Monday, June 6, 2011

It's a Jungle Out There...

A Happy 36 Weeks is in order for Kaki and me today!

Thank you... thank you... we are THRILLED to safely have made it to this point and are praying for a continual "baking" for the next few weeks or so...

Today, KK and Albi drove up to the Rock to watch the Chade-man so Justin and I could head to the doctor for our first "progress check" for Kaki-pants! When KK and Albi arrived, KK carried in a bag of donut holes, actually 3 bags, one for Caden, one for Kaki and one for me... HA! And Albi carried in "THE WHITE COOLER" which meant... sweet KK had cooked for us... AGAIN! A few weeks ago when they came in for the day to play with Caden and I they showed up with FOUR HUGE frozen casseroles and today they arrived with a pulled pork and another casserole! God bless them! I have loved mixing those meals into my weekly rotation and having a night or two off each week from cooking... wonderful! And if that wasn't enough, KK does stuff like steam my floors, scrub the Caden-scuzz off of the kitchen table, fold laundry and the like. And Albi of course fills my car up with gas, goes to Walgreens to restock our meds and then buys Caden the important things... like a plastic pool, a stick horse and the like! All in all, when KK and Albi come to town it is a TREAT! And now that I'm headed to the doctor everything Monday... it is a DARN shame that they'll most likely be making the trip EVERY week! :) I know Caden and I certainly approve! (AND ARE GRATEFUL!)

So while Caden was having! Justin and I headed to the doctor! It was a pleasant surprise having Justin in attendance today. He texted me about 30 minutes before my appointment and said he had rearranged his schedule and wanted to be there for today's appointment! Whoo hoo! I always love having the company!

And today of all days it was great to have him there as I was anxious about my first check, excited to see what progress (if any) I had made! So after the initial vitals were taken it was time to strip down and cover up with my paper sheet and get down to business! Here's the play by play...

Doctor: Everything been good? No cramping? Bleeding? Etc.?
Me: Nope!
Doctor to Nurse: Everything measure okay?
Nurse: Yep, everything was normal except she was measuring at 37 weeks today instead of 36!
Me: Uh, oh... and a giggle!
Doctor: Haha, no that's okay!

Doctor gives me the run down of what is about to happen... I am going to swab this and insert that... you know the drill!

While examination is in progress...

Doctor: This baby still has a LONG way to settle down before we're gonna have any action.


Doctor: Yah, I'm thinking if ANYTHING you may be about a 1/2" inch dilated. And MAYBE 50 % effaced.

He starts poking around on my belly...

Doctor: I'm not feeling her head down there and I'm thinking this thing up here might be a little too hard for a bootie...
Me: Well, I've been feeling hiccups low, so I am pretty sure she is head down! (I am SO smart!!)
Doctor: Hmmmmm, let's do a quick look and see what's going on!

So he turns on the ultrasound machine and gets everything geared up! I get to sit back up in a "yes I can breathe again position" and we wait.

Doctor: Well, there's her diaphragm... and her head. This baby is breech!
Me: Bummer!
Justin: Bummer!
Doctor: Yep, bummer!

At the time I am thinking, there is NO WAY... the hiccups... the hiccups! Since, we've been home though I've been thinking about a lot of things... symptoms I've had and I've concluded... "Yep, I've got a breech baby!" Not that we needed any further proof of course! But so many things are making sense now! Haha! Funny how that happens!

So for the next 20 minutes we went through all of our options and we've got some... Next week at my 37 weeks appointment we are going to have another ultrasound and most likely a growth scan to help add to the info we are using to make the best decision for both Kaki and I and then we'll decide what we think is best to do.

I am almost 99% sure I have made a decision, but no need to announce anything for sure until we see if Miss Smarty-Pants wants to flip herself around before next Monday! Probably not likely, but you just never can tell what a determined girl can do! Of course if she is determined to stay "right-side up" then she'll have that prerogative as well! And you know us girls... we can be pretty stubborn... especially us Evans-girls!

Today was a funny day for me. When the doctor said she was breech I immediately laughed to myself and with God as I thought, "That's what I get for asking you to increase my faith!" I should know better! :) But He told me we'd be better for it... me and Him... so I'm willing! And He said that He was too! So here we go...

