Monday, December 29, 2008

Nature Must Take Its Course

Well, we're back from the doctor... nothing too much to report...

Weight: up 2 pounds again
Blood Pressure: great!
Urine: great!
Measuring: 41.5-42 (still ahead of the curve)
Dilated to: 3cm (we made very little progress, but still progress!)
Effacement: 80% (no more progress there)
Still head down, but Caden's head is not engaged in my pelvis quite yet.

We had a sonogram today and best they can tell we've got a BIG baby. Right now they said he is about 8 pounds 13 ounces, but that could be off by a pound either way... so 7 pounds 13 ounces is as low as we'll go and 9 pounds 13 ounces is the high end, but not the highest end since he will likely continue to grow over the next several days.

My doctor said my job now is to go into labor... he gave me some "help" during my exam... um ouch! And told Justin and me to do what we did to get ourselves in this position... but I'm still deciding if I am really THAT desperate though!

So next Tuesday we have another appointment, and if I haven't gone to the BIG show by then, we will likely be induced! Until then... we are going to let nature take its course. We are certainly thankful for a healthy mom and healthy baby at this point. Just before the doctor came in today I prayed a quick prayer, "Your will be done!" And... so it is! I am sure I will be coming up with all sorts of blog posts over the next few days to pass the time... so get excited!!

Sorry for the anti-climatic post this evening... thanks for all of your thoughts, prayers and sweet texts and messages today! 

Love to you all!!

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