ready to go.

One morning KK was sweet enough to take Caden to a neighborhood park to let him play before it got too hot! He hasn't been able to play at the park ALL summer and I know he LOVED it!

I don't know if I have blogged about "THE HAT" yet, but this hat was a gift from Josh... it is a company hat and Caden has NOT TAKEN IT OFF since he got it. And if you ask him where he got his hat he'll say, "from Josh, my uncle!!" He is so proud of it and I think he looks pretty darn cute in his trucker hat... he's so stylish! :)

Sweet boy so happy to be out and about enjoying the great outdoors... this summer has been rough on all of us. We love to be outside more than anything but this weather has been tough!

The first morning we were there the humidity was zero and the weather was coolish in the morning so even Kaki got to get outside and sit by the pool with the rest of us. It was wonderful... and she loved it! It is really the first time she has been outside for an extended period of time and she just sat there and played and laughed and smiled... I was so happy to see that my girl is following suit and is an outdoor-lover too! She's gonna fit right in! :)

Even in your swimsuit you need to wear a bow... :)

After all of her playtime she settled in and took a little morning nap while we swam... but before we got her outside we decided to see if we could capture a few pics of her in her swimsuit. My Aunt Martha snapped most of these with her iPhone... as you might imagine I wasn't quite "Johnny on the Spot" with my camera this week... so the pictures are a bit sparse and mostly from the various phones in attendance! :)

How about a sun hat for the sweet girl?!!! No?!! Maybe not...

The bow is MUCH better... a girl and her accessories... oh my!

Kaki and Caden had the best time with their Great-Gram... and were thankful that she let us come in and WRECK her house for a few days... :) When the Cox Circus comes to town we REALLY come to town! :)

While we were in Abilene we also got to spend a few hours with my Aunt Kay and Uncle Roger! It is always so fun to see them... they absolutely LOVE their nieces and nephews and were of course super excited to meet Kaki for the first time! And of course no one can ever believe how much Caden has changed... he seriously grown FEET this summer... I can't believe it! He is a totally different kid than he was in May! It's that big bro thing I suppose... :)

We tried to get a good pic of Kay with the two kiddos but this is the best we could do... it is hard to get everyone looking in the same direction... oddly enough Caden is the one who got it right this time! :) Sweet boy!

It was a super fun week to be in Abilene spending time with our family. I was so thankful to get to see my cousin Michelle and her sweet baby Kendall (still in her belly) and her nursery! The next time I see her we'll have another sweet baby to snuggle with! And speaking of babies... Baby Ryan is doing GREAT! He is literally a miracle from the Lord and as my cousin Amanda said the other day, "He is a visual reminder that God is alive and active!" I could NOT have said it better myself... Amen sister! God is ALIVE!!

This weekend I am pre-celebrating my birthday with a shopping trip, a movie with KK and a date night with my hubby! A perk to bottle-feeding I must say... :) So we'll hopefully have lots more exciting things to report and pictures to share after our weekend!

THANK YOU to ALL of our Abilene family who spoiled us this week! We can't wait to come back soon!! We love y'all!!

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