Saturday, June 18, 2011

Another Perfectly Pink KAKI Party!!

Justin, Caden and I have been beyond blessed by our new church home and most specifically the community of friends that have surrounded us since we've joined. God was surely not slow to keep His promise and lead us to an amazing group of people that would quickly become some of our most respected and treasured friends! We are so grateful for this blessing!

On Thursday night, four of my sweetest friends threw Kaki and I a Perfectly Pink Party. A night out with the girl's would have been enough, but in true form they went ABOVE and BEYOND and made the night super special with sweet decorations, YUMMY treats and of course LOTS of FUN loot for Kaki-pants! I just can't stand myself and I MUST write a little something about my hostesses... they really did WAY too much and during such a busy time a year with camp, vacations and all sorts of other fun summer activities they made Kaki's party a HIT!

In alpha order...

Jaime: y'all have heard me talk about Jaime before! Jaime and I and Justin for that matter have some pretty weird connections. We lived in the EXACT same room in the EXACT same apartment in college... Pete's Palace... oh my! Were both Pi Phis! AND Justin attended Jaime's dad's basketball camps growing up AND Justin's Dad worked alongside Jaime's dad when he was a coach back in the day! It has been ONE hilarious coincidence after another! She is an all-star Mommy with party-planning in her bones... she throws the CUTEST parties for her girls... I wish she had a blog so she could showcase all of her great ideas... because y'all would LOVE it!! Not to mention Caden is obsessed with her girls, especially Blair who he has only been around a handful of times... I think it was a lunch date to Mighty Fine after church one day that sealed the deal... since then he is always asking about BLAIR!! :) And she's an older woman to boot! Jaime is one of the most thoughtful people I've ever come across... she is a true gem!

Lesley: Another sweet sister friend and fellow Pi Phi at Baylor as well! Lesley was the FIRST person to reach out to us when we visited the church last Fall. She was so sweet and helpful in answering all of our questions and reaffirming our belief that we had found a good place! Lesley has two of the cutest little button-nosed kids EVER who have made me cry in church before because they are just so stinking sweet! They remind me of what Caden might look like when he is older which just pushes me over the edge sometimes! They have such a sweet relationship with their Momma! Lesley is fresh and real and is never afraid to tell you about life how it REALLY is... which always makes for some good laughs! :)

Nicole: Nicole and her hubby Jason are the other "young 'uns" in our group... they are actually a year younger than Justin and I but were married on the EXACT same day, year and time almost seven years ago! They have two of the cutest little girls you've ever seen, one named Katie who I am a bit partial to... not that it has ANYTHING to do with the name! :) We have so enjoyed spending time with them and Caden once again has found an older girl crush in their oldest daughter Jenna... although she isn't near as old and wise as Miss Blair! :)

Staci: Staci is due with her second bundle of joy in September... a sweet little boy named Jack! Staci is also one who reached out to us immediately, giving me all of her contact info and a lunch invite after our first Sunday. She is super talented and crafty and makes all sorts of fun things for every occasion and keeps the group connected with the GREATEST gift ideas and other fun keepsakes! Staci hosted the shower at her beautiful home... in some of the pictures you'll be able to see her paint colors... aren't they great?! Staci has a little girl named Grace who is the same age as Caden and who is the life of the party! I was so glad she joined us for a bit on Thursday night... made me excited for my own little pretty in pink lady!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Jaime, Lesley, Nicole and Staci for putting together such a special night for me and my girl! Y'all really did go ALL out... we appreciate it SO much! Justin and I have had the most fun going back through all of Kaki's gifts... I think he might enjoy the girl stuff as much if not more than I do! I love watching him get all ooey, gooey overs bows, ruffles and frills!!

And thank you to all of my other sweet friends who came to celebrate with us on Thursday night! I love nothing more than learning from and laughing with all of you other Mommies! It is GREAT to have so many people who are one, two and some even three steps ahead of me in motherhood... I am soaking in all that wisdom!! Love y'all!!

And now... for the pictures... THANK YOU Jaime for being the official photog of the night!


KK said...

Such sweet friends! Loved the pics and can't wait to see all the pink goodness!

Cori said...

Yay for lots more pink goodies! Looks like such a fun shower!

Jennifer Mayo said...

It was a fun shower - thanks for inviting me! You got so much cute stuff. I love that you wrote about the hostesses - you gave pretty accurate descriptions of them!