Saturday, December 13, 2008

FULL: Term, Belly, Face

Well...we've made it! As of Thursday, December 11th, Caden and I are officially full term. Since the technical full term is still a few weeks short of 40, we'd like for Caden to fatten up just a bit more, but as you can see from the title of this post, things are gettin' a bit FULL around our house! :)

Here I am Thursday, December 11th, 2008, 37 Weeks! One of the hardest things to overcome over the past few weeks is the ever-changing shape of my face. My chin has doubled, my nose is spreading and my lips have had an in-house collagen treatment! I have been applying all of the slimming make-up techniques I know and have been experimenting with several different hairstyles! I've done curly, I've done straight, I've done curly and pulled backed, straight and pulled back and while none of them are ready for the red carpet, my mom and I decided that no matter what, away from my face is the way to go... thank goodness for bobby pins! 

Yesterday, I decided it was time for a little hair TLC, one of my favorite things to do! Justin's co-worker's wife owns her own shop in Georgetown so I decided to give her a try... she was fabulous! I know I said I would be wearing my hair away from my face, but I wanted to show you guys a picture of my "new" hair before I got too crazy with my bobby pins! Not too bad right? 
And then I decided... why not take one more belly shot. I came to the realization last night that I should take pictures more frequently over the next few weeks, because one of these could be my LAST pregnant picture! Isn't that crazy?! Depending on how my progress looks on Monday when Caden and I go to the doctor, we might have to post the our belly shots from beginning to end as a little refresher of how far we've come! Get excited about that...

Seeing as how I am having to write this post while laying on my left side, hoping to literally DUMP Caden right out of my rib cage that he likes to curl his little butt up into, I must sign-off for now! Don't guess I've "dropped" yet! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

And for all of my Bears out there... Go BU Basketball! Sic 'Em! 


KK said...

Your hair looks great and I think you are the most beautiful little preggo ever!

the G Rowes said...

You look so very beautiful Katie!!