Saturday, December 6, 2008

Caden's O-Line!

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What a day for college football! In the spirit of Tim, John Parker, Sam, Chase and their tough offensive lines, Caden would like to introduce his excellent and experienced O-line that will be leading him to victory in the coming weeks!

Starting at Center, #1 Grandad, ALBI EVANS!!
And by his side, starting at Right Guard, #1 Grandma, KK EVANS!!

ORIGINS of the Names:

ALBI: In high school my dad's friends called him Albino Bill (note the freakishly white blond hair) and after telling my sister-in-law Emily this story over dinner one night she decided that if he wouldn't agree to the original name we picked for Caden to call him, ("BB") he would become Albi. After a 10-page long email exchange amongst our entire family, it was decided that Albi, to be spelled A-L-B-I and pronounced AL-BEE was the winner!

KK: Justin, being the dear, sweet son-in-law that he is, affectionately calls my mom 'Crazy Kim,' thus it was decided LONG ago that when it came time for her to be a grandma she would have to be called KK. 

Caden loves his KK and Albi!

Starting at Left Guard, #1 Grandpa, PAPS COX!!
Ready to come to his rescue, starting at Left Tackle, #2 Grannie, NANA COX!!

ORIGINS of the Names:

PAPS: In high school Justin decided that his dad was much more than just a dad and thus converted his name to Paps. His dad liked it so much that he decided to resurrect the name for use when he became a grandpa, so PAPS it is!

NANA: My sweet mother-in-law felt like this name was most appropriate for her. She has always wanted to be a NANA. Her name was probably the easiest to settle on in the entire bunch!

Caden can't wait to visit Paps and Nana in Waco!

Finishing up the starting line-up, playing Right Tackle, #1 Lab, AUNT MOLLI!!

Molli is the sweetest lab you've ever met and will no doubt be very protective of her first nephew!

Everyone knows that an offensive line is only as good as its second string (I am not sure if this is really true, but it works well for my post, so go with it). 

Playing back-up Center, #1 Uncle, UNCLE TAG!!
Off the bench, playing Right Guard, #1 Aunt, AUNT CORI!!

ORIGINS of the Names:

UNCLE TAG: Trent Agnew=TAG, get it?! This all started during his days as a Phi Chi at Baylor. Justin really wanted to use Uncle Baldy, but we figured the poor guy has had to deal with enough strife from his brother-in-law so we decided that Uncle Baldy will only be used for comedic purposes.

AUNT CORI: We are still working on this one... might end up changing it in the future, but for now Aunt Cori will remain just that. Either way she'll be the cool aunt who will let all of her nieces and nephews eat dessert first, something she's always said she wanted to do! Lord knows Caden will love that! 

Caden can't wait to come to Aunt Cori and Uncle Tag's house for dinner!

Running a close second to the starter, playing Left Guard, #1 Uncle, UNCLE JOSH!!
And always there for a good sack, playing Left Tackle, #1 Aunt, AUNT EMMIE!!

ORIGINS of the Names:

UNCLE JOSH: Like Aunt Cori, Uncle Josh hasn't been too creative with his name choice, but we love him for it! Uncle Josh is a no-nonsense guy who will certainly be ready to teach Caden the ropes. 

AUNT EMMIE: Aunt Emmie will be Caden's favorite snuggle buddy (besides his momma and daddy of course!). She has already spoiled him rotten! We contemplated Auntie Em, but she is no where close to that scary lady from the Wizard of Oz...Aunt Emmie is much more suitable for her tenderhearted personality.

A little bit serious and a lot sweet, Caden will love spending time with Uncle Josh and Aunt Emmie!

Backing up the top dog, playing Right Tackle, #1 Blue Lacy, COUSIN GRIFF!!

Cousin Griff is the perfect playmate for Caden, fun and rambunctious, but a good napper too! He'll certainly spice-up the doggie world when Caden visits San Antonio!

With an offensive line like this, and the superb coaching staff leading the charge, Caden and his team have a bright future ahead of them, and who knows maybe even the Baby Heisman in 2009?!

That's all for this edition of SportsCenter. Don't forget to log-on to Cox's Corner for more on Caden Ford and his O-line's march to the championship!


Emily Evans said...

cutest post ever! Gotta love the family fun - love you!!

Emily Evans said...

Thanks for not making me Auntie Em :)

KK said...

We are going to be one great TEAM!! This is going to be one spoiled little boy. We can't wait to meet him.