Right now I'm preparing to face one of my bigger delivery fears and consider the option of electing to have a c-section or perhaps being forced to have a c-section depending on which option we choose! Silly to some of you know, I know, but nonetheless something God and I will have to sort through a bit. I am not without my stumbling blocks, that is for sure!! FEAR is number one of my list!!

It's actually kind of hilarious in a God kind of way because last week I was in a READING FRENZY! I started and finished THREE books last week. Mary Chapman's Choosing to See, Randy Alcorn's, If God Is Good, Then Why Do We Hurt and Ron Hall and Denver Moore's, Same Kind of Different As Me. I sped through them with tenacity and ferociousness. I could not put any of them down almost as if I was desperate to find the HIDDEN treasure inside each one. It was unlike anything I've ever experienced. Perhaps, it was some sort of nesting, but I truly think God was giving me a mind and a heart to learn from these people who walked some of the most difficult roads I could EVER imagine walking and yet found peace (however difficult) in God's ultimate sovereignty! I thought a lot, I prayed even more and I CRIED MY EYES OUT... UGLY CRIES...

Throughout the course of my week I remember thinking to myself... "Huh... wonder what all of this is preparing me for?" And while I think the wisdom and insight I gained from reading these incredible stories will undoubtedly help me in the coming weeks... what I REALLY think... is that last week and all the weeks that came before, PLUS the next few weeks, PLUS the X, Y, Z trials/challenges/fears that I will encounter throughout my life are ALL part the journey AND in the end... will lead me down the very well-traveled road that will INCREASE MY FAITH!!

So for now, I am going to go to the One who knows the end of my story and trust in His wisdom and lean on His strength and find JOY in watching Him work! Let's go God!

We'll keep y'all posted on our decision as we get closer, but for now we'd ask that you'd join us in giving thanks for a healthy girl and healthy momma... we are grateful for these blessings!

And now for the NOT SO HEAVY STUFF...

Or actually... the INCREASINGLY HEAVY STUFF... ha! :)

The 36 week Kaki pic...

And that's all I've got for tonight... LOTS of words... only one picture... not too exciting... BUT important to me to catalogue today! I never want to miss God when He moves (or when I am awake enough to see it)!! This is the good stuff!!

Here's to another HOTT day in Texas! I hope everyone is staying cool in this heat... I am SO SORRY for you poor souls who are delivering in August/September/October... BLESS YOUR SWEET LIL HEARTS!! I'm sweating for you just thinking about having to be pregnant through an entire summer! :) Hang in there!!

Happy Monday!!


KK said...

I think you did a great job of expressing what is in your heart today. God is with us each and every day and so thankful that He is!! We love Miss Kaki-pants even if she is a bit whomper jawed!! :)

Cori said...

Sweet girl is just too comfy in there! Praying for y'all daily and can't wait to see God's perfect plan unveiled! Love y'all!

CaseyWiegand said...

love you!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashley Hall said...

You look awesome!! Kaki is one blessed little girl to come into the Cox Family!! You are going to eat up having a girl!! Praying the next few weeks are peaceful for you!! Anna was breech and did a flip for me so maybe kaki-pants will! Hang in there! Caden is adorable, too!

Emily and Josh said...

We are praying for you and sweet Kaki-pants! We can't wait to meet that sweet girl!

Olson Family said...

That was my exact experience with Jack:) Kids have the strangest ways of reminding us we are not in control! Jack was breach pretty much my entire pregnancy and I tried EVERYTHING to get him to turn...regular chiropractic visits, strange exercises, etc...ha.... I prepared myself for a c section and then at my 39 week appointment we found out that little booger had flipped on his own! THEN we changed our mentality back to a natural birth and ended up having to have a c section anyway because of other reasons. What a whirlwind! I also have to say, BOTH my c sections were wonderful and most importantly, it was the safest way for my babies to born. Not what I would have planned, but God knew what He was doing:) Can't wait for you guys to have this sweet baby girl!!!

Jennifer Mayo said...

Thanks for writing a wonderful post - although I'm sorry you are going through this! I'll be praying for Kaki to do a flip and for you both incase that is not in the plan.