Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Room At the Inn

Monday, Caden and I had our 37 week appointment with Dr. Fernandez. After participating in the Tour of Doctors since the end of October it was good to see Dr. F again. Just before Dr. F came in to see Caden and I, we were surprised by another knock and a familiar voice at the was dad! We were so excited that he was able to make it! It was certainly a welcome treat and of course he too was glad he was there to hear the following news:

"Well, you are measuring about 40 weeks, which is about 2cm ahead, which is about what you've been doing the entire pregnancy," Dr. F says, "I think we've got a big boy in there you two!"

The look on Justin's face couldn't have been prouder... 

"I think it is time to start thinking more seriously about that "epi" hoons," Justin chuckles.

It's true I haven't decided on a birth motto is free and flexible, because I have NO IDEA what to expect. So until we get to that exciting moment when labor begins I'm going to keep my options open! Although I must say when I heard Dr. F laugh as he said we've got a big boy in there, having an epidural seemed like it might be our only option! :)

As we were leaving the office we had to stop off at the scheduling coordinators and set our next few appointments. I knew I wouldn't get to see Dr. F next week because he would be enjoying the holidays with his family, but I never thought getting an appointment would be so hard.

After sitting there for several minutes while all of the coordinators are trying to figure out where to stick me Justin says, "There's no room for you and Caden at the inn!"

It was true, I was like Mary, no one was available to see me, what would I do? I couldn't wait two weeks to be seen again?! Fortunately for me, and thanks to modern technology, an appointment block popped up on the computer screen just in time! So next Monday at 2:30 we'll go in to check things out... this will be my first exam, so you can imagine my anticipation, I can't to see if we've made any progress!

Here are a few more bump pictures, you are probably getting tired of these, but we are taking more and more lately to be sure we have the most accurate end of pregnancy pictures possible! 37 weeks and 4 days!

Time for a little R&R... hope everyone is having a Happy Hump Day!! 

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Hillary Kouba said...

So cute! I was always measuring 2 weeks ahead with katelyn too...we ended up doing a c-section because I wasn't dialating, she hadn't dropped and she was measuring almost 10 lbs on the sonogram. She was still 6 days early and weighed 9lbs, 3 ounces. My doctor said that we could always induce but there was a pretty high chance of having a c-section anyway because of her size and since my body wasn't progressing along either I opted for the no labor just surgery! It really wasn't that bad and it was nice to have it scheduled so all we did was show up! It was a little strange thinking that I could pick her birthday!