Monday, June 13, 2011

A Kaki Update...Officially FULL Term!!

We made it!! Kaki-pants is OFFICIALLY full term! Now that DOES NOT mean that she couldn't use some additional work on the inside, but we're celebrating this important milestone nonetheless!!

We had our weekly appointment with the doctor today and not too much new to report... We still have a VERY breech baby! She's basically in my throat... I was joking around with my nurse today and told her I thought I'd have a better chance of coughing her up at this point! If it could only be that easy, huh?! I am still BARELY a 1/2 cm dilated as well!! We did get a quick peek at our girl today since the ultrasound tech was in the office. She did some measurements to make sure my fluids levels were good and that she was in fact still breech. She is pretty much straight up and down... her head is under my right rib and her feet are near my cervix! We did see some hair on the back of her head... so she's gonna come out ready for bows!! :) They also did a growth scan today to see how small/big she was looking and true to form she was measuring 8.2 pounds at just 37 weeks! That could be +/-a pound, but considering Caden was measuring 8.6 just TWO days before we delivered at 40 weeks and ended up being 9.7 pounds we have no reason to think that she isn't on the heavier side of this measurement... BUT only time will tell!

I asked my doctor TONS of questions today... I had a list I had been collecting throughout the week as Justin and I talked about all of our options. I think it is safe to say that we have decided 110% that we are not going to attempt to turn Kaki before delivery. Our doctor gave us the option to perform an external version at 38 weeks (next Monday) and having her THAT day regardless of how it went! The appeal of meeting her sooner was enticing, but I really didn't want to put the stress on Kaki or myself and then STILL possibly end up with a c-section anyway.

So unless our girl decides to flip before 39 weeks we are going to be scheduling a c-section at our appointment next week! Of course, I suppose there is always a chance I could go into labor on my own and if that happens and she is still breech we will have a c-section then as well! We even have talked about the possibility of still opting for the c-section if she does turn because of her size in hopes of not repeating the damage of my previous delivery with the Chade-man!

Still some things up in the air, but aren't they always? Who can really predict how ANYTHING will go down? We are continuing to cling tight to our faith and trust God completely with the details!! That is not to say that we aren't a bit anxious... because we are, but we are doing our best to throw that anxiety straight to God and letting Him deal with it as only He can!

And now for a quick pic of me and my girl...

And my boy... and his belly... he INSISTED!!

I know I've said it BUT thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your love support, prayer and encouragement over the past few weeks! Keep it all coming! We have the BEST friends and family!! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!

Happy Monday!!


KK said...

Good pics. Must have been before church yesterday! :) Miss Kaki pants will be here before we know it!

Hillary Kouba said...

Yeah for being so close! I can't wait to see pictures of sweet Kaki! I just wanted to tell you in case you were nervous about a c-section that I had 4 and its not bad at all. Now I've never done it the other way but being able to just show up and deliver a baby within two hours is pretty nice and staying an extra day in the hospital is great too! I hope you have a peace about whatever happens knowing that God already has all of this planned out and nothing will catch him by surprise! hang in there!

Melissa said...

Glad your appointment went well. I can't believe you are so close!! Praying for you and all that is to come. love you!

Emily and Josh said...

So very excited to meet Miss Kaki! We are praying for you and sending lots of love your way from Disco Fever! Give Caden lots of hugs and kisses from us!