Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yellow is the NEW Pink!!

Well, we did it... we survived our first day at home! With MUCH help of course. Both of my parents were here today which was a GREAT thing since we woke up this morning to a yellowing baby girl... :) Caden was also a jaundice baby so I knew when I saw those yellowing eyes on Miss Kaki-Pants that I needed to call the doctor...

So KK and I loaded up this morning about 10 and headed out to the doctor with Kaki. And Albi held down the fort at home with Caden. Sadly, Albi had to go back to San Antonio today BUT Justin is taking tomorrow off after popping back to the office today... so we'll have ALL hands on deck for a full day of doctor's appointments tomorrow for Kaki and Mommy!

Kaki's levels were not high enough to send her under the lights... at least for now. So our doctor suggested feeding her EVERY two hours throughout the day and night and some time in the sun four times a day... SO Kaki and I have been VERY busy girls today... lots of eating has been done today!! Good thing my milk came in the SECOND we walked in the door from the hospital yesterday afternoon... because boy did we go through some milk today!!

AND... this afternoon Kaki caught some rays in the ONE spot we could find direct sunlight in our house... the stairs! :) KK was sweet enough to sit with Kaki while I snapped some photos of my sunbathing beauty!! If we had been prepared we'd have had a SUPER cute pair of bloomers to put on during her sun bath...BUT alas, we have learned from our mistake and will be fixing that problem tomorrow!

Until then... I present to you... Kaki Cox... The Rock's Finest Sunbathing Beauty!!

Time to flip... but first a cool down with KK!

Ahhhhh... nothing like a little vitamin D! :)

Tongue action... hehe!

One of her sweetest little smiles... I know they are probably just gas but we are LOVING every one we get!! :)

Isn't she the sweetest??!!!


CaseyWiegand said...

i have baby fever :), shes PERFECT!

twhit said...

Thanks for sharing these precious pics! We love seeing Kaki :)